Tools for making a lot of bacon


(Ruth Beardsley) #21

Bacon set up in the Beardsley household.

One lot in the oven at 170 C fan forced.

One lot in the EasyCook at 180 C.

I will report in when this is done.

(Carol E. ) #22

Your method is interesting.

I bake bacon in mass, refrigerating afterward. To reheat, I throw it in the pan after the eggs are cooked. I may try your method for my next bacon batch as even though the bacon doesn’t completely cook to crisp, the cooking time (and splatter) would be significantly decreased.

Thanks for the idea.:sunglasses::+1:

(Victor Mercado) #23

Pictures would be nice!

(Alec) #24


A pig? :laughing:

(Gabriel G.) #25

To be clear, you can make it as crisp as you like. I’m just saying, I don’t crisp it up too much. I like to leave some fat on there.

(Gabriel G.) #26

A pig farm?

(Pam Johnson) #27

I’ve heard that using an air fryer works great for cooking bacon, but I haven’t tried it yet.

(FRANK) #28




The air fryer is great for bacon.

(Bunny) #30

I could smell bacon cooking in here,
bacon wrapped oysters are my favorite mmmm.

Throw them in the air fryer for a few?

(Carol E. ) #31

i have cooked an entire package of bacon successfully on the stove top using a method similar to this - slice across the whole pack in pieces about 1-inch wide (or less).

(Windmill Tilter) #32

I cook 3lbs of bacon at a time in the oven on a jumbo sheet pan. I bought it specifically for bacon; it’s big enough to handle 5lbs. Don’t use your wife’s favorite cookie pan. Ask me how I know… :yum: