Thinking of trying Carnivore

(Laurie) #41

It can be dangerous, but it’s supposed to help you find your own limit. Are you going to continue?

(Patrick) #42

I’m going to take the day off tomorrow. I can do normal pushups fine (13 in a row is my max in a row…8 I reach failure and the last 5 take a long time to do with everything I have in me) but once my arm is fatigued I have to do girl pushups. Some things I stuggle to do but man, I am wiped. I aint going to go prison style yet, I can’t with my belly. If I didn’t have this belly and was a little more stronger I am sure I could do this much better.

(Edith) #43

Be careful you don’t get something called
Rhabdomyolysis. It’s a condition caused by the breakdown of muscle and can be caused by working out really hard. I read about it happening to some people when Cross Fit was starting to become popular.’s-its-connection-crossfit


Be careful over doing it big time when newer on carnivore. Carnivore needs time to ‘do its healing’ and as we change the body and heal it takes alot of energy for your body to do just this… so it is recommended one does not over push on exercise til they ‘feel ok to do so’ ya know…I know you know this :slight_smile: so just be careful, no one has to puke after exercise! Nothing wrong with going hard at it, but there is always a time to be a little kind to yourself too LOL

glad you are doing well tho and hold strong!

(Scott) #45

I started a 30 day carnivore experiment… a year and a half ago.

(Bob M) #46

If you’re working out that hard, 2MAD might be (probably will be) better than OMAD.

(Patrick) #47

Thanks guys. I took today off from working out, it hurts when I cough or laugh and my ribs area and gut area is really painful. Not sore but painful, same with my legs. Maybe I should take a break from his way? modify my workouts so I can do them in proper form and build up. The other guy that’s also training with us is not happy how intense he makes us go for beginners and everyone at my work (we all work together) says the guy is a moron for making us go until we are about to puke.

I do OMAD after my workout because once I eat the pooping begins, last thing I want is mid run to not be near a washroom and I don’t really get hungry very much now, but since the workouts the poops have become explosive lol. He’s also trying to get me off the carnivore diet saying everyone that has success are liars, that if it really worked he would be all over it. That you need carbs.


For certain things, you need carbs… If you wanna burn 1000 kcal an hour for 5 hours, you probably need them…
Normally don’t unless you are the type who do for some reason, humans are complicated.
You should feel if it works for you, if you need carbs, you would feel that, I suppose. I surely wouldn’t add carbs until I felt the need. But I never will do insane workouts. Oh and not everything that doesn’t kill you make you stronger, training can be especially dangerous, you can harm yourself with going too hard. But it matters what is your goal with it. I do workouts because I want bigger muscles and I know too hard training is bad for gain. I respect certain people who lose pretty much muscle mass per insane contest (extreme ultramarathons) as I understand their goals are different and they aren’t hedonists like me, I don’t even want to do things hard while many people do extremely hard things and it suits them. It’s fine as long as they still keep their body healthy and rest enough after hurting it.
But those guys probably started with small steps themselves. When I just do some workout after a long break and I don’t do hard things, it’s just some lazy lil thing first, I can feel I overdid it. It’s the same with cycling, I can’t even do it for 10km first, it’s painful! (People told me the settings must be off too… I will ask my mechanics.) But next time I am way better and improvement is quick. Doing things hard right away sounds unnecessarily cruel. I dislike shocking my poor body, it sounds a not polite and right thing to do…

But it’s my opinion. Just care for your health and do whatever seems to suit you!

I just see you want muscles too. Well overtraining won’t help but maybe you don’t actually overtrain just do it too suddenly? I can’t possibly know and I am not very knowledgeable either, I just know that gaining muscle isn’t about training excessively. Surprisingly little is enough. One just doesn’t get muscles more quickly if they are at it a lot, in the contrary.

(Edith) #49

Agreed! It’s a sure way to get people turned off. I believe you want exercise to be somewhat pleasurable or satisfying so that you want to keep doing it. If exercise made me feel the way your trainer is making you feel, I would definitely want to quit.


OH Darn I love this post to the max!!! Hope you are doing great Scott!!! Roar!!

yea don’t put your eating out there alot while you adapt to carnivore cause alot of people will never understand ‘cause they don’t need’ this lifestyle…others like us REQUIRE this lifestyle for health so? You can’t convince anyone who does fine and feels great and lives good health on ‘their eating plan’ to ever see your point of view :wink:

If the group thinks moron, then yea group maybe is calling it right LOL
NO ONE has to suffer for gains when they are new to a new exercise, or health change or new way of health…time and patience and ‘slow and steady wins the race’ long term is key to all of us!!

If I wanted to be in a marathon…26 miles…would I go all 26 on the first training session…nope…so why would I kill myself all in to achieve what others took years to build up to?

so yea smarts come into play here for sure :sunny:


quit? more like disappear and vanish from sight!
that guy wouldn’t see me ever again :flushed:

(Patrick) #52

I feel way less sore today so that’s good. The other guy ended up going anyway but they only did a run until he puked LOL! Not made much progress since the first week on the scale, only at 201. Maybe it’s working on the inches right now. My meals are mostly 4 bacon, 4 eggs, 2 or 3 burger patties, 1 pound of ground beef. Sometimes I am full after 4 bacon and 4 eggs so that’s all I would eat, other times I eat more because I am hungry. I really don’t have a craving for bad food anymore, or to eat for that matter. Watching people eat sugary foods now does not look good lol, but I plan to cheat every couple months with bad food anyway.


great post and you are feeling good vs. the other guy who went into the torture was puking again…believe me puking after a workout is not recommended by ANY real trainer in real life…it is some macho BS crap and showing one must destroy themselves to rebuild themselves, but ya know what? so MANY of us don’t have to do that and get the best damn results anyway…hey there is another way LOL

You are adapting, changing, letting the ‘body reset’ to normal/natural and that takes time truly…instant gratification in life is what everyone desires but truths are hardcore, time on plan and slow and steady and long term sustainability win the race…everything else is a ‘flash fry’ in the pan to failure if we put ourselves in that ‘no win situation’ where just don’t truly belong.

Good post and happy you are feeling great just following your food choices thru appetite and ‘feeling you in it’ body wise and hunger wise…that is a big key factor. Do your eating food you at all times as you feel you need and not by some darn chart ever and ya got it made!

now you stop that plan to cheat stuff HAHA
longer you go that cheat you feel is ‘necessary’ isn’t but IF IT SUITS you and you do ok on it later down the line and make it work for you and never against you, heck yea you might be one of those who can do just that…more power to you to get results and hold a long term change to health and have that tad of versatility as you see fit.

(Patrick) #54

Lol I did cheat on keto every blue moon. Mind over matter.

(Patrick) #55

So close enough to a month. People at my work keep bugging me non stop to ditch this diet and eat carbs and it’s driving me nuts, plus I do crazy cardio and not fat adapted I guess. I did go from 214-196 (correction,193, I just looked after I hit the reply button) in that time though. Plus the guy I train with said he does not want me to have a heart attack when we go for runs and do burpees and stuff. I think I almost worked myself into a heart attack or something today…I could not see sometimes, the outside was so bright it blinded me. So I will try carbs for a while, not that anything is wrong with them I used to do a carb diet and lost mega weight, I do like…A LOT of cardio and I am adding a lot more.

(Laurie) #56

Good luck with your experiment. And congratulations on the weight loss!

(Patrick) #57

Thanks. I’ll probably try it out for a few months to get people off my back and come back to carnivore when I start working out at home.

Also thanks for the congrats. Losing weight is easy lol. That’s why I aint worried about blooming up again, although I am tired of being fat to less fat to fat again, I am going to try it until I am ripped and keep on going. I just found a guy on youtube called thebioneer, he does stuff I wanna get into.


Ive followed your thread a little, and wonder why you ignore all signals from your body, and push it too extreeme? You say you are not completely fat adapted, yet give your body enormous need for the fuel, that the body still cannot utelize efficiently. Where is the self-care in this?

(Patrick) #59

I jump from extreme to extreme, just what I do. No clue what that means but I been doing it for a long time.


Well, try to stop that. I know such a person and never will accept it as I care…

It’s sad your coworkers’ attitude is demotivating for you. It has the opposite effect on me, how they dare to tell me how to live my life? I would show them! :smiley: But I am at home and I can’t shock anyone…
Put yourself first! If carnivore is good for you, do it, even against others who has ZERO right to be nosy let alone all the time. They say their stuff, fine (not but well, people are people) but not stopping…? It’s very very rude.