Thinking of trying Carnivore


what Vinny said, don’t over think this.

eat meat/seafood, fish or fowl as you need. You will tend to probably eat a bit more when starting cause your body is using that protein/fat for repairing/healing your body and changing over into ketone burn land and leaving glucose burn…so you eat any time you need to eat.

The first month is don’t worry on this plan much…just eat and if you feel off or whatever come in and ask questions and you will be fine :slight_smile:

Carnivore On!!

(Patrick) #22

I’m so full lol. Ate the 4 bacon as I was making the lean ground beef (I guess 500 grams idk, it was a little pack of it) and near the end I added the 4 eggs with it and 4 forkfuls of ghee and lots of pink him salt and drank the melted ghee at the end.

I cook my meat until it’s brown. When I hear about red meat I keep freaking out about tapeworms so I cook it until it’s all brown.

(Mark Rhodes) #23

I can think of few people with the wealth of knowledge and personal experience as @amber L Amber O’Hearn. From her personal experience of almost 20 years in the low carb/keto world and ten years as one of it’s leading carnivores who has corrected many of her own personal health problems through a ketogenic approach to carnivore, she has authored numerous blog posts and presentations based on her meticulous research and original experiments which have yielded rather unique outcomes… Some just do, others copy. Amber is a doer.
If you are unfamiliar with her work I would start with this forum or one of her blogs. To do a deep dive and go back in time, well start here: A Carnivorous Diet but to do a deeper dive into her latest research and experiences I would go to my favorite

Full disclosure: I am friends with Amber as well as a supporter of her Patreon much as I am here with the Dudes. So I do have a bias. I should also mention that Amber is the person who created the very FIRST International Carnivore Conference:

and then here is Amber on the left with some of the worlds most prominent advocates of an animal based diet. Here is to hope that Delta recedes and that we can meat up once again in Boulder!!


I don’t think there is any problem with eating liver almost every day, it’s not about the number of times, more like the amount, I would think :wink:
It’s easy for me as I can’t eat much of it. I think my highest amount was around 300g? But it was exceptional, it’s usually WAY lower. That’s why I eat it for 5 days when I fry some, even with my SO helping…
It’s not easy to get Vitamin A poisoning from normal liver according to an article I’ve read. I mean, it’s extremely hard. But I haven’t the link.

(Patrick) #25

Scale said 214, now it says 209 after 1 day (water weight).

I dunno if this was just a coincidence or not but normally when I eat food (keto or non keto) I would get an extreme fatigue, can barely think or move and feel paralyzed even when taking lots of electrolytes and more fatty foods, forced to nap and can barely move my arms…when I would wake up from nap can’t even get out of bed, my bones feel so sore and can’t really lift my arms up and weird feeling in my brain, it basically ruined my day.

Not after eating a day of carnivore. I was tired but had energy and my tiredness was not even close to what I am normally going through daily. I could actually function! It’s been weird to say the least, hopefully this works for my body, although I am pretty sure I was doing keto wrong with the foods I was eating vs ingredients.

(L. Amber O'Hearn) #26

Thank you, Mark!
Yeah, I tend to do a lot of research and writing/presenting my findings, but I shy away from advising people on what to do with that information. People like Dr. Berry are better at taking research developed by folks like me and turning it into advice. It takes all kinds. :slight_smile:

(Edith) #27

The grass fed beef liver definitely has a better taste than the conventional grain finished beef liver. And I would agree that the grass fed liver does have “sweetness” to it.


hooray…doing great.

just eat all you need, all the time as you see fit :slight_smile:

easiest approach to carnivore is always the simplest action…eat and eat well as we adapt/change.

yes you could be right, if you were eating some wonky foods on your keto plan and kinda just off on it all it really could have been working against you and then you hit carnivore, eliminated those foods and you feel better so yes, you could truly hit on something about that also but carnivore sure will give you energy and way more.

nice to drop the water weight bloat tho isn’t it :slight_smile:

you keep on going and if you want a carnivore group to chat you come on over and chat with all us carnivores
All Animal August---Triple A

wishing you the best, hold strong!!

(Patrick) #29

Thank you. :slight_smile:

I am down to 207 now…energy throughout the day, feel good too. Still getting fat adapted but no crash like when you start keto with the keto flu. I just went 27 hours with no food as I wasn’t hungry and then ate. Not eat yet but not hungry, sometimes I feel like I am getting hunger pangs but ignore them as they are mental challenges. Just bought some stuff at my job like chicken wings, ground beef, eggs, bacon for later when I am hungry. I don’t trust my farts yet. I also take 6 beef liver pills a day from antler farms.

(Laurie) #30

I’m glad it’s going well!

(Patrick) #31


(Patrick) #32

This might be nothing, or it could be something.

Since I dropped the lean ground beef in favour for the ground beef and burgers I feel more tired. Not like pre carnivore diet tired but I wanna just sleep now after a meal. Could be just reacting late to getting adapted? or could it be my body reacts better to lean meats over fattier meats? if so does that mean I slow my food intake down with fattier meats and eat more if I ate lean meats? maybe it’s all in my head? maybe I am thinking too much. Just had 4 bacon, 4 eggs, 2 prime rib burgers, tin of sardines as my 1 meal of the day which would fill me up for a good 20-26 hours. Maybe I’ll try 2 eggs, 2 bacon, 1 burger, tin of sardines or a little bit of ground beef.

(Sama Hoole) #33

It could be that your stomach still struggles to break down fats. Try adding Betain HCL before meals, or going for unrendered fats instead. I’ve always found that those fats (like brisket) digest easier than ground beef and tallow.


normal adaption into carnivore usually for most of us get hit like this :slight_smile:

think real nature. Lion hunts and eats til full. It then naps. It relaxes, digests, naps while letting all that good meat and fat work in the body and yes, we can also need to nap while we adapt and have ourselves a great big satisfying meal!

So it is normal and with time on carnivore you will adjust and that should become a thing of the past. Eat what food you love and feel you do best on for your nutrition you require for they day, you feel you need leaner eat it, you feel you need fattier you eat it and rest after if needed, nothing wrong with that truly. of course our life and activities can get in the way of ‘being tired’ and I went thru it also but in the end, it all balances out and you will be good cause the tired changes and we hit energy mode :slight_smile:


Yeah, I had this in the early days. It wasn’t after every meal, but I remember that feeling - it probably lasted up to about the 4 month mark.

I don’t experience it at all now. It’s one of those things that rights itself after a while, as Fangs says. Don’t overthink it - just keep on keeping on, and it should right itself.

(Patrick) #36

Thanks guys, all in my head. A guy that wants me to start training with him told me he’s going to get me off the carnivore diet, eating 1 time a day is starving yourself even though I told him I eat all the nutrients I need lol. Sure seems like most people don’t understand low carb and especially intermittent fasting.

Today it’s been a week, down to 205 from 214 so not bad for a week. Mostly water weight no doubt. I’ll probably reach around 195 when I hit the month mark, weight drops super fast for me on low carb diets…still unsure if that’s healthy or not losing weight super fast, but I follow it to a T mostly.As for poops? just a quick blow with a tiny bit coming out instead of peeing out of my butt right now. I’ll update my progress in 3 weeks. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!

(Laurie) #37

Great progress!

I hope you and that guy can agree to disagree, and move on to more constructive pursuits.

(Vic) #38

Yep, thats how it is. Most people do not get it at all.

You can’t be mad about it, or you’ll be out of friends in a few years time.
You do you, and after some time people will follow your example.


(Patrick) #39

I told him I’m going to eat carnivore anyway. He can do him, i’ll do me. He will just teach me how to box (he does boxing and goes to competitions) and go for runs and calisthenics. Looking to be skinny but take off my shirt and pants and I will be ripped with big legs without going to a gym.

(Patrick) #40

I did something stupid…i’m still on carnivore diet but I joined along a guy at work (the boxer) training me, I am new to training and I trained so hard I almost puked a few times, I went so hard my entire body wont stop hurting for days and it’s hard to breathe without pain. I run without stopping even if I slow down a little but just a little, unable to catch my break and he pushes me if I slow too much down. My entire body is weak at everything unlike the other guy he’s training but forced to keep going (mind over matter), if I puke puke on myself but keep going. This doesn’t seem right for a workout noob? He wants me to go until I puke basically. I am only on day 3, i’ve never been in so much pain in my life, even doing the insanity workout I wasn’t in this much pain years ago. We do lots of running, burpees, pushups, situps, etc etc. Very little rest, like 20 seconds.