Trying out carnivore once again

(Patrick) #1

Been on it for a few days, feel like ■■■■ which is normal. Today I had ground beef (940 grams from a frozen state in freezer), 2 chicken breasts and a fork full of ghee with salt, plus I drank 1.5L of water so far and I take double the dose of daily multi vitamins and d3 plus I walk for 4 and a half miles a day. I also use re-lyte and I do 150 pushups and 150 squats 7 days a week. First time I did carnivore diet (with lots of exercise) I felt the best of my entire life…2nd time I felt nothing, this is 3rd time. My goal is to lose weight and get in shape, then change my diet up to something my old trainer used to do.

I used to do keto…while I lost 65 pounds in 5 months on it, it never agreed with my body. I went above and beyond on electrolytes and everything but I pretty much felt like ■■■■ all day long, every day so I eventually quit keto because keto does not agree with me obviously…I was keto for 2 years so i’d know. Did not like sleeping all day every day from extreme exhaustion.

(Bob) #2

Awesome! Carnivore has done wonders for me and now I am a big, outspoken advocate. Although I am just fine with keto as long as it’s clean (meat and veg) and not dirty/lazy keto (grains & processed “keto” products).

This feeling like garbage should pass within the first 1-3 weeks. Hang in there :slight_smile:

(Patrick) #3

Yeah was on it before and felt the best ever in my life, but I think it’s due to how active I was at the time more then anything.But I also felt amazing on carbs when I was heavy on working out 6 days a week too (bike riding and walking up and down a steep mountain 2 times a day 6 days a week). If I don’t work out and eat clean (carbs or no carbs) I feel pretty good. Keto was the only thing that never worked aside from weight loss. I don’t think you feel great on any sort of way of eating (low carbs or carbs) without heavy exercise because the body is designed to move.

(Bob) #4

I would agree that we need to be active. Keto worked well for me when it was whole foods that I had to prepare myself, basically meat and veg. But when it became trendy all of a sudden there were keto bars, keto snacks, socalled “keto” breads and tortillas, and I fell for them all and then my “keto” wasn’t working anymore. Definitely stay true to it’s original form and eat clean. If I can’t g out in nature and hunt it or reach up and pluck it, I am not eating it :smiley:

(Alec) #5

This is why straight carnivore is the best way: you eat fatty meat, no edges to it. You know exactly when you are off piste. My view is that anything processed is not ideal. If it looks like chopped up fatty meat, then it’s good. Otherwise, take care.

(Patrick) #6

I’m down the easy pounds so far. 217-208, losing a pound a day right now.

I decided against regular ground beef and went for lean ground beef and like the first time I don’t feel as tired on lean ground beef vs regular ground beef and eat 1.5 pounds right now. To get more fat I eat 3 bacon (each piece is 21Gfat, 5G protein, 0G carbs), and I eat 4 eggs with my lean ground beef and salt of course, plus I bought some beef tallow on amazon (epic is the name brand), and 3-4L of water.

(Alec) #7

Careful with the water… at this level make sure you are taking in lots of salt and electrolytes.

(Patrick) #8

I’m normally thirsty and once I start working out hard I’ll be sipping all the time. Anthony Chaffee used to drink down 8L of water when he played Rugby.

(Alec) #9

And I guarantee he would have been chugging salt and electrolytes…

(Polly) #10

I find I do best on fatty meat.

I wonder why you do better on lean meat. Does it perhaps relate to protein being converted to glucose for you and hence the reason you feel less tired? If you ate keto for 2 years I would have expected you to have become fat adapted in that time, but it does sound as though fat adaptation was never comfortably reached for you.

(Polly) #11

I hope you achieve your goals and please do let us know how you are getting along with this carnivore way of eating.

(Patrick) #12

No idea but I will stick to lean ground beef until I am fully fat adapted and try out fattier meat and see if I still have issues. Maybe I just work better on leaner meats, or maybe leaner meats help me more then fattier meats while trying to adapt.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #13

Listen to your body. You’ll find out.

(Polly) #14

I have been listening to some of the talks at Low Carb Downunder this afternoon.

Jay Wortman’s talk about the global demonisation of red meat brought many threads together, but for me the significance of higher fat meats in the suppression of inflammation chimed well. I have some autoimmune inflammatory conditions which I suppress through diet and may explain why fattier cuts of meat work well for me.

(Polly) #15


3-4 liter isn’t so much, I had about that much lately, at least for a while, many days in row… My 5g salt (I rarely track it but when I do, it’s always around that amount) still seems perfect then… It must be individual. I don’t sweat out particularly much, it probably makes a difference…?
I somewhat agree this is a higher amount of water and many may need extra electrolytes, I just say it’s not true for everyone. I wouldn’t supplement sodium even at a 72 hour fast as I just don’t need it. (Except if I felt the opposite, were active or in hot weather or something.)

(Patrick) #17

I’m down to 204 right now. Not feeling as bad but still don’t feel good after I eat, plus I still pee out of my butthole. Hopefully that changes within the next 2-3 weeks. I’ll post again when I hit 2 months.

I eat 1.5 pounds of lean ground beef, 1 handful of cheese mixed in, lots of salt, lots of water, 6 eggs in with my ground beef/cheese, 1-2 fork fulls of ghee or grass fed epic rendered beef tallow and 4 bacon.

217-204 so far.

(Brian) #18

I have no clue how much water I drink in a day. I drink when I’m thirsty. Some days I drink quite a lot, others, not so much. A lot depends on how much sweating I do.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #19

You might try cutting back on the salt, to see if that helps.

(Patrick) #20

I was going to wait for the 2 month mark but I have gained a lot of weight somehow…I went from 204-212 sticking to the same foods that I lost the weight on. Is this normal? I have almost gained all my weight back.