Total fall off the wagon

(amanda.doran) #1

if I write it down I own it… just had a massive heel of batch bread(for all the Irish out there they understand what this is, and butter , the real stuff kerrygold!!) and numerous glasses of white wine…end of

(Erin Macfarland ) #2

How long have you been on keto? You can recover it will just take time!

(Jason Webb) #3

Nothing to do but KCKO.


I totally fell off the wagon over Thanksgiving and Christmas. I had breakfast lunch and dinner with all the fixings. And the desserts and sweets. Once I have one… But fortunately the “holidays” only lasted about a weekend and I immediately jumped back on the wagon. I had recently read Jason Fung and Jimmy Moore’s GREAT book “The Complete Guide to Fasting” so I started a fast immediately after each holiday. I drank keto-coffee in the morning and had a few cups of home-made bone broth or bouillon and water during the day. I found the I was back into ketosis with in 5 days and lost most of the small weight gain within the week. I had to start eating by the 6th day both times. For me, I think it is fine to stray from a strict ketosis diet if it is only for a brief peirod and you can jump back on the wagon as soon as possible.

(amanda.doran) #5

been low carbing for about a year only got real serious about keto the last couple of months…back on track today :slight_smile:

(Bobbie Jo Stinger) #6

You got this!

(Tony Sheldon) #7

It happens and the damage was minimum. It could of been worse and went on for a week or two. It’s just a small bump in the road.


@AmandaDC, good job owning it and getting back on the horse!
Something to consider…do you know why or how you fell off? This is important. Learn what your triggers are, come up with a strategy around them, so you are better prepared next time.

(amanda.doran) #9

Yup I was drunk and love that bread and it was there