Trucking on empty

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I know that was your question but nobody can answer that for you. And the suggestions were added so if you DO decide to fast you have something healthy to break it with if you start feeling poor and NEED to break it. Or not fast at all.

I have seen more and more service stations start to carry small packages of protein you can use your fuel points on. Usually in the refrigerated cases and you have to hunt for them. But if your carb brain has made the decision for you, it won’t look for it.

That stuff is crazy expensive so better to take a small ice chest and pack your own.

Back when I travelled I would slice butter and wrap in foil wrappers for my coffee and also pack cheese when I went to China. Dairy is hard to come by as is refrigeration. Plus only carbage on the 18-hr flight.

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@Septimius has a very good point. It is very difficult to think clearly when hungry. The suggestion to eat a bunch of bunless, French-fry-less burgers is a very good one. If you can find a diner to stop at, another possibility would be steak and eggs, with bacon and sausage, hold the potatoes, hold the toast. You can eat as much of that sort of food as you need to satisfy your hunger.

Most of the fast food chains are now pretty good about not giving you buns and French fries, and if you feel the need of something crunchy, salad is now an option, most places. Dr. Eric Westman tells of a patient of his, a homeless man, who did quite well and lost a lot of weight by eating at MacDonald’s, getting burgers without the bun and avoiding the sodas and French fries.


hey you mean Kelly Hogan? HAHA

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More good points.

I have never been a trucker but I used to travel a lot and it can be challenging when you don’t have control over your own meals, but you can always get bacon and eggs - at a diner anytime of day - and salads with meat and bunless burgers are fast-food options.

Just make sure you get fried eggs and not an omelet - or ask if they can use “cracked eggs” to make it. I heard IHop adds pancake batter to their omelets to stretch the eggs and make them fluffier.

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I’m confused. The only Kelly Hogans I know of are women.


She is the fast food burger Queen…eats 10 burger patties from McDs per day for years cause that suited her…maybe Tim can become the fast food burger King now :slight_smile: Hey if the food suits you best right? Go forward and thrive!!


yea hubby dragged me to a ‘Waffle House restaurant’ and I knew immediately something was SO OFF in their omelet and I asked, only fresh eggs? and they said YES but to me, it was not…so who knows if the employee only knew ‘fresh eggs’ in that ‘nasty azz ingredient list’ they POUR in bulk onto that fry grill is really anything but real eggs. Never been back yet hubby still wants to eat there for the waffles and nope, never with me he won’t LOL

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So next week I’ll bring a generous supply of precooked keto on ice. BP 148/93


you will be fine but also remember your lifestyle also effects you BP in that I know for a fact driving a rig IS not easy…there is massive stress and we travel a ton using a Dodge Mega Cab truck and a 34 ft RV toyhauler behind it and while road rage in normal car is tough, damn if we don’t go bigger and are on time destination travel/schedules and more, crap, who are we kiddin’ here…it is icky to our brains and body.

Maybe some relaxing meditation type thought podcasts and more while driving? Not too meditation, you are driving LOL HAHA

but you know, just chill thru life cause in the end, what the hell do we really have but our lives and how do we live thru it all easy vs more stressed?

For me, and I am saying this for me personally and reacting personally on it all, I stressed so darn much with my life thru farm work, real work jobs and farm work with biz farm work til I darn near snapped a bit ya know when I said, damn the phrase of ‘let igo, let it go’ kinda changed me more in that I had to find that more peaceful existance, cause I am thqt type A crazy worker type LOL

of course if this not you, if this just me spouting the no changes obvy but of course we all have issues we need to handle and if at some point you need to chat with yourself then do it…nothing have to change tomorrow as a thing but we can learn where we might need to go and change our daily environment a bit toward the better, ya know.

OK that is me and personal and might not fit you :slight_smile: but at times, we are all changing and evolving, so just listen to yourself and go forward as you can with what ya got!!

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That was what I was getting early on, as well. I think it took about a year for BP to come down. Last time I checked, it was 112/70, but I am subject to “white coat” syndrome, so sometimes I get wild readings at the doctor’s office, lol! “Keep calm, and keto on” applies in so many different ways!


white coat syndrome is real
anxiety point blank
plus if icky I personally suck down alot of allergy sinus meds which is an effect

last BP is when my daughter sick a bit ago and I got a BP for me and it was like 150/90 or some crazy and after the Dr told her all good and all fine and do this and that to combat, all good stuff from that visit I was SO relieved…I asked the tech to do BP on me again and I was like 130/80 and I know I am lower than that even in good times ya know, but I dropped so fast from the anxiety of the issue I was dealing so yea, now we go into that BP is a biggie on BP I think if ONE does not have high BP issues as a long true med issue.

just thoughts on it :slight_smile:

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Just in principle, or because you suspect their food? I always order fried eggs so I KNOW they are only eggs. Even scrambled eggs they can sneak stuff in.


their omelets. taste so weirdo even tho they say it is only fresh eggs, well being carnivore and a farmer I know eggs LOL so there is something in it that is super suspect to me but of course, any ‘chain and ingredients’ are always just that. nasty eggs to me tho, never bothered checking further from years ago when I ate there, literally no loss in my life never going back…weeee…

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Rough draft for next week: I’ll pack 4 burger patties per day along with 4 corresponding slices of cheddar or pepper-jack. Additionally I’ll include a dozen hard-boiled eggs and a side of salt in case I need it. Meanwhile, for the rest of this week I’m back to the triad of nasty keto until Friday evening or Saturday morning whenever I get home.

Meanwhile I’m doing a twelve hour experiment on salt. I took my 24hr fasted blood pressure(131/88 (trending down since getting back on the wagon💪🏻)) and then ate a whole bag of pork skins and a 99cent package of peanuts for a total of 7g carbohydrates and 133% usdrv sodium. At 1 hr BP is 130/85. So, no hypertensive spike yet. I’ll check it again a few times in the morning spaced before noon. Unless there is a substantial bump, I’m calling the salt-hypertension hypotheses boolsheet. Edit: I drank a liter of tap water along with the chicharrones. The economics? I got them free on frequent fueler rewards points.

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Sounds like a good plan!


Keto should lower your BP, not raise it. Fasting (is) a stress though and it could have something to do with it. I’m personally anti-fasting at this point as I lowered the hell out of my RMR and lost a ton of muscle doing it, I also used to do a lot of multi day fasts. I’m also a driver, if we’re not eating, and barely moving we’re telling our bodies we don’t need to burn a lot of calories and don’t need all that pesky muscle. Even with a good workout daily I lost a ton. Which keep in mind, not only is muscle benefits us metabolically, loosing it means your BMI (which is a useless measurement) is going up! Lose a couple lbs of muscle instead of fat and that % moves very quickly.

I try to stay away from the truck stops for obvious reasons but the Pilots and Flying J’s all have a section near the drinks of Eggs, cheese cubes, sausages, egg/pepperoni cups, jerky, nuts etc. I’ve also done the 2 slice/pizza deal and just eat the top since they go heavy on everything. The TA’s are starting to copy that more or less but are fine for stuff off the shelf. Not always easy to make those calls vs the promiseland of garbage they also have, but they have everything you need.

If you’re OTR and have no fridge I’d get one of those coleman plug in travel fridges, they’ll keep everything “chilled” which is still pretty good. I’m regional so I just pack everything and do a ton of protein shakes, which I’d recommend in place of fasts since it’s muscle sparing. I have a tub of protein in the truck, a shaker cup and a tub of powdered MCT oil, works out great. I still eat real stuff but that’s minimal until dinner in most cases. Upping fiber can also help BP, many are anti, I had to add it back in because the lack of it screwed me up downstairs pretty bad.

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The red line represents the time I ingested a high salt meal. At 1.33 times the US daily recommended value, it’s quite a bit more salt than I would normally eat. There does appear to be an increase in diastolic the next day. However it quickly came down after taking daily meds and coffee to below where it was before the salt. I should point out that hypertension readings can deviate quite a bit moment to moment and the small bump I may have gotten in diastolic readings the next morning is within the margin of error for my cuff. I’m going to conclude salt is not my problem. That’s not to say salt doesn’t matter, but at this point it doesn’t seem to be affecting me by much. Action: keep calm and keto on.

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I bought one of those:

Hmm…I paid only $67.50. Not sure what’s up with the price. I also bought an AC to 12V adapter, so I could use this inside too.

They only bring the temperature down, but they get pretty cool.

Unlike Ifod14, I still fast and have experienced no known decrease in my basal metabolic rate. At one time, I thought I did, but I’m back to fasting with no issues. For instance, I’ve just reached highs for certain exercises while fasting. Just worked out at 32 hours of a 36 hour fast and hit new highs for reps for certain exercises. (I’m doing body weight training, so have to count reps.)

You do need to feast after and before fasting, however. No one seems to discus that, but it’s critical.

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@lfod14, i am sorry and surprised you had that impact with fasting. I do lots of 24 hr fasting and I’m as strong as a gorilla. I’m convinced the BP issue was caused by my weekly sugar binge. Your Truckstop suggestion is basically what I have been doing, but then I’ve been eating candy and drinking too much beer to stay in ketosis on the weekends. I’m kind of tired of processed meats and my own chickens lay the best eggs. So, after this week I’m packing the food I like.

On the fasting front, I suspect intermittent fasting lowers BP sooner than keto alone. But I don’t have any science to back that up—just my own experience.

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@ctviggen yes, definitely feast between fast is the way to go. I’ll get by without the swamp cooler. I used to have one and it works. But, I’m regional and get home every weekend. I can get free ice at Loves so I’ll be good with an ice box.

Everyone’s advice has helped me refine my understanding of the way forward. I’ll keep a log on this thread for a while as a form of accountability and so you all can see how it worked out. Thank you all. :nerd_face: