Tongue Spasms?

(Sam) #1

Hey there,

Has anyone experienced tongue twitching/spasms when starting keto? I’m three weeks in and started getting these weird spasms today. I’m probably a bit dehydrated but drinking a lot of water/herbal tea now.

I had keto flu week 1, but feel I’ve recovered. I still get that hypoglycemia stuff, and feel shaky/dizzy at times. However I’m exercising and hunger is diminishing, so I assume it’s just a transient state until adaptation. It’s more this weird tongue thing freaking me out and increasing anxiety. Any ideas? Web searching goes straight to MS, ALS, so trying to stay clear.


(Joy) #2

Are you getting enough electrolytes, specifically salt? Salt, magnesium and potassium consumption are critical when eating lchf. Often people complain of eye twitching, so I’m guessing you’re having a similar response.

(Omar) #3

there is quite interesting stuff on the net for tongue spasms

(Sam) #4

I’ve been taking a B vitamin and Magnesium every night, but something is up. Week 3 today and woke with an intense headache at 3am. I might try some bone broth with added salt — thanks. :slight_smile:

(Sam) #5

There is – and much is about some pretty awful conditions! Just thought I’d pop in to see if anyone here had experienced it. Cheers.

(Ron) #6

You don’t seem to be addressing the potassium and sodium issue.

(Kristin Garc) #7

I have been having a similar situation! What was the outcome for you? Did you figure out what was happening?