Trucking on empty

(Tim Cee) #42

My meal for today was salted peanuts (18g net carb) and four boiled eggs.

I’m recording 134/86 as BP. However, after sitting still and trying real hard to unclench, it was 120/77 when I checked it again. By the end of next week, it’ll be below that without the extra effort if things keep progressing. My dream would be to ditch the pills—I am on three for hypertension.

(Laurie) #43

I hope that dream comes true.


Great stuff, Tim.

I feel you on the whitecoat stuff - I seem to walk into the surgery and clench up and raise my (actually low) blood pressure to a ridiculous level!


Just Keto on…best way to move forward :slight_smile: Sounds like you got a good handle on it…just eat great keto, eat good portions too, just find some ways to relax and just go on with your life in fine form!

and your BP cuff can and will vary like you said. My mother in law has one and when I take my bp with it, it swings around to crazy numbers and I tell her, this thing ain’t right LOL but she swears it works fine, but to me, I wouldn’t trust it as a real deal for getting real accurate readings, but I think she mangled her bp cuff or something LOL

When we do beer and sugar binges on the weekends and then try to adapt back to keto during the week…yea things like BP and your metabolism gets more wrecked and alot of factors come into play. I know we all wanna kinda try to do this type of thing :wink: but in the end it rears its ugly head and bites ya in the butt…if you hold your keto you could easily dump some of those bp meds but darn consistency on plan is key truly for you. Wishing you the best!!

(Tim Cee) #46

122/79 this morning! I’ll probably make it home tonight and then I’m have burgers and eggs!


cool, happy for you Tim, rock it out and keep on for you!!


I found this explanation about salt and hypertention, given by Dr. Cywes so interesting.
I like how he says when you dont eat carbs, it is easy for the body to deal with excess salt, so eating too much salt is a non-issue. Having too little, is a problem.
When you eat salt AND carbs, its a completely diffrent matter. Dr. Cywes - youtube


Carbs mean a whole big world of ‘what ifs’ and ‘not healthy’ eating combinations for many…carbs as much as we know about them in full truth, since we need none in our physical bodies to thrive and survive, they are that catalyst that throws everything off and of course in ‘today’s carb world?’ ugh

Carbs back in the old days, the few and far between and how we lived so different and worked hard physically for our survival and more, they were used by the body in such a more healthy fashion ya know in that overall picture of food intake…but in today’s world of what ‘food is’ truly about…way different for sure!

(Tim Cee) #50

124/86. Blood pressure was up a bit last couple days. Only reason I can think of would be eating too much/often. It seems like at this point some fasting is necessary.

(Laurie) #51

Yes, eating too much can have a strange effect on me. How did I survive all those years of really eating too much? Good luck with the fast.

(Tim Cee) #52

I just remembered I had a lot of zero carb soda over the weekend. Could that be a factor?

(Laurie) #53

Sorry, no idea!

(Butter Withaspoon) #54

Your blood pressure may not be actually up, this may be in the error range of measuring. I’m pretty sure you need a bigger change in numbers to be worried about an upward trend.


Caffeine can have an effect if the reading is done close to when it’s consumed.

As others have stated, research on salt has demonstrated that it’s a U shaped curve where too little is bad and too much is bad. However, if you’re not a hyperresponder then the effect is only a few points. On keto, too much is probably hard to accomplish. Also, are you supplementing magnesium?

One thing we forget about is sleep and its role in hypertension. Hyperinsulinemia plays a huge role in most hypertensive people, but less than adequate quality sleep can have negative effects on blood pressure too. I’m not saying it’s easy being on the road, but that’s potentially something you can work on at home.


yea it can easily.
diet sodas can do weirdo things to alot of us :slight_smile:

(Tim Cee) #57

Actually the average truck driver gets more sleep than the general pop. It’s because our sleep is mandated by law. Also, I sleep in the truck more than at home. The truck birth is where I sleep best. I only put this out there because there is the stereotype of the sleep-deprived driver hopped up on illicit stimulants. This is based on a bygone era. In the USA drivers are under heavy government surveillance. Fewer than 1% of truck drivers have been caught driving under the influence in spite of a more restrictive definition and periodic check points. Having an UN-opened container is a DUII.

(Tim Cee) #58

I had the diet sodas over the weekend at home. Readings were up to 146/95 Not gonna drink those for a while.

This morning: 154/100 I think it’s cause of the cough drops. I have a cold. Just took it again:144/88


yes my hubby is a ‘car driver for dealership’ now in his early retirement stage and he is ALL about driving and has a brother who is a big rig driver and he says the same, you are mandated to stop etc. Yes time off the road for an OTR driver is key of course out there LOL

OK, with a cold you can easily be super stressed. Your body is fighting and ya feel ‘worse’ than normal etc and your cough drops probably aren’t the issue…body stress fighting disease and I get this easily so you will be ok, you are in a normal body stress reaction. Just take care of you and relax and sleep…darn if we know sleep can’t handle a ton of good things for us!! and be sure to eat well still!! food heals, starving won’t give your body anything to fight against against ya know…hope you are ok soon!

yea diet sodas are evil. think of it as useless in life. they give you what nutriton? 0 ----and 0 is just that and take from your so…yea start thinking that crap has to go :slight_smile:

(Doug) #60

For sure, Tim. :+1: (I realise that there are some good effect of E-logging, but I often hated it. That’s one thing I certainly don’t miss, being retired.)