Tonight I binged


On a fatty chicken thigh left over from today’s dinner🙂 What do you grab if you’re still hungry at night? I normally don’t eat so late, but ever since tossing intermittent fasting on the shelf, I definitely feel the hunger more. In fact, I am already planning tomorrow’s meals. Egg and bacon and that gammon piece I bought + pork chops and burgers. I have cut down on dairy, maybe that’s why🤔

(Pete A) #2

I wouldn’t say that a"fatty chicken thigh" is a binge.


That’s not a binge, that’s you being hungry from fasting. Fasting was the absolute worst binge trigger on the planet for me, I’m an actual binge eater. At least until I stuck it our and it destroyed my metabolism. Then no more binging for a while, way worst problems though.

Gammon is one I’ll have to Google…


I just got hungry at night… I ate one egg and 76g (in raw weight) pork chuck roast. And a tea and a coffee with a little bit cream and egg in it (leftover liquid, it’s, like 0.1 egg and a few drops of cream).

My hunger didn’t come as a surprise as my lunch was over 120g protein but below 1600 kcal… And it was lunch, so far from bedtime. I tend to get hungry after a dinner when it’s not OMAD…

It’s still safely IF…

I am done with planning with tomorrow meal as well :slight_smile: I have 430g leftover pork chuck, I plan to make cheese sauce, surely will eat some eggs and maybe 6 sponge cake muffins (100% egg, 5 eggs goes into 12 muffin now). And maybe I will eat something else as it’s a minimum day with 120g protein and 15xx kcal again…

But I plan to make soup too, I just don’t count anything for it yet. I count when I eat the meat from it. I use some old bones (turkey and smoked pork hock) and the last meaty bone from my pork chuck. I had some nice meat soup so long ago…

Night eating is a thing for me in the last years, it wasn’t before and I pretty much hate it. Today is fine as I barely ate anything, okay, it’s still not fasting but I mostly try to do OMAD to keep my macros as down as possible while my satiation long.
I am a natural afternoon eater, it’s my natural eating window, it feels odd when I eat outside of this BUT if I am hungry, I need food. And my body counts its calories at night and pester me if it’s lacking, I imagine that, at least. It’s terrific at calorie counting while I am exceptionally horrible at it, I can’t guess my numbers without tracking.
As I usually eat full-blown meals, night eating usually means overeating. But not when I had a borderline OMAD sized meal and I only need a weeeeee bit extra. And all my food items are good. Carbs mess with me.

Definitely not, thanks, I forgot the title but indeed.
Me eating 10-12 chicken thighs weren’t a binge either a few times in my life, it merely was a (not satiating AT ALL) meal… I call it a binge when I just eat and eat and eat compulsively and it’s not mere hunger satiation. But I don’t actually know what that is, I am a big overeater but I almost never considered my overeating binging… But a small snack at night isn’t that for sure.


If it’s a tiny fast like OMAD, it’s the absolute best for me to avoid night eating. An OMAD sized meal keeps me satiated for about a day, perfect!

But I like bigger meals and my energy need is small so I can pull it off moderately easily - except carnivore often makes my meals too small for it hence my struggles with carni OMAD despite it’s my goal. But I will make it happen.


Hon, eating a chicken thigh when you’re actually hungry is NOT a “binge” in any sense of the word. Be kinder to yourself. Respecting your body and listening to its signals is a good thing!

(Megan) #7

I keep a few boiled eggs and some cooked meat in the fridge most of the time. Not having something on plan to just grab and eat is like opening a door to grabbing something unhealthy imo.

(Laurie) #8

I try not to snack at night, but sometimes I feel the need.

I have cooked pork chops in the freezer. Thaw in microwave and eat.

Ditto homemade meatballs.

Pork rinds.

Maybe fry some eggs.

I was eating yogurt at night, but I’m avoiding dairy now.

I also had deviled eggs sometimes, but am too lazy to make them now.

(May the blessing of bacon be always with you) #9

If you find yourself needing to snack between meals, eat something keto, and be sure to eat more at the next meal. Hunger between meals means you’re not eating enough food.

(Christian Hirose Romeo Graham/廣瀬 グラハム クリスティン 路美男) #10

Maybe you haven’t consumed enough fat, or just food in general, for your last meal?

(Allie) #11

Eating a chicken thigh isn’t binging, if you’d eaten a whole pack of them that may be different.

I tend to not eat after about 1pm because I sleep much better that way, but there are times when my body needs more fuel and then I will eat but never after 6pm. Usually I’ll just have eggs if I do eat in the evening as they’re so easy to digest, and my hens usually keep me in good supply.


Indeed. Good thing I can fry an egg in half a minute… But I can be lazy or choosy so I still like to keep other options at hand. That’s mostly for times not on/near carnivore as without plant carbs I don’t feel tempted to eat the carbs in the house.
I learned time and time again that being prepared is very important. Eventually it sank in :wink:

And I need to be VERY careful with my fav meat at night. I easily eat unnecessarily much of it. I can’t overeat eggs then. But meat is better for satiation…

It has a big chance (protein is especially important there if it’s me) BUT sometimes it’s not the case. I get night hunger if I had enough food during the day but in too many, small meals (as I was unable to eat bigger ones). Or if too much time passed since my last meal. I tend to get lose satiation 8-12 hours after my meal (it varies), I should be asleep then. Bigger meals still may help but that’s more food than what I actually need with a better timing and more than what I am able to eat early.

And maybe it’s mental for some people…

But not eating enough must be the main reason in such cases, I agree.



i GET YA on this post LOL

for any time I am hungry I grab my meat and whatever I got handy and I been known to cook a burger at 10-11 at night if needed but alot of times I go for a tin of sardines and salami if I got it.

yea could be ya dumped dairy and ya need alittle more but time will flip your appetite around alot so just eat when ya need it and of course never worry about as ya change more with time on your plan.

doesn’t it feel great to know you eat so well and can plan just wonderful meals like that :slight_smile: I am excited on my eating plan also…hound it all down as ya love it!!!

Enjoyed your post!!

(Susan) #14

Eggs are awesome! One night this week I really wanted Taco Bell, but it was after 7 pm and already dark outside so decided to stay in…two hours later I was HUNGRY and decided to scramble a couple of eggs in Kerrygold butter, absolutely delicious…fast food, but good for you, lol. I remember reading somewhere on this forum years ago, a post about “am I really hungry? Would I eat an egg?” or something to that effect and apparently it did stick to my brain, lol. Need to keep some soft-boiled eggs on hand too, for moments like these.

Think I got off-topic here, my apologies :slightly_smiling_face:

(Karen) #15

Good to eat when you are hungry and the thigh sounded just right. I am sure if you continue to listen to your body it will soon regulate itself. I have hungry days, I have not so hungry days and I have picky days where I just feel I want a different taste in my mouth … I know the difference lol if I want to eat something I eat it but I always choose wisely which means for me, grabbing some left over meat or a hard boiled egg, always good to have some already to grab, or I cook up some bacon, even if it is just prior to bed. I definitely wont starve myself. I was that binge eater, I was that all or nothing gal and now I feel comfortable going with how I feel.


Yeah that thing (especially the hard-boiled egg version) totally doesn’t work for me… Well partially but a few days ago
it happened again, I was really hungry and couldn’t stomach a hard-boiled egg.
Egg in other forms, sure but not that :smiley: But it’s useful and a good ingredient for some dishes… Sometimes I even like it but not nearly always. It’s some potential emergency food. I usually can eat it when I get my midnight hunger. It has about zero chance when I already ate much food but am still hungry… That’s what my processed meat or cheese (with eggs as my 20g cheese isn’t good for hunger) are for.

(Robin) #17

I think the word “binge” was just the first line of the poster’s joke. Meant to be witty.
And I got a kick out of it.


Yes, the title was meant as a joke, glad you got a kick out of it. My snacks are rapidly dimishing in the day so apart from coffee with cream (which I’m addicted too) I find myself less hungry between the meals. So far I’m really enjoying this WOE, without fixating on what kind of WOE, whether keto or carnivore or somewhere inbetween. As it’s all a journey to better health.


Thanks, glad you enjoyed my post :slight_smile: I have definitely discovered something about changing appetites, as today though I had also planned two cheese burgers for lunch, I just wasn’t hungry enough for them after a large tray of bacon and eggs for breakfast. So I skipped lunch. And when I ate my dinner which consisted of two pork chops I also added a slice of cheese, which I never ended up eating. I just didn’t fancy it after the pork chops. So yup, some definitive changes going on, possibly a sign my body is becoming fat adapted, but I far more enjoyed eating the fat on the pork chop than the meat itself.

(Marianne) #20

I love deviled eggs! Yes, they are a pain because other than slap our dinner on the grill, I really don’t “cook” anything anymore. Still, though, I will make an exception when it comes to deviled eggs. I usually make them at least three times a week.