To Each Their Own

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Not everyone does keto the same way. We all know this. The objective is to be in ketosis and experience the benefits (some general, some specific to each person).

I think it’s important to realize that as it becomes more mainstream people are going to develop and market keto edibles. It’s what humans do. It’s reasonable that some people will incorporate these things into their plan and find success. I understand how convenience and cost may be a draw for some. Can we please do our best to remember that they are part of the ketogenic diet as well. Maybe not a part you want to personally use, but they’re here.

Not everyone who mentions a processed keto edible is a spammer. Some people just want to have a discussion about it. I think we should be open to all facets of this way of eating and (if not open to, at least) respectful of anyone making an attempt to get healthy and feel better.


I think this is a good time to remind people there is no rule book.

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OTOH, it’s pretty obvious when ones like today’s are.

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@PetaMarie Are you saying it isn’t acceptable to question the validity of said products? Sure, I agree with @dlc96_darren that there isn’t one way to do keto. Does that it make it wrong to express a dislike of the commercialization and exploitation of the keto WOE with manufactured processed foods or question they’re value as a nutritional food?

Maybe I was brutally honest but I wasn’t rude to her I don’t think. I was the only one who was willing to even discuss the product. People seemed to agree with my statements. She asked for feedback, I gave it. She didn’t like it and commented that I was rude. From then it degenerated into a spam topic and maybe the humor got out of hand. I wasn’t trying to be a mean person. :cowboy_hat_face:


As do I but…

She was awfully attached to the product & super defensive. I found several of her posts a bit ‘interesting’ :woman_shrugging:


@David_Stilley, I’m not saying you were rude to Maia, but the tone of the conversation left her wanting to leave. So, whether you intended to be rude or not, she took it that way.

Sure, the thread seemed like spam, and that’s why it was moved to the spam category. After that was done, if you didn’t like the idea of keto bricks, move on.

There’s no doubt, in my mind, unprocessed, whole food is the best way to go, but that’s not everyone’s reality. Not everyone has the time or ability to prepare their meals from scratch. No matter how easy it may seem, some people just don’t have that ability. Personally I would rather someone be on the ketogenic diet, eating keto bricks, than not be keto, because they didn’t have the ability to prepare their meals.

This is not about the validity of a product, this is about how members of this forum conduct themselves to each other.

I’m not here to defend or chastise Maia’s thread on keto bricks, but to simply say “there is no rule book”, and to let people come to keto anyway they can.

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She stared out saying she got the bricks and with her BPC and isoproteine shakes she was set for all her nutritional needs. Of course don’t you think it’s helpful to tell someone that joined a month ago that might not be such a great keto diet? I mean seriously someone could drink vegetable oil and whey powder and be ketogenic. It’s common for people here to say Diet Coke is bad, or Atkins bars and frozen dinners, Quest Energy Bars, MCT Powder and exogenous ketones. I didn’t think this was any different. Next time I will express my opinion and move on since debating their validity is aggressive behavior.


David, I appreciate your passion, and I love your dedication to healthy eating.

I look forward to many more inspiring recipes, and helpful tips, from you. You might make a keto cook out of me yet! :wink:


FWIW I thought you asked some good questions & none of us would be here if we weren’t in the habit of questioning things :slightly_smiling_face:

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I @dlc96_darren already did when you made your first omelette. :yum: :cowboy_hat_face:


She was a beaut, wasn’t she?

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You just got my last :heart: Darren. :cowboy_hat_face:


Amen! Although, as my journey progresses, I get drawn to cleaner options I often do lazy dirty keto. No shame in my game. I’m doing the best I can, day to day, and understand that I need to do whatever it takes to avoid the worst danger (refined carbs/excessive carbs).

Disclaimer: I didn’t see the thread that people were referring to. I’m just commenting on the OP in this thread.

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Pre-packaged keto goods other than an Atkins something have come fast in the past three years but have exploded recently other than being an exotic something you would have to track down on the web.

Some keto advocates have declined advertising because they want to keep the science clean plain and simple, and free from the influence of Wolves trying to make a buck off the naive.

The more advanced you get with this way of eating and living the more perceptive you get and can spot a needle in a hay stack and disregard any claims or efficacy based on your own experience and the experience of others because people can be vulnerable if they don’t know the ropes thinking that this keto candy bar or pre-made keto dinner is some kind of God send, that’s fine if it works but if it doesn’t then we have this forum and other branches of social networks, media and books to turn too!

As the title of this thread reads ‘to each their own!’ Let us not forget the Caveat Emptor that goes along with it; Let The Buyer Beware?

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I feel a sense of duty to convince people about the logic in eating real food and stepping away from processed convenience as much as possible. But when an op starts showing aggression toward reason and logic, it’s time to sigh and move on.

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Oh now I know what is being talked about. Saw that, thought it was spammy, ignored it and moved on.

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I love that there is an actual SPAM category; if I venture therein I expect, well, spam.
This way we can take posts therein “with a grain of :salt:” and not get too bent over some that seem overly promoting.
(when I use cliches I want to punch myself :expressionless: but that one is too apt)
(except if I can come up with an old obscure one, like from 17th cent lit; then I feel fancy and superior)

Nah dude don’t take it like that. I have not read a single post of yours that vibes “aggro” at all; and all seem well meant. Doing it our own way and shaking head in disdain over those who do as we wouldn’t is one of the (many) perks of apathy.

Apathy makes for pleasant human interaction!


There is also a Food - Replacement category for people who wish to discus the merits of a particular keto product, but who are not promoting the product for their own gain. It not that easy to tell the difference between an enthusiast and a shill sometimes, and new(ish) users are suspect to increased scrutiny in that regard.

That doesn’t mean someone who’s posting about a product should be dismissed out of hand. When in doubt, flag it and move on.

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Of course I don’t think it’s aggressive to simply question a product assuming we separate the product from the user. There’s a difference between this product sounds stupid and you’re stupid for eating it. I don’t think you were mean to her @David_Stilley and to me you come from a caring, helpful place.

I am posting about keto processed foods mostly and how we plan to talk about them moving forward.

Also, we have a Replacement section under the Food category.

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Live and let live. :slight_smile:

We all kinda have to find our own place. Some use stuff others don’t. Some eat stuff others don’t. Some wanna be vegan keto. Some wanna be carnivore. Some spend time exploring the territory in between and changing it up. Some want a lot of variety and don’t count much of anything. Some want only a few simple things and count everything… and on and on.

None are wrong if what they do works for them.

Some people enjoy sweet treats made with sugar substitutes. Some won’t touch them. Live and let live.

Some do “dirty keto” or “lazy keto” and will eat some non-keto stuff that fits into their macros. Live and let live.

Some will eat protein bars or shakes that fit into their macros. Live and let live.

As much as we all appreciate what we do personally, this is just a forum that’s words on a computer screen. When we click off of this page and shut down the computer, it’s real life in our own world. I have to live my own life and no one can live it for me. Live and let live. :slight_smile: