The Vegan Vegetarian Myth


After 5 years of ovo-lacto vegetarianism, and the last couple months eating fish, I was feeling the most unhealthy of my life. To the point that I was taking 19 different supplements/vitamins/minerals a day. As a last resort, I went back to eating meat to see if it was a nutrient deficiency. The jury is still out. It’s been less than a week, I believe.

The one problem is that I eat far too much of it and have been gaining weight. So I’ve got to get that sorted out.

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Do you track your macros besides carbs @Sharon_E? It might help, I have seen a few others here who claim that meat makes them gain weight but they are usually really lean people. Most people who eat too much meat just slip into a maintenance phase and slow down or stop weight loss but not gain usually. It might help to track protein for a short while to get an idea how much works for you. :cowboy_hat_face:


I log everything I eat, religiously. I lost 54lbs last year (in 6 months) by low carbing, but also watching my calories. I took a 3 month hiatus and came back doing true keto and now it’s so hard to lose. I really wasn’t true keto last year, I just cut out all sugar and bread and pasta and fruit, etc. The obvious stuff.

Then I went true keto, LCHF, and I’m losing sooo slowly. At first I upped my dairy to get the fat in, and then I added things like avocados. I really only lose when I do EFs, but then I gain back 90% of it. Hell of a way to lose 1lb a month. I still have 60+ lbs to lose, it shouldn’t have slowed so drastically.

I’ve got protein set at 65g, fat at 102g, and carbs at 15g. I feel much fuller when I eat big salads with lots of vegetables than I do if I eat a meat-based meal. To be perfectly honest, I have felt more and more crappy ever since I went LCHF. I am less regular and when I do go, it’s soft and greasy. I don’t feel constipated but it’s like the food is just sitting in there for days. I eat clean keto; no fat bombs, no “keto products”, no artificial sweeteners, etc. And now have added meat back and I’m gaining like a fiend.

Sorry for the rant; this has been percolating in my brain for a couple months now and it decided to all come out today.

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I would imagine your body needs to relearn to process the animal proteins. It may time some time for the digestive flora to adapt.


I should clarify that I did the actual math and it came out to 3.25lbs a month for the last 4 months, which is obviously more than the 1lb/month I stated in my previous post. It’s just that when I kept my calories at 1,200 and just ate salads, I was losing 3lbs a WEEK.

Now that I’ve been increasing protein and fat, and cutting more carbs (vegetables) for the last 4 months - my calories are more like 1,500-1,800 - and my weight loss has slowed dramatically.

Sorry, I’m turning this into a “How come I’m not losing?!” thread, which was not my intention. I got tagged on this thread and y’all caught me at a very confusing time for me right now.

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You have SO MUCH going on right now with your doctor not responding with an appointment, a diagnosis you didn’t know they had made, adding animal protein to your diet… your cortisol levels might be through the roof!

Sorry you are having such a rough go right now and I hope you get everything sorted and start feeling better soon.


That could very well be a part of it. Thanks for the reminder.