Thinking of trying Carnivore


Yea that was me and I second Shatz on this.

never ever let ANYONE TELL you your health path forward.

don’t cave to that useless BS ya know.

Then second thing is you are going full speed…carnivore WILL GIVE you want you want but not on your personal must have timeline…it has to ‘change you, repair you, heal you, reset your body to normal’ and balance out hormones and ‘correct’ so much and this is a big time change for many…this will not and won’t happen fast (as we think fast is the only option LOL) for most of us who abused so many decades ya know…carnivore is not a fast plan, it is a lifestyle, but key being IF ONE does carnivore all in and gets time on this plan and changes themselves, can they be one to walk back into some extra carbs? some easier menu plan that suits their body and lifestyle and eating plan that makes it more rounded for them…yes they can…only a ‘select few of us’ kinda only REQUIRE long term in a way…if you can step back to extreme low carb that is a good thing for you so…don’t think all or nothing on going here ya know…think ‘go full elimination of foods into carnivore plan as the main factor’ to ‘see the real me’ on other foods later.

I was also jump to jump to jump…I am massive type A and no patience and one who sees this and jumps and learned thru ALL the damn years of losing it, regaining it, to losing, it to regaining…damn at some point my butt was done thank goodness and I HIT into do me, easy peasy, SEE it all, take my time, DO NOT listen to others and FEEL me thru it all and yea, I finally hit the motherlode but I tell ya, with our personalities as we food change, damn we have to personality change a bit also along with it…ugh…yea it is hard LOL one reason I say I am still a work in progress to change me a bit to more ‘calm thinker’ vs. a fast super jump thinker…yea I get it maybe :wink:

(Edith) #62

I don’t know your age, but if you are on the younger side, the ease of losing weight will not necessarily be there when you get older. Best to change your lifestyle now. And you need to consider it a lifestyle. Going back to the way you ate pre keto/carnivore is just a recipe to going back to your previous weight as well.

Good luck!

(Patrick) #63

Yeah like I said, i’ll be coming back when I start working out on my own in a few months when it gets colder. I’ll just stop telling people what I eat from now on.

(Patrick) #64

I am pretty adaptable, i’ve done all kinda of things. Sadly I still have diarrhea but I guess my body needs to adapt longer.

(Patrick) #65

I just turned 37 a few months ago, figure I got until I am 40 before I start slowing down so I have to do something before then. I think the exercising accelerated my weight loss as I was stalling before I did them with 0 exercise.

(Laurie) #66

Good idea. Some people are good at spreading the word, but NOT telling people what we eat works for most of us.

(Patrick) #67

So I am coming back to carnivore lol. I injured my knee running like 2-3 miles pushing myself too hard (no choice with him), I wont be telling anyone I am coming back this time but I don’t feel like training with him anymore. I definitely had more energy with the carbs but I am not in a race to get in shape. I’ll rest up my knee for a week and get back into working out but at my own pace and over time get into pushing myself hard, like prison style. Knee finally stopped hurting so bad but it does not feel right and I limp everywhere now. Noticed since I left carnivore my eczema has returned and so has something else. I’ll probably just do my 3 days a week training and my days off from training i’ll go hiking.

(Laurie) #68

Well, you gave his way a chance, now it’s time to give carnivore another chance.

I hope your knee recovers completely. Good for you, giving it a bit of a rest. Best wishes.

(Patrick) #69

Thanks i’ll update my progress in a month.

(Edith) #70

Your original post was a little over a month ago, so you were most likely not fat adapted at the time. I’m a fair bit older than you, but when I started keto, it took me almost eight weeks before the feeling of lead-legs started to go away. It also did not just suddenly vanish. I just noticed the lead-legs gradually becoming less and less lead-like.

You really do want to ease into the exercise. If you hurt yourself it most likely means no exercise. You want exercise/physical activity to be for the long haul, last a life-time. If you are killing yourself to do it, you’re not going to want to keep doing it. Find something you enjoy doing.

It sounds like you have a really close-knit group of co-workers and that’s really nice. But… it’s really none of their business how you eat. If what you are eating (or not eating) is helping you lose weight and cure health problems that’s what matters to you. It should not matter to them.

I tend to keep my mouth shut about how I eat. If someone asks how I stay slim at my age, then I tell them. I have to say, it usually stops the questions, because most people would not even want to consider eating the way I eat.

I have a neighbor who has had terrible back trouble for years. I told her my back trouble improved tremendously, particularly by giving up dairy. She won’t give it a try. I guess she would rather suffer than try to change her diet for a few months. :woman_shrugging:

You do you! If it’s working for you, what’s it to them?