TheKetoChristian's Running Log

(christian) #1

Hey everybody, excited to get this log going.

Long short, I have been struggling with Type 2 Diabetes for probably 5-6 years now. Like a fool, I got bloodwork, but did nothing and put my head in the sand hoping it’d “go away.” A series of spiritual and natural events happened in short order, knocking me back into reality, which is when I came to the realization that only I can beat this diabetes back into remission.

A little about me, I’m 5’11, currently weight 213.5, and have always been moderately active to some degree. I played sports in high school, worked out every day in college, then got into triathlon and mtn biking heavily until I stopped that around 2012. Between now and then, I’d have 4-6 month bouts of weight lifting, but my diet has been atrocious so I’ve gained weight every year.

I weighed 220 around New Years, which is when we started a corporate fast at church. My wife and I started eating only at dinner, which helped lowed my blood sugar a few points here to there. But it wasn’t until I started really focusing on keto that I noticed a difference.

For the past two, I’ve been running, fasting some days and eating keto to tremendous results. Literally, my morning fasting blood sugar levels used to be anywhere from 185-285, mostly depending in how much ice cream I ate the night before. Since starting this now way of life, I haven’t been over 250, and it seems like every other day my morning fasting drops another 10-15 points on average.

I’ll try and fit everything into an excel to share for better data hygiene, but the last three mornings have been 167, 156, 129. Additionally, yesterday was probably my best recorded day in years with 156 morning fasted, 121 after lunch, 114 after midday snack, and 130 after dinner.

With this log, I will record my progress, training and dietary results/experiments for my first half marathon in 12 years. My goal isn’t to finish the race or run a particular time; my primary goal is to smash this diabetes into remission and be a beacon of positivity to others that are struggling with this horrible disease.

Official training starts next week, I’m just squeezing in runs EOD now to get my legs “warmed up.” It’s 12 weeks and 6 days to my race, and I’m following a 12-week half marathon prep. Depending on how I feel, I may tackle a marathon in late summer, or push it back to late fall.

More to come later today after my afternoon run!

(Bob M) #2

Just saw an article on The New York Times where exercise in the evenings (in MICE, but some evidence in humans too) for diabetics was better than morning exercise. I’d send the link, but it’s behind a paywall (my wife has a subscription and sent it to me).

It seems like you’re quite improved. I’d assume you will get even more improved with running.

(Butter Withaspoon) #3

Congratulations :tada: on your success so far, that’s some great smashing of blood glucose numbers

(christian) #4

Had an awesome run yesterday! Ran the two-mile loop in the neighborhood across the street from me… took 24:50, which is about :50 seconds slower than my run there four days ago.

Morning weight was 213.5, and blood sugars for the day were: 129 (morning fasting); 115 after lunch and 101 before dinner. I ran out of strips so I didn’t get to test after dinner.