Tumeric and Cayenne pepper during Fast


Hi, just getting back into fasting. In the middle of a 3 day fast (with coffee & black tea). Had some salts in water to keep electrolytes up and also put in a little Tumeric and Cayenne pepper for flavour. Any ideas if that has impacted my fast? Was aiming for 3 days to let insulin levels drop down and lower baseline levels so mostly concerned if spices will impact that. Had a look round but couldn’t find any specifics so would appreciate if anyone knows about it?

(David Cooke) #2

Turmeric root contains a gram or two of carbs per teaspoon, so not a great impact. I believe that turmeric extract contains zero carbs.
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Thanks, I basically put a pinch of each into a pint of water. Didn’t think it would have any impact or at least no impact over the 3 cups of coffee and couple of teas I have during the day. Am aiming to get back into some more regular fasting.

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Good luck on the fast, and your Keto journey.