The whole thing is complete garbage, but they did allow 14 servings of full fat dairy

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I say it’s “garbage” because it’s based on a scoring system that includes fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, fish, AND full fat dairy.

At least “full fat dairy” is part of this. (But there’s no way to tell what part, or the combination, provided the benefit.)

(Chuck) #2

While I sort of agree, this pretty much matches the diet plan that has worked for me. But I also fast 19 hours each day on average. It is basically a real food diet with no highly processed, refined, fast food, artificial sweeteners, or fruit juice. I also don’t do bread of any type, and I keep my sugar that I eat next to none.

(KM) #3

Oh, I loved this: “This study shows full-fat dairy may have some benefits, but it was in a context of eating many other healthy foods, says Weinandy. “People should not move to full-fat dairy as a rule,” she says.” Lady, Are You Listening To Yourself? Learning to swim prevents some drownings, but it doesn’t mean people should move to taking swimming lessons. Right. Idiot. Nexxxt.

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Well, the problem is that eating that list will reduce your carbs, and as @cvkemp noted, the types of food you eat. I’d suggest that most – if not all of the benefit – has to do with that, and not necessarily, say, “legumes”. But there’s no way to know

@kib1 Yeah, that one is hard to decipher. To me, if you told people to eat dairy, and they did, and you showed a benefit, why would you tell them not to eat dairy?

I was on the “science” part of Reddit the other day, where they had yet another study where they indicated that “saturated fat” was bad and “caused” “inflammation”. One of the posters said, something like, “Yeah, don’t eat red meat and dairy.” My retort: Why don’t you eat nothing but red meat and dairy, and let us know when you develop diabetes and cardiovascular issues (or whatever the study was about)?

The problem is that these studies are based on FFQs where people who have the temerity to admit they actually eat red meat and/or dairy have worse outcomes. But they could be poorer, not take good care of themselves, not lie on the FFQ, etc. Given that I’ve lost quite a bit of weight and have low markers of inflammation while eating red meat and dairy, it’s not the red meat and dairy.

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In the garbage bin where it belongs.

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Her takeaway at the very end is, " Weinandy encourages people to stick to what is currently known and recommend for a healthy diet. “Look at the [Dietary Guidelines for Americans] for guidance, since these are based on the best and most current research." "

In other words, pay no attention to the study we just did, because we don’t like the results we got, because they contradict the zombie dogma we believe. :roll_eyes:

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I stopped read the study at here “we developed the healthy diet score in 147 642 participants with complete information on their diet”. I don’t know what the model of the diet score is, but whatever the model is, the data source can’t be trusted, I guest they just collect diet data by using questionnaire or something, I don’t believe the 147 642 participants really know what they ate very day, how much they ate every day. Garbage at all.