Twelve Days of Carnivore!


Ooh…that steak! Beautiful! :heart_eyes:


Occam’s Razor, probably CrossFit, rather than :bug:. :wink:
Eating well and working hard. Right on @Karen18.

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My last post for 2020.

I hope 2021 sees us returning to some normalcy.

We shall be bringing in the new year with finger foods: chicken wings, deviled eggs, some mini pizzas made with chaffles for my husband.Tomorrow is a Berkshire pork ham that we splurged on, mussels, and ribs.

I’ve been carnivore now for four months. I am still on the fence about whether or not it is truly making a difference health-wise. I do like the fact that the time I spend on food, shopping, prepping, cooking is much less. I also like that when I bloat up for some reason, it is only a pound or two and only lasts a day or two.

It will be interesting to see what the next month brings.

Happy New Year!

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If I can quit diet Coke, you can quit coffee. :grinning:

Edit: Okay, this is my last post.


I totally went back to drinking a lot of coffee but I will stop starting with tomorrow again :smiley: It isn’t as bad as before anyway but I still drank much (super weak) coffee lately (I always try that when I have a headache, pill is for desperate times). At least I run out of cream (I have cream as always but in unopened boxes and I try to keep it that way for some time) so it is black now.

The fridge didn’t do good to the crunchy piglet skin but some more time in the oven helped.

Happy New Years Eve and a way, way better 2021! The bar is surely not super high for many of us… It’s very low for me, I want to get better at everything. Except maybe where I do my best. Are there such things, I wonder…?

Meanwhile I think I need strictness but not to the extent that I would stay below 20g net carbs every day for a whole month… Not like I will track my carbs. But it’s a nice limit for carnivore(or -ish, it doesn’t matter if I eat <1g carbs from plants), sometimes just barely (it’s unusual but happens). My average is probably around 10g, I can’t find my November notes now… But my plant carbs surely will be quite low in January. I just need some more relaxed days now and then, very rarely. Force never ends well in my case. But being too relaxed is bad too.
January is my easiest month, it always was that regarding carbs. I am even more optimistic as usual. I will count the carni days :slight_smile: November had 25, I can do way better. December had… No idea but not many. It’s December with holidays and edible gifts and old habits, sandwiched between 2 good months (good considering it’s me), I doubt I can blame the stress, I did carnivore when I had it worst (and I had zero appetite but still got hungry and had meat and aspic galore and just very little carby food and I mostly could do something with it without eating it myself and without Alvaro, there was little chance of temptation).

But 2021 will be different. I don’t know how but I am looking forward to figure it out. I can use my knowledge got in November to make January way better and more pleasant, not like November was hard but my food wasn’t ideal. I started with overdoing smoked pork as I had not much fresh meat for some reason (and I ate much dairy too as I hadn’t enough meat that way though liver helped but I can’t eat that galore either). Then started my pork roast paired with chicken phase, that was nice. But I had enough of meat after a while… It’s a bit tricky for me. Surely January won’t be perfect but I learn from it and maybe February will be better? We will see.
It doesn’t seem scary to have a quite low-carb month right after another as I know what happens when I take a longer break… It doesn’t work well and I don’t even enjoy it enough, bad deal. So I feel motivated to stay on track now.

So I continue my slow gradual process, the big difference I want to make to be more hedonistic. I am lucky, I don’t only feel best with my normal food and optionally some tiny extra now and then (and probably sometimes a more relaxed day. we will see how long I can stay on track if I do everything right. if I am able to do that) and I don’t have craving problems but I even very rarely enjoy carbier stuff when I still eat them for some reason (more than my normal one, at least). I didn’t have this in my on/off keto years but I have this now. It’s a bit disappointing when it happens but (long term) effective to discourage me to stray under normal circumstances so it’s nice.
I have my own hardships, I need these lucky things as well :slight_smile:

December was interesting in this household anyway. We bought vegetables (apart from the ones we use raw in very small amounts, they are always present) ONCE in this month. Well, Alvaro did and cooked it himself. He typically lives on veggie dishes (at least when he cooks… I don’t make veggie dishes since ages except split peas as it takes about 2 minutes work but if he cooks 2 dishes on a nice Saturday, both will be veggie dishes) so it’s a big change.
And his last meatless day was weeks ago. I corrupted him. Even his amounts are pretty big sometimes, our consumption is comparable on our really meaty days but my average is higher.

He went to bed already and will sleep through midnight. He heroically drinks the awful sweet champagne. I consumed 15ml rum. Not a very festive day but it’s fine.

Again, Happy New Year, everyone!
I will be properly back now. I mean, eating wise, I don’t want to write walls of texts all the time at all.
I have delicious pork for several days, it will make things easy. I had a bit enough from it today when I took apart one half of the pig’s head (Alvaro made sure to stay very away, he won’t even eat it. he disliked even the little brain!), 2 feet too and made aspic. Probably I will eat that too myself, Alvaro doesn’t seem interested despite I put in all the skin and fat from the head and added extra meat :smiley: But I didn’t put in veggies and that’s a serious problem according to him… No problem, he has his own things to eat.

Piglet should be eaten on the 1st of January, actually but why would I care especially when the piglet was butchered on the 27th. I have no idea how long it last in the fridge but well, it’s raw meat, I definitely didn’t want to wait more and I can’t fit a quarter of a small piglet into my mini oven anyway (only without the head and feet).

We decided definitely not pairing it with any other meat. It’s a huge amount for us two anyway.

So tomorrow I will test what happens if I only eat piglet :smiley: How satiating is it? It seems VERY MUCH but I have to properly try!
I probably won’t eat much dairy in the next days…

Sounds very good to me! January isn’t very recognizable in it but we know what it is about :smiley:

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@FrankoBear I’m so glad you’re ok!!!