TRAILER PICKLES.....(sweet pickles, no sugar or carbs)



These are sweet pickles that you can put in tartar sauce or tuna fish salad etc. Just take any jar of sour pickles kosher pickles you know a savory pickle and throw about 2 tsp of a good strong stevia in the jar, shake it put in then the fridge overnight… pull it out the next day and you’ve got sweet pickles with no carbs!
P.S.somtimes i will throw fresh cut califlower, or peppers in the jar, add some cyenne and have hot sweet pickled veggies in 2 days!

(Karen) #2

I’m so going to try this!


The process works xtra good on the pickle slices!
I added the chopped pickles to Carl’s chicken salad!

(cheryl) #4

I’m going to do this when I get home. I have been missing sweet pickles !! Thanks for the tip.


test the amt of stevia, i like mine sweet!
Good luck, Let me know what you think!

(Vanessa) #6

Imagine that!
I came here to find out if putting Stevia in a dill pickle jar would make them sweeter.
For years I’ve put dill pickles in to leftover sweet pickle juice. In a month or so they’d be sweet
enough for me.
I typed “pickles” in the search bar here and WHAM! Trailer pickle came up. I never knew that’s
what people call them. Thank you so much!!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I named them that, How that name popped in my head I have no idea! Enjoy let me know if they turn out for you.

(Troy) #8

Thank you for sharing this
Easy enough

Here is the sweet relish recipe I mentioned b4😄

(Carl Keller) #9

And thank you for pointing it out. I could also make keto tartar sauce with this idea. :slight_smile: