Totally fell off the Keto Wagon and got run over

(BostonterrierLvr) #1

Hi all​:wave::wave: I’m hanging my head in shame​:disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:
My life kinda spun out of control and I just gave up and went back to stress eating carbs. I’m so ashamed and disappointed in myself. What do I do now?

(Polly) #2

Hi @BostonterrierLvr take a deep breath.

Dive back in or clamber back on the horse/wagon.

Have you got rid of the stressors that drove you to wallow in carbs? If not, you may need to think of some strategies for carb avoidance.

There is no reason to feel ashamed because life got in the way. If you are ready, now is the moment to cut back on the carbs and start reaping the benefits of real food and proper healthy eating.


KCKO… And maybe try some other methods if your life gets stressful… Exercize, meditation, music… And if you eat for comfort (and because we need to eat sometimes anyway… eating for comfort when you definitely don’t need food is worse, I prefer some warm liquid then, with almost no calories), use keto foods if possible. Maybe I’ve been doing low-carb since too long, maybe it’s my taste, my rare higher-carb days might have an effect too but if my life is especially hard, I probably choose the lowest-carb food as that feels better and there is nothing wrong with the taste either. People probably eat carbs because it’s an old habit or maybe some nostalgic feeling and memories about tasty carbs? I don’t know but it’s not good (unless for people who are thriving on those carbs or something), try to change your responses. And don’t be ashamed, such things take time, sometimes very, very much time. But if you get used to eating (very) low-carb, it helps even when you can’t focus and don’t do conscious choices about your food. It’s very automatic for me now. I have carbier days but carbs are very obvious in my life, I never eat them “accidentally”. And I can’t even eat much of them. I fell off the wagon all the time before (but still did low-carb, that was natural since the beginning).

So, continue what you consider right. Bumps happen, don’t worry about them, just try to avoid the same thing next time. But if it happens again, come back again, preferably right away, it should get better and better if your diet is for you. Not everyone can go keto and stick to it forever and it’s not even a bad thing in many cases. A carbier day now and then might work but if you can’t do it subtly and come back right away, you should put more effort into avoiding even that. This effort is way harder when you have difficulties with other things, I know that, that’s why I practice my keto habits, train my keto muscles when I am more in control. And as I wrote, it becomes better, more automatic in time.

(Rebecca 🌸 Frankenfluffy) #4

I’m so sorry to hear you’re feeling this way. But I have to say how lovely it is that here you are amongst keto friends who are happy to support you, and each other.

Don’t feel ashamed.
Be kind to yourself. You deserve it.
You’re human. We’re all human!



Well said (written)!

To fall off the wagon is human.

Some people are different but they are exceptions.

(Rebecca ) #6

Forgive yourself…and start again!:hugs:

(Liz Ellen) #7

I fell off the wagon over the holidays. I regained about half of the 50 pounds I had lost and was very disappointed with myself. (Also, as an aside, eating carbs is never as satisfying as I think it will be. I’m enjoying what I eat so much again.)

I tried to reboot shortly before Jan. 1, and failed. Tried to start Jan. 1 and failed. Started again on Jan. 8 and I have been ketoing since, down 10 of the 25 I gained. YOU CAN DO IT. I had to do some meditation to get in the right headspace to recommit. Clothes already fitting better. Feeling energized. Just try to keep your chin up and be kind to yourself.

(Old Baconian) #8

Carb addiction is a real thing. There are ways to cope, however, the same ones that work for alcoholics trying to get sober. First, if possible, get rid of all carbohydrate in the house, except for the leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables that we generally permit on keto. Second, don’t swear off carbohydrate (particularly sugar) for ever. Instead, tell yourself that you will eat all you can—tomorrow, just not right now. If you need to postpone your next teaspoon of sugar or piece of bread for just five minutes, do it five minutes at a time. Even the worst addict in the world can go 24 hours without a hit.

If you are a praying person, pray. Ask your higher power for a carb-free day. All you need to do is to get through the next 24 hours without yielding to your addiction. You are not deprived for the rest of your life. Also bear in mind that true freedom resides in the No; it’s when we say Yes to our addiction that we lose our freedom.