Turkey - Sous Vide & Confit.... with keto gravy

(Raj Seth) #1

I did a Sous Vide Confit Turkey for Thanksgiving.
Steps -
Pre carve the 17 pound turkey - 2 legs, 2 wings & 2 breasts - on bone, skin-on of course
Using Gallon ZipLocs, made 5 bags (both wings in one bag).
Added 3/4 cup (6 fl oz) of bacon grease in each bag, and sucked the air out with a straw. This grease is what make the “confit” part happen.
Sousvide them using guidelines from ChefSteps SousVide Turkey except I did not pre-brown.
Legs & wings - 150dF for 24 hours
Breasts - 130 dF for 12 hours
Used 2 separate water baths since I do have 2 sous vide controllers - yes, I am that decadent.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Removed turkey parts and browned the skin Convection Bake @ 450dF for 30 mins

Best Turkey ever!!

Gravy - Best gravy I have made in 20 years!!
Sous vide the turkey neck and giblets with the legs @ 150dF for 16 hours. took all the flesh from the neck, and the giblets and chopped in a food processor - fairly fine, but not paste…
Boiled all remnants, back, etc. in a pressure cooker for 1 hour to make bone broth stock
Put in all the fat from the bone broth, 1 stick of butter, and enough stock to make 4 cups, plus the chopped up neck & giblet meat in a stock pot and brought to simmer. sprinkled in some Xanthan Gum (maybe 1/2 to 1 tsp) and stirred while simmering. It thickens immediately, and then thickens some more over the next hour or so.

Best Turkey and Gravy in 20 years of Thanksgiving cooking!!

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(Raj Seth) #3

I saw your Sous vide turkey post, and decided I would post a quick one about my confit/sous vide method. I first tried it with a duck I bought at Costco - then decided to do it for the Thanksgiving bird…
One entire quart jar of Bacon grease was sacrificed in making the bird - If it hadn’t been the best ever, I would have shot it dead!!
Best compliment received:
Me: “How was the white meat?”
Teenager: “Tasted like dark meat, except it was white!”

(bulkbiker) #4

I did have that thought last night as I was putting breast 2 into the fridge… why didn’t I use goose fat to confit the breast?.. will try that for one of them at xmas! and do a taste test…

(Raj Seth) #5

I was going to do it with lard (have gallons of that) but decided to use the worth-its-weight-in-gold bacon grease instead. The turkey did not taste like Bacon - just tasted divine
oh wait - same difference…