Twelve Days of Carnivore!


and if ya need another then hot darn ya go for it!!

we heal thru our food…what the body asks is what we give it at all times. and I haven’t eaten yet today and it is 1PM but I got a nice ‘new’ NY strip to tackle and oh boy I am gonna have a good time in just a bit!!

(Edith) #584

We have a smoke detector in our kitchen. It pretty much goes off every day. :laughing:


@VirginiaEdie… AHAHA too darn funny, love it!!!

my house is open plan and the detector is ‘just off the side of the kitchen’ where it won’t blare loud if I just time it all right HAHA

yea thru the years I learned to side step that PIA.

my RV detector, had to disconnect and move a portable one further back…WHO puts a detector over the darn propane cooking oven? Not me HAHA I moved it :wink:


I am tired, I just put this here and say it was very very very good! (And well, I just can’t write more about this wonderful thing…) Small piglet but so flavorful! I knew I can trust that farm :smiley: Did I say I saw all the pigs there? They enjoyed the mud.

I wasn’t sure I can do it right but yes! The skin became wonderfully crunchy! It’s was easier to roast pork than chicken!
It contains a little beer (Corona as Alvaro decided we must say goodbye to 2020 with that. it’s a day earlier but it doesn’t matter), I don’t know if it’s important, we roast the next part tomorrow without it!

It definitely was a good idea to use only salt and no other spices or herbs or whatnot. I used a tiny bit of extra lard, well, I won’t do that again. The piglet is extremely fatty, way too fatty for sure. Alvaro complained but tomorrow we won’t eat it hot and we can manage the ratios better, I can do things with some leftover fat :wink:
The skin is wonderful, I can eat it all alone and I want meat as well normally. But this crunch and taste… Mmmm.

So I had a very nice meal at 6pm. I got borderline hungry around 5pm, I ate duck and a boiled egg then. I had some sour cream too.

Very vague guess about the amount of meat eaten… A bit above a pound? I ate as much as I could, I got the familiar stop sign that only some substantial meat can give but I still could eat a few more bites to finish what I started :slight_smile: Pork is super effective but I think duck isn’t bad either (but I never tried to get fully satiated with it before). I ate very fatty today, of course I haven’t any idea how fatty. Fattier than my normal, it was obvious.
I surely will feel quite full until tomorrow afternoon. But nicely full.

We opened the champagne too. I tend to dislike champagne, there are rare exceptions, well it wasn’t that. And it’s sweet champagne (it was a gift, we wouldn’t buy such a thing). Nothing good at all and lots of sugar, bad combo. I drank my very little amount with a lot of carbonated water. Pure carbonated water is better… So I am finished. I rather drink rum tomorrow but there is nothing bad with carbonated water at New Years :smiley: Overdoing it wouldn’t be nice but I don’t do that. I don’t drink a bottle every month…
So the next piece of piglet won’t get alcohol. I imagine it won’t make a big difference but we will see.

I don’t have a smoke detector, I imagine it would cause problems and wouldn’t make anything better. Smoke is somewhat common is my kitchen. I fry or roast almost everything, it happens.

Okay it seems I just need to come here and my tiredness to even write much is instantly cured… But the piglet!!! I am so glad it didn’t disappoint me at all! Young animals may be not so flavorful but not this wonderful specimen.
FINALLY, fresh farm pork. I wanted to get some since very long!



Jogging sounds nice. Well I walk and cycle and weightlift :slight_smile: I don’t think I can jog… Sometimes I run but it’s hard to focus on not using my top speed or almost that… And I can’t do that for long either. But as long as I have my other exercises or at least some of them, it’s good enough for me. For now. I want to run a marathon one day. Or a half.

Nope, you aren’t supposed to eat huge salads. I was a HUGE veggie lover and didn’t touch salads. Except my own that included frying, obviously, it’s me… Green leaves rarely seemed food to me.

But that’s taste. The really important thing is what food give you nutrients, what food makes you feel well. For me, it’s definitely not salads. I didn’t even feel any problem with the fact that I adored veggies for more than 4 decades and abandoned them. It was merely surreal. But I already experienced I need very low-carb. So they had to go - and I didn’t even want them anymore so it would have been a stupid thing to keep eating them.

Salads make little sense to me. I leave them for the salad lovers who need volume or something. I need other things and big volume and carbs aren’t among them.

You often write very wise things. Can’t you persuade yourself and even your silly feelings with logic? :slight_smile: Or you can, it just takes some more time…?

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I have been gorging myself on dairy this week trying to get it out of the house :joy:
But today was my official carniversary! I rewarded myself with this beauty!
image image

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I was under the impression you were doing zc for ages, you’rr so good at it. :+1::clap::clap: your a true inspiration to others.

My Ketovore month totally failed, added up I did not exceed 35gr of plant carbs for the whole month. That includes the beer.

I’m travelling again for work. Now I am in Cameroon Africa. It takes effort to find good carnivore food here, but a few years in, I’m getting pretty good at finding carnivore food anywhere In the world.

I been thinking on dumping coffee out of my life, but I’m an addict to the black stuff, how to pull that off???

Happy new your everyone.

2021 will be ketovore year for me, I will allow myself 20gr of carbs a week, mostly for a beer on saturday and some mushrooms. I like the idea of no strikt rules and do whatever i want, it keeps me more on the zc road beleve it or not. I do it for my own health, not because of some self imposed strict rule.


Nice food pic S.
yea the crunchy on pork is just delish. I find crispy pork fat to be just so desirable :slight_smile: Us zc people can’t go wrong with eating that good!! Glad you had a good time with your piglet and Alvaro! Hope he is doing much better now!!


OMG that picture, you have me stunned…you know I want it…blue rare inside, yum!!
Happy Carniversary to you KD! 1 full year on carnivore! That is wonderful truly!! You took to eating this way like a duck takes to water!!

@Carnivoor, you said: My Ketovore month totally failed, added up I did not exceed 35gr of plant carbs for the whole month. That includes the beer.----------too funny, some fail HAHA you did fantastic. You just navigate toward carnivore cause it suits you so well, I hear ya!!

Wow you are in Africa right now…some job travel! I had a hard time carnivoring around out there in the world when I started, but in the end, I am like you. I can find carnivore food anywhere now and I can sniff it out and find something to suit me. Can’t wait to see what great meats/meals you will be having!

Coffee. So personal. I never drank it, never liked it. Dumping I think is having that big azz desire to do just that…maybe wean off it kinda thing? But if you want it truly, you will accomplish it!!

Beer and mushrooms… :partying_face: I know what you are saying. We eat so strict, that if in this big old life you want a beer or just have a love for mushrooms and want to eat them, I get it. Once we are carnivore for a longer number of years, we truly know what tiny things can be added back if we want them bad enough without a big failure being dragged off plan into carby land again. Experienced people can surely handle this like you.

------------------So it is New Years Eve day.
wow our Dec has ticked on down to a final new year tomorrow. cool.
2020 sucked in the global pandemic department, but I have to say overall my 2020 in my personal life was a great one :partying_face:

New Years Eve isn’t a thing for me anymore…younger days, oh boy watch out, now, eh…just happy to get into the next year without troubles LOL

food yesterday was
10 oz NY strip steak
few slices taylor ham
whole chicken…well 1/2, roasted a big boy and me and hubby just split it and omg so delish. Just drenched the meat in the chicken fat juices. So good. Don’t ‘do oven’ much in summer ever, so winter time I tend to ‘roast’ things like a big old chicken! Yum

Goals and aspirations tomorrow on our new January thread. Think about what you want out of 2021 for yourself. We can state our intent and then support each other in what we wanna handle!

Got an easy day happening, nothing much planned. One of those easy peasy type days. Will put in an exercise tape and do some easy workout in a bit. I want to move more thru winter and that I shall do :+1:

Happy New Years Eve everyone! Don’t be ‘too bad’ LOL I think I have a rum drink later in my evening but eh, not sure if I will even do that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Congratulations on making it through December, everyone!


10pm 31st December 2020.

Breakfast at 6pm
Cold beef sausage wrapped in smoked salmon
120g duck liver pate and 60g Jarlsberg cheese
Cold black coffee.

Today I almost died
And it was fun
I’ll measure the 2(12 days of carnivore) with an NSV
Today I paddled out into the ocean
Out the back of a shallow reef ledge
The surf has been good
I have been lazy for months
I knew I had lost fitness
But the paddle out felt good
I caught 3 good rides
Then realised my paddle power had gone
I was doing this fasted
Because the morning had been spent walking and swimming
With Billie the Labrador
I almost made it out the back again
When the big set arrived
So I turned and rode another wave into the deep water bay
The paddle back out seemed impossible
But paddling back out was the only way back into the sheltered lagoon inside the reef ledge
I almost made it back out the back again
Then another big set rolled in
I turned for the first one
It is fair to say the wave caught me rather than I it
This time I angled across back toward the reef ledge
At the last moment I sat on my board and leaned back into the broken wave
That lifted me up and over the shallow reef ledge with only a few scrapes
And plopped me into the gin clear warm calm waters of the lagoon
It felt amazing
The whole struggle
I just drifted to the sandy beach in the sparkling seawater
Challenges have their rewards
I knew I was at and past my limit (mentally)
But I could push through and do it anyway
I’m going to ride that wave into 2021


Aw, thanks. Vic! It is still early days for me. :hugs: I am excited to see the changes ahead!

Which cities, countries do you think are easiest to Carnivore? My top pick would be Barcelona! My worst choice would be Penang Malaysia. ( Which I think is not incidentally the Type 2 Diabetes Capitol of the World)

eta: I ate a raw ribeye yesterday afternoon - it was 99 percent defrosted. I did like it.I could do raw if I needed to. Not my mountaintop preference though!

I have a ribeye on the pan now. With doors and windows open and at a lower heat. After eating the raw one I am not so attached to the “perfect” sear. Warm will do.:joy::cut_of_meat::100:

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so, what’s the January thread going to be called? I am jumping back in tomorrow as I have been on quite a bender the last month.

(Vic) #596

Easiest : Fortaleza Brasil.
Hardest: Kandla India.

Spain madrid is pretty easy, the shops with the iberico ham and sausages are very seductive, they sell them like candy in paper bags.
I havend been in Barcelona as a carnivore, guess its the same.

In Malaysia I try to go to the big open air food courts. It usually means buying 5 dishes and trow 60% away…and of course tolerate the horrible spices. Yep its pretty bad, lots of obese people for an asian country.

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Sometimes i think i have worms cos i can eat a huge amount and still be hungry an hour later. Mind you if one feels tired, maybe haven’t slept well then you will be hungrier next day. I read this in my science book, why we sleep. Great book.

(Kellyn ) #599

I like that.

(Karen) #600

Well we are now in tier 4 so the Crossfit box has had to close along with gyms. Was looking forward to the NYE wod this mornng but hey ho it is what it is.

Still able to stair run which i have been doing a 100 of up and down each day since 1st May 21 and glad i continued to do it throughout and in between lockdowns. Woop woop got my fitbit Satalite award hahahha

Today i have eaten
turkey breast sauted in butter with grated mature cheese
Streaky bacon and grated cheese
Cup of lamb broth made with the bone from the boxing day leg of lamb

And just cooking one of the large beef short ribs i bought xmas eve. Smells so good and cant wait to get it on my plate in front of me hahaha Had so much meat in fridge that i ended up having to freeze the meat i had bought from butchers! I prefer to cook it fresh but i just had too much to be able to eat it all before it went off. Never quite sure how long i can keep the fresh meat in the fridge.

Also making some stock from a rabbit carcass my daughter made a stew from. I love my daighter to the moon and back and she never questions my eating habits but always supports me 100%. She was really surprised how i wasn’t missing veggies as she knows how much o loved them!

Roll on month 3 of this woe January here i come!

(Karen) #601

A very happy and healthy new year to everyone xxx

(Vic) #602

Last meal of the year:

African steak, well beaten with a sledge hammer.

Gambas as main.

Fruit to clean my hands