Trouble recovering from running

(Erin Baird) #1

I’m a returning runner - had some injuries and now I’m doing a program to get me back to running the trails. I’m doing about 3 miles of trail hiking/running now. It’s miserable. My calves are so sore after, and I’ve been doing this trail for months, but since going keto (6 weeks ago) they stay tight and miserable and I feel like I can’t recover. I’m supplementing AM and PM with 500mg Magnesium tab and nuSalt for potassium. I’m not losing any weight really but the inches and makeup are changing. I’m also not having cravings and I’m not as hungry. I only have 10lbs to lose so I guess I’m ok with it for now.
But these calves! I’m having cramps at night or feel like I’m going to have cramps if that makes any sense.

(LeeAnn Brooks) #2

Hmmm… I don’t have pain in legs, but I do feel heavier running, even now that I’ve been able to add more distance.
About mile 2 I get this sensation like the strength in my legs is washing away. I still have energy so I can keep going, and eventually the strength comes back but incrementally, not quickly like it leaves my body.
I wonder if it’s the glycogen running out and then I have to switch over to burning fat.

Wish I could help you.


this is overwhelmingly likely to be an electrolyte issue (barring any other details of your health we obviously don’t know). try to get at least 5 grams of salt a day. salt is the master electrolyte and if thats off you can take all the potassium etc you want to no avail.

(Erin Baird) #4

You know I haven’t been focused on salt lately. That’s pretty dumb right? I’ve been taking nuSalt for the potassium, magnesium supplementation, vit D, multivitamin, and fiber. And since I’m eating real food - the only high-sodium food I eat is bacon. eye roll. I will add some salt. Do you guys do keto-aid or things like that?

(Alec) #5

This is exactly what I think it is. Simply switching from sugar to fat metabolism.

Good luck at the weekend!

(Alec) #6


(Alec) #7

I eat lots and lots and lots of salts and electrolytes! As a runner (average weekly around 45k) and on keto ie I don’t eat processed food, I reckon I take in 20% of the normal person and use around 5 times what the normal person does.

Eat more salt and KCKO!

(Kenny Hyatt) #8

I would also consider supplementing some potassium. I was having similar muscle tightness, and got some relief from it by supplementing with potassium citrate.

(Ruthann) #9

I absolutely agree with everyone who is saying electrolytes are the problem. I am fairly new to keto and a runner. I was having the same sort of muscle weakness and fatigue. I added 1/4-1/2 tsp of Himalayan salt to warm water about 30 min prior to running as well as drinking about 20 oz of ionic water. I also use the ionic water after. I feel much better now (also helps a bit with constipation). I have used Bpi pre work out which helped me tremendously to get through the first few weeks, but I am trying to shy away from it and not use it as a crutch. Good luck!

(Mark Berry) #10

I’m fine with low intensity running but any high efforts my calves go so tight. Would that be due to glucose or salt or weakness from doing mainly low intensity runs (MAF)?

I’m also insatiably hungry for sweet stuff after high efforts