Trying to give it time

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Hi folks, I was going to wait 5 days before writing this, just in case I got some okay news on the scales and felt a bit of encouragement, but I don’t want to sit here on my own feeling like crap for another 5 days.

I’ve been eating keto for coming up 8 weeks. I am definitely not fat adapted yet but I understand it can take a bit longer than a couple of months for some people. I’m 60, post-menopausal, and have come to keto from a high carbohydrate diet. I do not have a history of yo yo dieting and/or lots of calorie restricted eating but I’d guess I have a fairly slow metabolism. I really must force myself out of the house to go to the doc for a bunch of blood tests, thyroid being one of them.

Anyway, definitely not fat adapted if the signs of being fat adapted found on the internet are true - very little energy, not sleeping better, no increase in mental acuity, no increased fat loss (I just did my neck, waist and hip measurements and my neck is 2 cm bigger and my waist is 5 cm bigger!), I don’t feel satiated with less food blah blah blah.

Weight wise I lost 5 kg in the 1st month (some of which was water weight), 1 kg the next week, no weight loss the next week, 1 kg the next week, then this week a 1.3 kg weight gain. Like what the heck? I’m eating anywhere between a 15% calorie deficit thru to weight maintenance calories. I don’t count calories throughout the day but every few days I work out the day before’s food to make sure I’m on track. I haven’t had any cheat meals or binge days, I’ve just been making sure I eat very clean foods - just one or very very few ingredients.

“Eating to satiety” is a bit mixed for me. I have a life long history of over-eating and basically have to look at the food I have prepared and tell myself it is a meal. E.g. a 350 gram shoulder pork chop (approx 550 calories, 0 grams carb, 66 grams of protein, 29 grams of fat). According to the 1.0-1.5 grams of protein per kilo of lean body mass I’ve almost eaten my protein in one meal if I allow myself 1.5 grams! Another meal I eat is scrambled eggs (3 large eggs, 30 mls of cream) with 3 rashers of streaky bacon and about 50 grams of colby cheese melted on top (746 cals, 1.1 grams of carb, 41.6 grams of protein, 59.9 grams of fat). Or I’ll have about 400 grams of rump steak. I can’t find a single website that agrees with another regarding amount of fat and protein, but the protein amount is over my so called daily allowance. The last commonly cooked meal I eat is homemade patties (300 grams of ground 80/20 beef, 1 egg, 30 grams colby cheese) with 50 grams of lamb liver (approx 900 calories, 3.7 grams carbs, 81 grams protein, 55 grams of fat - tho the calories in this meal are a bit less b/c quite a lot of fat comes out of the patties when I cook them). I eat 2 meals a day (occasionally 3) and most days I’ll have a snack - a small piece of meat or 50-100 grams of cheese or a meat patty with a small piece of lamb liver. I don’t try to intermittent fast but approx half of the time I end up with a 16 hour fasting window anyway.

When I 1st started keto my appetite decreased a lot, the past couple of weeks I’m definitely feeling hungry a lot more often. I usually respond to feelings of hunger by eating one of the above meals (the 4 listed above are what I usually eat).

I stopped adding mct oil to my coffee once or twice a day 3 weeks ago.

I bought a blood ketone meter b/c I was hoping for some encouragement but it’s providing the opposite. I measure the same time of the day - before my 1st meal - I’ve had eight readings of 0.2, one reading of 0.3, one reading of 0.4. A couple of times I’ve measured 3 hours after eating my last thing for the day, and have only drunk water during the evening, and my blood ketones have been 0.2.

I love salt and liberally salt my meat and drink 2-3 liters of water a day (plus the water in coffee, if that counts as water). I was taking an electrolyte supplement and Berocca every day but I’m concerned about the sweeteners in them, even tho both have next to no calories, so I’ve stopped using them.

I’m coming and going on veg. Some days I’ll have a bit of green leafy and maybe celery, other days I don’t eat any at all.

I’m not enjoying this way of eating. Not b/c I don’t like the food and am craving other foods, more I feel like crap physically and emotionally. Disappointed, anxious (Am I doing something wrong? And if I am what is it? How do I fix it? Will it be something I don’t want to do?), frustrated, very low energy, feeling deprived, kinda empty or something. I’m worried I’m eating way too much protein, and if the answer is “Yes, you definitely are” I really don’t know what I’m going to do. Meat is the only thing I actually enjoy eating.

I’m going to give keto more time, maybe when I become fat adapted I’ll be one of the people who will start to feel great? Or at least a lot better than I currently am. But right now I’m miserable. Hence this post.

Thanks for reading.

(Megan) #2

Missed a few things. I’m 6 foot 2 inches tall (188 cm), currently weigh 118 kg (260 pounds). Healthy weight for me is about 90kg. BMI says way lower but the BMI is BS imo.

I don’t exercise as such, just take my dogs out every 2nd day for 1-2 hours. I’m disabled, moving isn’t easy, and I have zero interest in exercising atm. Yea, I’m also depressed.

On 3 meds. 150 mg of Venlafaxine (snri antidepressant), 25 mg of Nortriptaline at night (meant to help people with fibromyalgia sleep better) and I take 25 mg of quetiapine at night to help me stay asleep. Pain wakes me non stop if I don’t take it.


I have to rush off the site in a bit but I read your email but will only address this right now.

Don’t worry about what the heck? here :slight_smile: It is an absolutely normal function to go up and down the scale but it is our overall down trend thru time on our plan that counts. Our bodies will do this, we all went thru this! So yea, absolutely normal process for our bodies so don’t truly worry on this part at all. It is all about downward trend over longer time that is what we focus on and only time lets ya see that on how you are doing thru your efforts.

And I so agree with you. Don’t sit in silence and wonder :wink: I use these sites to chat our my fears, my curiosity, use them to find other’s experiences and maybe see if they work for me and it is wonderful to chat with people with the same mindset and same goals and it is smart ya came on and asked up some questions.

we also all had to go thru transition. fat adaption is only one issue our body handles. We have to detox the icky from our bodies. The hormones need time to re-balance, our bodies are truly in repair mode and that won’t be overnight, it truly takes time for us to heal internally.

So key to it all, stick to the plan, the other side of adaption is wonderful but darn we all have to put in the time it takes for us personally to get to that other side.

Will chat up more with ya when I do have time but many others will post great advice to you also!

(Marianne) #4

Perfect. If you continue with what you’re doing, I definitely think this will happen for you.

So, in eight weeks, you’ve lost approx. 13 lbs.? To me, that is fabulous. So what, you recently gained 1.3 kg. Could be the time of day you weighed yourself, that the scale fluctuated or was wonky that day, that you were holding more water, hormonal, etc. What does it matter? Your clothes and appearance will tell you everything you need to know. What you related is why I stay off the scale. I never weigh myself at home and wouldn’t dream of it for this reason. It is a total mind eff. and depressing. It would make me anxious whether I lost or gained. I get weighed at the doctor’s, and I don’t care how infrequent that may be.

There were many points of your post that are right on, really. You’re not as lost as you may be feeling. I agree with much about how and what you are eating. My suggestions: stop weighing, don’t track calories or eat to a calorie deficit, eat three ample meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) until you’re body tells you it doesn’t want to eat that often (and it will), ENJOY your food and relish it, don’t hyperfocus on how much fat and protein you are consuming, keep the total carbs under 20g/day, stop measuring your blood ketones or using pee strips or anything else, drink water to thirst and not to an arbitrary number (if you are doing that), don’t worry about eating vegetables (or not) - just keep the carbs under 20, if you are feeling deprived, amp up how much you are eating at your meals, and cut out the snack(s).

IMO, you are feeling deprived and miserable because you aren’t eating enough and obsessing about how to do this perfectly and what you are doing “wrong.” Maybe you don’t feel so great now - but you will - IMO. Give it some time. You’re body is healing from a “life-long history of overeating” (probably crap food - like we all did). If you are going to research, I’d suggest delving into They are a not-for-profit organization devoted to the promotion of keto, dispelling myths and fears about it, and explaining in layman’s terms the science behind it. You can get a 30-day membership for free with absolutely no obligation. That’s what I did, and during that time, I read and watched all the videos available from the experts and physicians that explained everything so well to me. After that, I subscribed ($10/mo.) just to promote the cause. Read the “Success Stories” on there. I read each one three times over and they encouraged me immensely. Don’t get bogged down in imperfect science by non-experts or conflicting information. Another great resource is Dr. Ken Berry’s videos on Youtube. These will explain a lot and encourage you, instead of making you sad and anxious.

Good luck and keep going! We stand with you and for you! Hope to see you around!


I would just eat more and maybe not even tracking (only the carbs but if you eat very little, you can forget about that too)…
Worrying about little pieces of meat, it sounds bad! 350g pork is a tiny meal, I have such small ones nowadays but I add other protein sources then… I have an overeating past but I think it matters much more that I need biggish meals for satiation. 10 eggs (or the same macros from meat) surely couldn’t do the trick! So I eat more, big deal. And I actually have perfect satiation, satisfaction and even a small calorie deficit as long as I don’t start to add wrong items in more than minimal amounts.

Maybe if you chill and eat as much as fatty food you feel like, you will feel better. Maybe it won’t solve it and you need a longer adaptation, other tweaks, I can’t help with that. But this worrying about protein sounds something that easily could mess up my otherwise okay physical and mental feelings.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #6

Given that you are taking two anti-depressants and an anti-psychotic, it is not surprising that you are having trouble with appetite and metabolism.

Were I in your shoes, I’d be asking my physician for alternatives that don’t have such a strong metabolic effect but that still serve the intended purpose. In fact, I’d probably start with my pharmacist, since my experience is that a good pharmacist is often better-informed about drugs and their effects than most physicians.

Given the figures you posted, you could probably increase your protein intake to 92-138 g, which translates to 368-552 g of most meats (since they generally tend to be 1/4 protein). That should be a lot more satisfying.

Moreover, given the likely effect of the drugs on your appetite, perhaps you could try to eat more total calories, despite lacking the appetite. The advantage to replacing carbohydrate with fat is that it takes a lot less fat to yield the same caloric value as a given weight of carbohydrate, and it has the added benefit of not stimulating an insulin response, so we can safely eat a bit more than is strictly necessary and not have to worry about staying in ketosis. So long as insulin is not interfering, our body can—within reason, of course—rev up our metabolism and waste some of the energy we give it, if we overeat a bit.

As far as fat loss is concerned, it is never a linear process, and fixating on the scale number can often lead us into trouble. Also, many women, whether pre- or post-menopausal, seem to need a period of re-regulation for their hormones, before a ketogenic diet sorts them out. Also, women seem better-trained than men to eat at a caloric deficit, and this can slow the metabolism and hamper weight loss efforts. A number of forum members have found that they started to shed fat when they began to eat more, not less. This confounds people who adhere to the standard dietary advice, but it can easily be explained in terms of the body’s hormonal response to the types of foods we eat.

It is also possible for the body to add lean mass while shedding fat mass, and this further diminishes the value of relying on our scale. After my initial 36 kg (80 lb.) decrease in scale weight, I went for another 12 months of losing inches off my waist, while my weight remained stable, so obviously I was shedding fat and adding some lean mass simultaneously. If your clothes feel looser, then the diet is working, regardless of what the scale is telling you.

Good luck to you in all this. If you can keep calm and keto on, I think you’ll find all this stuff sorting itself out. But whether you decide to continue on this path or not, we will support you in your decisiion.

(Megan) #7

Hi Fangs, thanks for your response. This is something lacking from all the beginner keto videos and beginner info on keto sites on the internet. It’s like all that’s talked about is keto flu, eat to xyz macros and voila, the magic happens. Magic might happen for some people very quickly, but it would be good if they talked about the rest of us. No wonder so many people try keto and quit quickly.

Thanks Gingersmommy! I’m really trying to cover the important bases. I know scales are the devil, hence only weighing myself once a week 1st thing in the morning. B/c I’m feeling pretty awful physically and emotionally I’m looking to the scales and the ketone blood monitor for some encouragement I’m on the right track. Otherwise it’s just an exercise in trust, and trust is something I have in very short supply. I know blood ketone levels vary person to person, I even said that here in a response to someone angsting like I am, but dang! almost always 0.2?

Eating more scares me, and b/c the only thing I’m actually enjoying eating is meat, I don’t know how much more I can afford to buy. Tho yea, the money spent on the ketone monitor and the supposedly much better urine sticks I bought would have been better served at the butcher! You’re 100% correct about all the worrying and frustration and disappointment thoughts in my head making me feel miserable - physically as well as emotionally. I will try to reign them in. I just came here to share how I’m feeling in the hope that would help.

I’ll do the free month sub on diet doctor. Thanks for that suggestion. I’ve read and watched a lot and it adds to my angst b/c of all the conflicting info and dodgy science b/c the person is trying to sell something. I need to find one or 2 solid sources of info and stick to those.

Hi Shinita, thanks for replying. Yea, it’s not a big meal to me either! I’d have 2 if I could afford it.


Hey Paul, yea the meds aren’t good. I take quetiapine (the anti-psychotic) off label in a very small dose to help with sleep, but it has a terrible weight gain/metabolic syndrome profile for many people. The nortriptaline is also taken in a very small dose, nowhere near anti-depressant levels, b/c low dose TCAs have been shown to help people with fibromyalgia enter some sleep stage we tend not to enter. I don’t want to take either so I’m going to ween myself off them. As for the venlafaxine, I’m going to come off that too. I have to do it very slowly tho, the withdrawal is a killer. By the time I’m off them all I’ll be well and truly fat adapted and further along in my physical healing and will be feeling a lot better and probably won’t need them. Here’s hoping anyway!!

I worked out my lean body mass by putting in gender, height, weight, measurements of neck, waist and hips and it gave me the number 52. So that’s 52-78 grams of protein. Why do you think 92-138 would be ok? And how do people doing carni stick to such low amounts of protein? I’m so freaking sick of all the conflicting advice out there regarding protein. I might eat a few veg maybe once a week and I’m getting sick of eggs and bacon, which leaves steak and pork chops and ground beef as almost all of my meals.

Not this woman! I suck at doing calorie deficits. When you say more, are you saying more than maintenance amounts? or just more than some ppl’s very low calorie eating.

Definitely. Tho 2 months in my waist is 5 cm bigger. Like what the heck huh? I’m not bloated or constipated. Hopefully it’s just a silly blip on the radar of what will hopefully be a successful weight loss journey.

I’m 60 now. I’m well overdue focusing on improving my health, hence keto.

(Megan) #8

Oh happy night. I just went to the supermarket to grab a couple of things and found a whole heap of pork shoulder and leg roasts for $7.90 a kilo. Some of them were $11.90 a kilo and others were 14.90 a kilo, yet they were all exactly the same product! So guess who just bought $140 of pork? :slight_smile:

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #9

I did the arithmetic based on 118 kg and 22% bodyfat. It’s just a guess, but it seems better for you than the amount you mentioned. It just seems that half a kilo of meat a day would be much more satisfying than what you’re currently eating.

In any case, people’s protein needs are actually quite variable. The official daily recommendation is 0.8 g of high-quality protein per kg of lean body mass per day, and that’s just above the level needed to replace the average daily nitrogen loss. And that average is based on data from people whose actual nitrogen loss was all over the graph. If you’re one of the people with a high daily loss rate, then you’re probably going to need even more than half a kilo of meat a day. So start with 1.0-1.5 g/kg and then work from there. Most meats, as I mentioned, are about 25% protein, but a lot of fishes are only around 20%, so you’d need a larger amount of them.

I hear you, and that’s one reason Carl and Richard started these forums.

The debate about protein has shifted over the past five years, but a lot of the old information still persists. I’ll spare you the details, but in the past five years we have gone from people warning us against too much protein to people saying that the body’s capacity for protein is unlimited. The real deal lies somewhere in the middle, as you might expect. Given the high amount of variability in people’s actual protein needs, I see no reason that you should not experiment to see what works best for you.

It is possible to overwhelm the uric acid cycle with ammonia if we eat too much protein, but that takes an awful lot of meat. You’re more likely to stop being hungry long before reaching that point. In one famous overfeeding study, one of the participants broke down and wept at one point, when they asked him to eat just one more pork chop.

“Maintenance amounts” means someone’s idea of a caloric deficit that won’t make you so hungry you’ll rebel and overeat. But a number of forum members report that when they stopped trying to eat less and move more, and instead began to eat enough to satisfy their hunger, that’s when their fat loss began. The key, in other words, is to eat in a way that keeps insulin low—in other words, cut the carbs.

Insulin is the primary hormone that causes the body to store fat, so keeping it low allows all kinds of good things to happen. A lot of people on a high-carb diet find that they gain fat even on starvation levels of food, because of the insulin response to the carbs. Hence the advice intended to keep us hungry.

Cutting the carbs allows us to eat more, but use it differently. Dr. Stephen Phinney has been researching this for years, and he says there are data to show that on a ketogenic diet, fatty acid metabolism increases, which is one of the reasons we can eat fat to satiety and still shed excess fat. Furthermore, insulin interferes with satiety hormones, as you might expect from a mechanism designed to allow us to eat berries in the fall in order to put on weight for the winter.

P.S.—I don’t know prices in your currency, but around here, pork shoulder (also called a picnic) costs US $1.99 a pound. It is an easy joint to roast and yields quite a few meals (if you don’t mind working around the bone). Oxtail used to be quite inexpensive, decades ago, but it suddenly became popular in the U.S., and the price never came down. It’s pricier than steak a lot of the time, I have no idea why. But it might still be a good deal in your area.

(Robin) #10

Get it, girl!

(Marianne) #11

I read your posts and I feel really bad for you and others who come to this way of eating and don’t feel well for a stretch in the beginning.

A couple of thoughts, pleases know that you will get a lot of conflicting information from members here. We all mean to be supportive and encouraging but can only share personal experience. What I learned from the beginning is that there are really no solid instructions for eating keto. People’s programs are individual to them and are usually in a constant state of flux and adjustment as each of us tries different things and learns what works for us and what doesn’t. You will just have to read everyone’s accounts and pick the one that suits you most and go with it - until you get other suggestions that you like and decide to try them.

Right now, your body is changing from the inside out. Try to be patient and give it a break; it will come around. Don’t hyper focus on your program. Trust what others are telling you, decide on a reasonable way forward (for now), get rid of all the measuring tools and devices (including scales, pee strips, monitors, tape measures and calorie counting). You got a beginning weight and body measurements before you started. That’s all you need for now. Don’t check these things again until you feel by your clothes and appearance that you have lost weight. Eat well and find other interests to occupy your time and thoughts. Try to think of this as a long term way of eating and not something that you will do tooth and nail for the next one, two or three months and then stop. Enjoy your food. This should become your new lifestyle but not your new obsession. If you do seek information, confine your reading to only things that build you up and make you feel better.

For starters (at least for me), get your macros and meet or exceed the fat and protein macros per day. Keep the total carbs under 20g/day. Eat three times a day. Don’t worry about it. Each meal should be able to carry you to the next without much craving, anxiety or hunger. If you experience hunger, wait until your next meal and eat more than you had originally planned. At some point in time, your body will dictate how much and how often you want to eat. Trust and let it guide you. In the meantime, don’t force it. Think of it as you being kind to your body and embracing its wellbeing. For once, let it determine what is best for you instead of you forcing your will on it.

This has concerned most of us at some time. Do you live in the U.S.? I only ask because although meat has gone up, it is still relatively inexpensive here until you get into the prime cuts of beef. My husband and I prefer pork and make it a staple of our diet. I consider it pretty inexpensive, especially pork steaks (which are our favorite), pork loin chops, chops, butt, etc. We buy in bulk at a discount club - BJs, Sam’s, Costco, etc. A large, fatty pork steak can cost less than $2 per piece. Eat the whole thing! Cooked correctly where the fat carmalizes, and there is nothing better. Add bacon grease or a cheese sauce to the leaner cuts - delicious. We purchase the 5 lb. logs of 73/27 hamburger and break it down into individual servings. Nothing better than a fatty cheeseburger cooked medium rare on the grill. Juicy, satisfying and delicious.

I wouldn’t wean yourself off of any medication without talking with your doctor. You are on these for a reason. Maybe you can get off of some of them but may still need remain on others or try new ones. Keto and fat adaptation is restorative, however, is it not a miracle cure for everything. I’d tread lightly when talking about a chemical imbalance. You will only know after a while on this way of eating whether it is working in that area or not.

I hate to say it, but that is all we eat, basically. I detest anything that lives in the water or swims and don’t eat it, and organ meat - forget it. :nauseated_face::laughing: We also don’t eat much chicken, although I like it. Maybe once a week, my husband will get a rotissierie chicken ($4.99 here), and it is delicious. He eats most of it, although I enjoy some. I like to take the breast meat and dip it in a little mayo. That is typical of a “lunch” - eaten at the kitchen counter, nothing fancy, no work, but delicious and satisfying. I stop when I don’t want anymore.

Sorry for the long post, but my heart goes out to you. Hang in there, let the days pass happily and live your life.

PS: Are you still working or are you retired? I find the stress of not working to be helpful, although I didn’t find keto difficult at all while I was working. My food carried and sustained me very well.


that is a key thing ya said cause these ‘youtube videos and all the wonderful testimonals’ make it sound like overnight ALL WAS cured and we are here to tell ya nope. Very very few get that. I did not and if you poll all of us here, you will see we all fought like dogs mostly to be champions in the end about our heath.

and we are all so different in that some are on XYZ meds for medical this or lifestyles that are super stressed or on anxiety meds of ??? and in the end, your adaption and journey will be just yours. Don’t ever think there is a magic overnight pill while adopting a life long eating plan.

yes perks come but on their own time to suit you cause the body must heal for you personally. your healing will never be my healing and repair and changes that hit on what timeline so this IS ALL about you, but we got ya on that support!!! Cause we all understand it!!!

And do not put pressure at all on you while changing. forget the ketosis strips, the numbers, the ‘told thru a youtube video or keto chat from the ‘net’ I should be doing this or that!’ ALL that stuff is personal and we have to understand what part of the journey those who post are on and who were they to where they are now.

if it boils down to one thing, this is a most personal lone walk for you but in the end the support from us who have lived it can shed alot of llght on what you are dealing with in terms of healing and change…been there, felt that and can give some ‘’‘options’’’ on how to best move forward but again, all about you and what you choose to change.

think one thing. Eat. Forget any extras ‘one must hit’ or be ‘controlled by numbers?’ or?

eat that food and all you love eating the Keto plan food. Eat that meat/seafood/ fish and fowl you can find on sale and inhale all ya want, don’t eat when ya don’t want and give yourself a break. A mental break!!

you are not dieting in any way, you are on a lifestyle change and key being, just eat what is in that keto plan, that more zc plan, and have at it! Allow that freedom to move you forward :slight_smile:
I know you got this!!! Sending big praise to ya for heading forward and taking chances and going all in!!! When one says what the heck, going all in forward and will deal with what comes down my personal road, they show me one thing, they desire healing and change and are going dead at it!! It is a great thing!!

(Megan) #13

Hi Paul, Your guess (which surprises me b/c it’s so low) has made me wonder if the body fat calculator might be a bit off for me b/c I am a very tall woman. Just like the BMI wants me to look like a skeleton in order to fit within it’s “normal range”. I’ve decided I’m just going to eat to satiety like you’re all telling me to do and see where I am in a months time. Ignore protein and fat amounts and keep carbs under 20 total, which I find very easy to do with what I’m currently eating. I know, I know, I’m a slow learner lol

Thanks again Gingersmommy, I felt all warm and fuzzy reading what you wrote.

Oh boy, a lot of work to do here. I wake often at night and every time I wake to me thinking about keto stuff in my sleep.

For folks who have asked where I live, when talking about the cost of meat for them locally, I live in New Zealand. We must be exporting a lot of what we produce. The price of meat here is horrendous, hence being over the moon to find pork leg and shoulder roasts at $7.90 a kilo. I’ll cut out the bone in some and slice them up as steaks, tho some will definitely get roasted b/c eating hot fatty crackling is divine!

I’m safe weaning off the 2 I take at night time for sleep. I’d like to see what my sleep is like without them. As for the anti-depressant, I’ll get a script for a reduced dose next time I see my doc which he’ll be fine about. I asked him to put it up about 6 months ago b/c the pain was really getting me down. Removing sugar and carbs from grains has definitely helped reduce how much pain I’m in. I still have the odd bad day but not bad most days are tolerable. This is my one keto win so far. I need to keep reminding myself something has improved.

Okay, I’ll try really hard to do this. I’ll put the scales and ketone monitor away in a cupboard in the spare room. I actually feel anxious writing that. Like “you mean I need to trust the process and give it time?” Argh, some much emotional garbage to deal with making such a big WOE change.

Not working, been on a govt invalids benefit for decades. I need to find something to do with my time that doesn’t involve being on the computer. Or at least not eat at the computer or while watching TV. It’s messing with satiety signals, like unconscious eating. Last night I sat in bed with my dogs with a plate of pork and cream cheese (the pork cut was very lean). It was very different having my focus on them while I slowly chewed and and chatted with them and grin as I watched them wait for every bit I gave them. They love my new WOE! lol

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #14

Well, generally I use a body fat estimate of 30%, but I was trying to be kind, lol! :grin:

Besides, given your height, you should probably be eating more protein anyway.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #15

Even if you were to overeat on pork and cream cheese, you are far less likely to gain weight, because your insulin will not be over-stimulated. (Not to say you wouldn’t gain weight if you ate enough, but to some extent the metabolism increases to cope with the increased energy intake. As long as we don’t stimulate excessive insulin by eating carbohydrate. And if you pay attention to satiety signals, you are not likely to overeat in the first place.)

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(Marianne) #17

What a wonderful picture! :hugs:

There is a thread here, I think it’s “Show Us Your Dogs” or similar where you can post pictures of your fur babies. I adore dogs and have two. They help us so much!

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You may want to try making “keto pizza,” or so I call it. My husband developed a simple “recipe” of sorts and it is absolutely delicious - and easy. I think it is an affordable dish because it is mainly eggs and 2-3 pieces for lunch or breakfast with something else makes a good meal. If cheese is expensive, you can cut the amounts and use is only as a binding agent and for mouth feel as the topping.

Keto Pizza
• 6 eggs
• 6-8 oz. shredded cheese, (cheddar, mozzarella, provolone, etc.)

• ½ c. pizza sauce (optional – we don’t use it anymore)
• 1 tsp dried oregano
• 5 oz. shredded cheese
• 1½ oz. pepperoni, sausage, bacon, etc. (optional)
• Green pepper, onion, olives, etc., (optional)


  1. Preheat the oven to 400°F.
  2. Start by making the crust. Crack eggs into a medium-sized bowl and add shredded cheese. Stir to combine.
  3. Use a spatula to spread the cheese and egg batter on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Make a “well” with the parchment paper so that the egg mixture doesn’t bleed onto the pan. You can form two round circles or just make one large rectangular pizza. Bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes until the pizza crust turns golden. Remove and let cool for a minute or two.
  4. Increase the oven temperature to 450°F.
  5. Spread pizza sauce (optional) on the crust and sprinkle oregano on top. Top with cheese and toppings of choice.
  6. Bake for another 5-10 minutes until the cheese melts to preference and vegetables soften.