Tired of half-assed keto

(No I'm not mad - that's just my face) #1

I’ve been half-assing it off and on since Thanksgiving and I’m too the point where I’m annoyed with myself. Which I know isn’t the healthiest frame of mind, but it is what it is. I’ve known low carb and keto long enough that I could have been to my goal size range several times by now. I rationalize that I’m still “healthy” (AM I?) so this or that indulgence is ok. Which is ridiculous because I have a million great keto foods I can think of to nourish my body rather than the heartburn and fatigue inducing crap I’ve been consuming here and there.

Not particularly looking for advice or pity. Just venting and getting it out there. No more half-assed keto! I’m keto ing with my whole ass now, people! :bacon:

(Andy Fisher) #2

Hi Janis - have you thought of this well-worn accountability hack: write a cheque out to an organisation that is not aligned with your values or beliefs and then leave it with someone you trust with the agreement that they should post it if you fail to follow through on your commitment to keto.

I wouldn’t advise you use weight as the metric for success because it can be so punctuated up/down as we go deeper into keto but perhaps keep a food diary, have them call you once a week for a progress check etc.

That kind of approach has worked well for friends of mine who wanted to quit smoking or develop a new positive habit but were struggling with consistency.

Good luck and remember - tomorrow is a new day and you get to reinvent your story :slight_smile:

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While you may not have been achieving the results that you are aiming for, I believe that any reduction in carby processed foods can only be beneficial over the longhaul.

You know what needs to be done, it sounds like you have a new found determination to get it done…now just GO DO IT!!!


I know just what you mean. I fall into the exact same trap whenever I go back to the UK. It is a combo of not wanting to make a fuss (so I basically sacrifice my health to fit in) but also using that as an excuse to give in to old addictions. Once I have a bit, I want more. Then I start feeling crappy - and it is my mental health that suffers the most - and the downward spiral starts. I also tend to suffer mentally after contact with family so that just fuels the fire. Pile on guilt and shame and “if I had just stuck to it I would be there by now” and you are really stuck in that spiral.
The only thing you can do is try and break it and gradually change the direction so it starts going up again. I do this by being as kind as I can to myself and gradually getting back to where I need to be diet wise. Keep some treats going to be nice to yourself. Fuel yourself with yumminess but cut back the dangerous items. IMO you need to do this relatively slowly or you run the risk of waking up the fight or flight response and just shutting down or bingeing.
Once you have got back towards being the level of keto that works for you, your mental wellbeing will start to improve and just as all the negatives were fuelling the downward spiral so the new positives will fuel the upward one.
It will happen but it can take time. Be kind to yourself. Big hugs from me in the meantime. xxx

(No I'm not mad - that's just my face) #5

This is what works for me, too. :blush:


Some do well with the militant approach but others (like me) do not! I recommend a book that is very kind and talks about taking small steps to sneak past the amygdala and so not set off the fight/flight response. It’s a lovely little book - nothing profound but useful little gems.