Trying out carnivore once again

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Many people initially gain weight on a carnivore diet, only to lose it again and continue losing, a couple of months down the road.

We do not recommend paying attention to the scale, in any case. Better to get a sewing tape and take all your measurements every week or two. It is not unheard-of for people to put on lean mass while simultaneously shedding excess fat.

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Ok i’ll throw my scale away for a long while and just measure myself. Thanks.

Wont be muscle or anything…I do knee pushups and squats every single day for 4 months and sometimes a good 45 minute walk some days (not everyday anymore) but that’s all. I’m pretty sure I have slimmed down some. I don’t pee out of my butt as much anymore since I followed your advice and had less salt (thanks for that). Still have some problems I hope carnivore can fix like my eczema and hemmeroid problem.

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I just watched an interview with Sean O’Mara, who is a former cop and now an M.D. (fairly high profile, as he was the physician to three U.S. Presidents, apparently). An interesting guy, in any case. He feels that the best exercise on a carnivore diet is sprinting. Not jogging, not running, but sprinting. He claims it is the best exercise for ridding the body of visceral fat, improves performance, and promotes the best metabolic health for someone on a carnivore diet. I don’t know if his prescription works for everyone, but it works for him; he’s sixty and looks amazingly fit. If you’re interested, check him out.

Here’s the interview, and there are other videos of him on YouTube:

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Thanks, I will give it a watch. My carnivore diet follows are KenDBerryMD, Shawn Baker, and Anthony Chaffee.

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I kinda went through a depression and haulted what I was doing once again yoyoing…went back up to 220 and the past 3 weeks after watching a dr berry video decided to stop playing around and I told myself NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS!!! I am sticking to 90 days even if it kills me, so I been back at it for the past 3 weeks and down 15 pounds. I found something that works for me, apparently I was eating way too much ground beef (800-900 grams or more) and since cut back to 400 grams of regular ground beef with 6 eggs or 4 bacon I have been waaaay better and pretty much never hungry anymore and sometimes get tired but not often. I guess my problem was eating wayyy too much ground beef? Still feeling the depression but I can’t let that interfere with what I wanna accomplish.

Happy new years.



do you know that was MY saying thru my journey also. It boiled down to enough is enough and I adopted this saying-----NO MATTER WHAT, I will not eat off the zc plan! I gave it 200% on that statement and every time I wanted to jump ship I repeated that over and over again and said I would not fool myself or lie or cheat off of the promise I made to myself. I mean we can only hold ourselves accountable and we can only succeed or fail by our own hand so?? Love your approach!!!

good results in 3 weeks for you and it shows your right path.

just take your time and just eat the foods that suit you best, at all times, flip meats etc around as you need and do whatever works best for you and you got this made in the shade!!!


I have heard this in the past. It seems to be evolutionary. It would make sense. The only protocol I found was to start doing a 1x 20-second sprint once a day and then add 2 more per day. Therefore, do three sprints per day at different times. The results were significant. I would love to try, but I cannot run as I have a knee issue that has recently presented itself. I will try to find the study and post it.


Life is not linear. There are lots of ups and downs. Some people can thrive on Keto/Carnivore for years others cannot.

If after a strict 90 days, you have not reached your goals, who do you blame? Yourself or the protocol? I believe it is the protocol that does not agree with your body any longer. I have seen many Keto people move over to Carnivore because Keto stopped working for them. Otherwise, why would they not stay with Keto?
Wishing nothing but health in 2024

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I think that may be the most important thing to discover in our WOE. We are all different with different metabolic needs.
We start with the basic foundation and build from there.
Congratulations and good luck.

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Thanks guys i’ll update my progress (I know, I know…) in a couple weeks. 90 days reached will be around near the middle of March. 2024 will be the year I take back my life and be disciplined in anything I do. Got my first ultrawide monitor coming soon and going to take up video editing so I can make money on social media, my health, and just grind at everything.

I still do my pushups every day…been like 9 months? every single day NO MATTER WHAT just like doing carnivore and everything else. Depression wont stop me because I am just depressed about my situation in life which I am trying to improve.

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Because carnivore results are simply better.


There is curiosity too :slight_smile:
But yep, we may get something better! I felt pretty healthy on high-carb too… I know many people only go keto or carnivore if they have some serious problem but not all of us are like that. (Well, my fat-loss goal was a serious factor, not the only one though, not even the most important one and I never lost fat anyway… I still find my woe changes a very very good idea :wink: )

Things always could get better. I never will have enough energy, most probably… :frowning: Neither keto or carnivore couldn’t drastically raise my low energy level but carnivore is still a bit better…

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I’ve watched several of his videos on youtube and he is great! Super down to earth and uses his own weight loss as an example. At 43 years old he was a fat marathon runner, he just past 60 and you would never believe he is that age!

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I’ve felt great on carb “diets”, but only when I excercised. I got nothing against carbs, some of the foods are too gooooooodddddd!!! But I need to seriously push myself to feel amazing. I used to bike to a mountain 6 days a week and hike up and down 2 times and bike back. Back when I felt the best I have ever felt I was jogging with that trainer and doing calisthenics…I still wanna run 10 miles a day when I am slimmer and get into boxing but we will see what I do.

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I’ve listened to a few podcasts with Dr. Sean O’Mara and found what he had to say quite interesting. I decided to look him up on the web to find out more about him and his methods and unfortunately found this:

Sigh. :disappointed:

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Slgh. Well, they say, hate the message, not the messenger. Perhaps in this case we should flip that on its head.

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I see people saying this a lot. The main problem is that it’s hard to do. I have a 4+ acre “horse property” (we don’t have horses though), and sprinting caused all kinds of issues. The ground has to be flat for sprinting. Any irregularity is asking for injury.

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I am struggling to get that link to work (tried various methods). Is it still up? What did it say?

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If you have access to a gym, you can do rower sprints or ski erg sprints. If you have a bike, you can peddle very hard for X number of seconds and rest 90 seconds. I need both knees replaced so I will do ski erg sprints for 30 seconds and rest for 90 seconds. It works great.

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June 14, 2023 (SAINT PAUL) — Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison today announced that he has filed an Assurance of Discontinuance that prohibits an Excelsior-based wellness physician Sean O’Mara, and his practice Medical Concierge Wellness, P.L.L.C. (“MedCon Wellness”), from soliciting contributions for a charity that did not exist, falsely claiming on his web site that fees paid to his clinic benefited charity and were tax-deductible, and other misleading statements on his web site.”