Tools for making a lot of bacon


(Jason) #1

Can anyone recommend a kitchen device to make a lot of bacon all at once in the oven? With the oven pan I have now I can only do about one pack at a time. Anyone seen any wizardry?

Also, do you guys all cook your bacon on a surface that lets the fat fall off or do you like to let it sit in the fat?

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #2

I usually just cook mine on the rack. I don’t have any special devices or anything.

I always let it sit in its fat unless I am making a baconator, where I need the bacon to crisp up so it holds and sticks together after i criss cross it.

(Pat Dugar) #3

I use large baking sheet covered with foil. I fold my bacon in half. I can get 3 lbs or pkgs on one pan.

(bryan vandyke) #4

Just this afternoon. 2 large packages. Large baking sheet. Parchment paper. Double fold the bacon. Bake at 350F for about 1 to 1 1/2 hrs.

I like the more blockyness of the double fold since i can get more on the sheet and they store nicer in my Tupperware. Trade off is they are not crispy but i like them that way.


In the oven, huh? I’ve only made mine in a frying pan or in the microwave. When I do it in the frying pan I hate all the splatter mess so it’s usually in the microwave. The microwave bacon cooker I use has a vented lid so all the splattering staying inside - I really like that, but the most I can make at a time is 12 slices.

Don’t the insides of the oven get coated with bacon grease?

(Alex Yohn) #6

Keep the temp down to 350F or lower and the splatter is minimal.

(Gabriel G.) #7

This is how I do it… stand the bacon on its side and pack an electric roaster with it. Put it on low and let it go. It’ll let off a bunch of water at first. Allow that to evaporate. Then bacon grease starts gathering. Going nice and slow means no splattering and it cooks evenly with that much grease.

Good luck!

(Chris) #8

A large skillet and tongs. I slice 3lbs in half and dump it in on 2. Stir and toss until fried to desired doneness.

(Tom) #9

Wow, that’s on a professional scale! Does it come out crispy?

(Pete A) #10

Wow, great ideas here.

I currently bake 5 slices at a time (portion control) in a foil lined baking dish (400, 20 minutes).

I let it cool on the counter then refrigerate. When I eat breakfast I take it out and have firm grease for dipping my hard boiled eggs and cheese!

And no mess.

(Gabriel G.) #11

I like my bacon with a little bit of bounce. Cooking it much longer melts all the fat and it just sits in the bottom of the pan :wink:

However, one can cook it as crisp as they like. This method means the bacon cooks in its own grease and doesn’t need to be make contact with the pan to get crisp.

(Raj Seth) #12

Ok. I like that. I’m going to do it in the oven. Looks like can make 10 lbs at a time. Thebaconexperiment is going to happen.
I wonder how long you would have to cook it at 250?

(Jason Moyer) #13

what type of roaster do you use? is there an alernatice to the roaster. I have an NuWave, pressure cooker and clow coker/. could they be an altenate?

(Gabriel G.) #14

I probably wouldn’t recommend a pressure cooker. With that much bacon, there’s going to be a fair amount of water that you need to cook off initially. For that you need to cook with the lid off so it can all evaporate away.

(Jason Moyer) #15

yeah, i was thnking pressure cooker would not be wise either. Not sure if a slow cooker is too.

(Gabriel G.) #16

Replying by email. Let’s see how this goes…

I think a slow cooker or a Crock-Pot would be great. Probably need to put it on low at first until it gets enough liquid in the bottom. Then, you could probably turn it on high after an hour or so. Leave the lid off the whole time and put it somewhere so your whole house doesn’t smell like bacon :wink:

(Jason Moyer) #17

interesting…never thought a slow cooker would work but must try it.

(Jason) #18

These are all great ideas. Thanks for the suggestion of folding the bacon in half, I have never tried that.

@gundy - do you have an after picture of cooking all that bacon

Ok group, next question: after you make all of this bacon, any tricks for good reheating?

(Ruth Beardsley) #19

I have a kilo of fatty bacon that I render for the bacon grease. I use a fry pan on the stove. This is today’s task.

I snack on the rendered bacon.
I cover it and keep it in the fridge.
I render it to leave the bacon a bit soft and chewy.

I wish there was a better way.

I may try my EasyCook by putting bacon on 3 grills and running it at 150 C or whatever temperature works to render it slowly. :thinking:

(Gabriel G.) #20

Sorry, nope. I’ll snap a picture next time.

As for reheating, I find that a few seconds in the microwave is perfect.