To much protein?

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Okay I’m fairly new to Keto. I started on 1/6. I have lost about 15 lbs thus far and still more to lose. The question that I have is, does it really matter to hit the Macros at 70% Fat - 20% Protein and 10% Carbs? I have maintained my Carbs below 20 total grams (about 7 to 10%) but my protein is much higher than the 20%. I am typically hitting about 45% on both fats and protein and 10 % on Carbs. I’m really happy with the weight loss thus far, just want to make sure it continues. To hit my overall weight goal I still have about fifty more pounds to lose.

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Welcome Matt!

First, I wouldn’t focous on % amounts for fat, protein, and carbs.
I’d stick with a flat 20 g or less on carbs (the lower the better). Then an adequate amount of protein based on your lean mass, and fill the rest in with healthy fats.

Great job on your weight loss so far!

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Totally agree with @KetoCancerMom Keep the carbs sub-20 grams per day and the fat/protein will eventually take care of themselves. Do not use percentages to calculate macros. Starting out, you need to learn to replace the carbs with fat - to satisfy your daily energy needs - so you will probably have to concentrate on fat for a while. I say that because on SAD we were all bombarded with fat-negativity all our previous lives. At first it’s difficult simply because eating fat goes against everything we’ve been told since childhood. It takes a while to find and incorporate all the great fats in the world of food - and the not-so-great fats to avoid. Remember that protein is construction materials. Protein can be used as fuel, but it’s the fuel of last resort since it’s much more energy-draining to use it as fuel. Most folks eventually settle in at about 2:1 fat:protein by weight. Some find that they work better with more protein, some with less. That’s fine tuning best left for a few months down the road.

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My understanding of weight loss is that a lot stuff happens when you start keto. Metabolic processes repair and renew towards the ‘normal’ range of function. Weight is a symptom of hormonal imbalance (and other things). As metabolic processes move towards normality, weight goes the same way. But it’s not a linear process. There will be ups/down stops/starts. Time to time other stuff will take precedence. Remember weight is a symptom of metabolic disorder. As the metabolic disorder recovers, the various symptoms, including excess weight, go away. It may take longer than you wish, but it will.


Most of that is water weight. As you go into ketosis, your glycogen stores start reducing. Water is bound to glycogen, so it gets releases as well.

It takes time to lose (or gain) a pound of fat (or muscle). Short-term weight fluctuation is typically a simple change in water retention and digestive tract contents.

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Macros are guides that help get us started in a general way from people in general. Bodies are different so you have to do the work to find what your body wants.

When starting staying under 20g of carbs is the most important part.

For me, a male bodied person, I followed the recommended macros and had success until trying to live by them stressed me out so much I nearly just tossed the whole idea into the rubbish bin and went back to eating crap. Fortunately, I realized that I didn’t want to feel the way I had before and focused on the carb intake. I was able to do 20g of Net carbs for quite awhile, around 18 months or so. Then I had to switch to total carbs.

What changed?

As amwassil stated above,

Try to put old expectations of how this should go for you out of your mind. Have a longer term goal in mind for weight and also for feeling of health.

The most important thing I can impart is to listen to your body. This part takes time. If things are “stalled” or not going the way you want ask yourself How long has it been this way?
A few days?
A few weeks?
pick something to change and wait for a few weeks for results.

Your body will tell you!

Keep strong and Keto on!


It wouldn’t be good if we all used the exact same percentages… And even for a single person, there is plenty of wriggle room unless they do some therapeutic keto or they eat food with similar macros or need to keep their protein low for some reason and so on. Normally you can choose. You may eat fattier or more protein. I personally can’t help but eat 65-70% fat, no matter the amount of my food as I only eat food with this fat percentage, it’s very comfortable for me. I keep my carbs quite low nowadays, 1-2%, 10% would be too much! It’s about grams anyway, keep it low. So my protein is easily above 30% but it says little. It’s adequate when I eat little and high when I eat more. Both are good in my books. 45% would be very high for me (never tried, I don’t know if I would feel bad but I dislike eating HUGE amounts of unnecessary protein, I mostly use fat for fuel) but I don’t know anything about you and your needs and grams. Percentages aren’t really informative. But unless you eat little (okay, that’s not informative either), 45% seems high. It’s in calories, right? Not in grams.

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Isn’t this the PKD protocol? I’d say very few people eat this way on keto. Wouldn’t that be like a 4oz lean steak with 8oz of fat? Not saying it’s a bad idea, actually I’m one of the few that think you can over-do protein. I just think saying “most” folks do this is incorrect and could potentially get overwhelming for a newbie, that’s all.

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Yeah, 2:1 by calories seems to be more typical (which is broadly 1:1 by weight)

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Yes by calories, that is much more doable especially for newbies (IMO).

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If you feel fine and you’re getting the results you want, keep doing that. But generally, keeping carbs low and protein sufficient is the key bits. Fat is more a lever to push overall energy (or, to use the cursed word, calories) up or down.


I probably eat more protein than fat on some days, but it doesn’t seem to matter that much, just keep the carbs down.