This is a weird one: egg yolks in a mug of heavy cream to which a tablespoon of a high-fat yoghurt has been added

(Ellenor Malik) #1

I have a habit of sometimes adding between two and four egg yolks to a mug of heavy cream.

Some backstory: A long time ago when I was on what I know now to be a low-carb nonketogenic diet (was basically modified Atkins + the sugar syrup the valproate I then took came in - I did become fat adapted in a limited sense in that I could make it through the day without becoming uncomfortably hungry/hangry) I was having what I call “liver squawks” especially when I’d have coconut oil. Until I went off valproate (and later learned the mechanism behind valproate+MCT hepatotoxicity), I did not use fat bombs much. Now, I use cream as a fat bomb (raises my calories per dollar) and add egg yolks (the whites I’ll either use to bind meatloaf, or I’ll toss them). I’ve heard that the mechanism behind hepatotoxicity in valproate usage is choline depletion, and there’s choline in egg yolks (which I like) and liver (which I don’t like if it’s from cows but do like if it’s from pigs). I’m not on valproate anymore, and I don’t get nearly as many liver squawks anymore (it’s nearly only when I become dehydrated). However, I still think there’s something to be said for flavor and nutrition of even the most poorly-raised chickens’ egg yolks in things like hot chocolate, coffee, and yes, the thing with the mug of cream. Especially if you are on keto for seizure reasons and feel you still need valproate to have good seizure control. This was not my case, but I was on valproate for mood conditions (which, funny enough, valproate didn’t even touch, but modified Atkins stabilised completely - maybe I was prediabetic? That’s been my working theory for just about everything wrong before I started “keto”).

Bizarre sidenote: If you feel like you’re driving too underhanded on protein (as some ketogenic dieters may find they are if they use fat bombs for satiety), consider making a whole-egg omelette (dry pan; I add whipping cream to my omelettes & scrambles to improve homogenisation) or scrambled eggs (buttered pan) instead of adding the egg yolks to your mug of cream.


I’ve made a habit of adding extra yolks to my eggs too. Usually 1 or 2 whole plus 3 or 2 yolks, for a total of 4 yolks. I’ve abused my liver over many years so making sure I get enough choline to export fat from it seems like a good idea. I also took lecithin supplements for a while. Sometimes I’m not in the mood for eggs or liver, but want to keep a good level. :smiley:

(Ellenor Malik) #3

Most of the time I don’t even eat liver. It’s kind of strange. I’m very pro-organ meats but I don’t eat them myself because I find them to be somewhat putrid.

Also I just realised you do need to butter the pan for an omelette, but also that it’s much less butter than for scrambling. (Though I think that is to be posted in the recipe spam category)