Tmi extended fast poop question



Tmi, poop question. I just fasted for 68 hours, I broke my fast with fruit, then ate some veggies and meat. within an hour of breaking my fast i had intense urge to go. would that indicate i still had other stuff in there? or food i just ate? I plan on doing another extended fast, planning to go 72 hours. I am trying to lose weight, correct abdominal fat, I recently got tested and previously insulin resistance is gone, and my doc lowered my thyroid medication. before he got my labs he looked at me and said I probably cured my insulin resistance. I am in a size 11/12 Jean, haven’t been this size since highschool. I am 180, 5’5 and I’m bigger framed so I really don’t know what my goal weight is but I want to burn off all the accumulated belly fat. I’m kind of wanting to do longer fast to get the next 20 lbs off


I always get the runs when break a fast of 72 hours or more.

Just because you aren’t eating, doesn’t mean you aren’t secreting things into your digestive tract. The bacteria in your colon continue to grow as well. Iirc, a turd is about half bacteria by weight. That guy who holds the record for fasting still dropped a deuce about once a month.

My point is, poop is more than undigested food.

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I think the food was the problem, what fruit and how much of the veg and meat? :cowboy_hat_face:

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I’ve read that you don’t really cure insulin resistance but reverse it. If you go back to eating carbs then it will come back but maybe less severely. I don’t have any studies to point to however. I’d like to see studies but I plan on maintaining this WOE / WOL regardless.

I have the best luck when break the fast with a little (6 to 8 oz) of bone broth and a few olives. I usually eat a tablespoon of active culture sauerkraut to get some bacteria in the gut.

I wait an hour and then eat some meat and wait longer to eat more. I do get some rumblings but less diarrhea.

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Other stuff. Angus Barbieri fasted for 382 days yet the time between stools was averaging from 37-48 days. Since he wasn’t eating anything, we have to assume that excrement is not entirely a product of what we eat.