This is just two old pics, from 235 lbs to 170

(Shahrom Hawley) #1

Approximately— they are about two years apart, but I did manage to go from 235 to 170 in four months about 6 years ago. Since then I have become insulin resistant. I think I was up to 240 in 2018 when I realized I was eating ice cream, putting sugar in my coffee and really neglecting my diet. Now I’m 190 and trying to reach a more modest 180, after starting keto in 2018. Obviously much more insulin resistant now. My fasting blood sugar was 235 before I started keto. It was a wake up call. Amazed at how slow the weight loss has been this time. My body has canded a lot!
Six years ago I was 46. Now I’m 52.before%20and%20after

(Marianne) #2

You’ll get there. Fifty-two is young.

(Shahrom Hawley) #3

More recent pics. Summer 2018 and today…

about 235-240 in 2018, about 186 now…

(Little Miss Scare-All) #4

Totally badass!!! You look great and I larve your hair :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::muscle::metal::black_heart:

(Marianne) #5

You go, boy!

(PJ) #6

I momentarily… thought you had lettuce on your head.

That would have been a more hilarious photo. :rofl:

(Bob M) #7

Nice improvement!

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(Susan) #9

You can see a big difference, you are doing great =).