Trying out carnivore once again

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Many people initially gain weight on a carnivore diet, only to lose it again and continue losing, a couple of months down the road.

We do not recommend paying attention to the scale, in any case. Better to get a sewing tape and take all your measurements every week or two. It is not unheard-of for people to put on lean mass while simultaneously shedding excess fat.

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Ok i’ll throw my scale away for a long while and just measure myself. Thanks.

Wont be muscle or anything…I do knee pushups and squats every single day for 4 months and sometimes a good 45 minute walk some days (not everyday anymore) but that’s all. I’m pretty sure I have slimmed down some. I don’t pee out of my butt as much anymore since I followed your advice and had less salt (thanks for that). Still have some problems I hope carnivore can fix like my eczema and hemmeroid problem.

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I just watched an interview with Sean O’Mara, who is a former cop and now an M.D. (fairly high profile, as he was the physician to three U.S. Presidents, apparently). An interesting guy, in any case. He feels that the best exercise on a carnivore diet is sprinting. Not jogging, not running, but sprinting. He claims it is the best exercise for ridding the body of visceral fat, improves performance, and promotes the best metabolic health for someone on a carnivore diet. I don’t know if his prescription works for everyone, but it works for him; he’s sixty and looks amazingly fit. If you’re interested, check him out.

Here’s the interview, and there are other videos of him on YouTube:

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Thanks, I will give it a watch. My carnivore diet follows are KenDBerryMD, Shawn Baker, and Anthony Chaffee.