The Vegan Vegetarian Myth

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What I want is for Nina Teicholz to be my mom so she can sneak liver into my meatballs but I never have to see the raw liver or know that it is there.

And Mussels seem like a good idea. But don’t know were I would buy trustworthy ones around here. But good to know!

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Good article, I particularly loved this bit…



I just watched the video. Looks yummy! Thanks!


I was a veg for a couple of years. I was also a long distance runner at the time so I was doing what was supposed to be so super freakin’ healthy… it’s not.

My ancestors were northern Europeans; Irish, Viking, German and I have a lot of Neanderthal DNA. I eat meat now, almost exclusively. Not sure when I last had a vegetable (maybe in April?).

I still fix veggies for my kids but the main part of the meal is always meat. My instructions to them are always to make sure they finish the meat. If they can’t eat all I give them then toss the vegetables because the meat is where the nutrition is.

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Nice anthropological note:

”…Some cultures in India (among other places) are vegetarian for religious reasons[1][2], though also have the highest rate of coronary artery disease, …”

…and all that fat from cholesterol causing the problem is produced endogenously and because of lack of vitamin K-2 (fat soluble) you would otherwise get from grass fed meats!

What happens when we don’t eat enough fat (exogenous cholesterol)?


Just don’t eat a bunch a free sugars while your at it!


[1] “…According to the official site of the SDA Church, “A well-balanced vegetarian diet that avoids the consumption of meat coupled with intake of legumes, whole grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables, along with a source of vitamin B12, will promote vigorous health.” …” …More

Really? Wonder what the mysterious source of this B-12 is?

[2] Cyanocobalamin (vitamin B-12) status in Seventh-day Adventist ministers in Australia.


I don’t often get envious but I think I am now. :laughing:

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Most Indian vegetarians eat plenty of dairy and also eggs. But not necessarily high fat dairy and also high amounts of sugar. Very popular in India is chai, lots of milk and sugar, and also sweetmeats, milk and sugar boiled down till they become a solid. I spent a few months in India and the chai bars and sweetmeat shops are everywhere.

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I think one of the problems with a discussion like this is that people are in vastly different places. I’m in an area kinda like you, very rural. And there are a lot of cattle around here. They’re cheap. There wouldn’t be a need to truck in beef from anywhere.

Like you, there are no feed lots around here. There just aren’t. Oh, when we drive out west and go through Texas, we see those huge feed lots with thousands of steers being fattened up and not the sight of anything even resembling green grass for miles. And that’s the picture most people have of where ALL beef comes from. You can bet, if a TV camera is looking for something to shock people, they’ll be all over that.

Yes, most of the beef around here get a little grain. But I see how they live. Green pastures are the norm. And right now, they’re doing thousands and thousands of bales of hay for winter. Feed lot cattle… not around here.

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I use an organic chicken and I usually dump the innards in as well. (This usually includes liver so we get all the nutrients) This is the base recipe but I first boil and skim the soup before I pressure cook it to get rid of any impurities. I also add a lot more water 10-12 cups usually. If I’m feeling ambitious I’ll prep some frozen chickens feet as well and add it in. This stuff stands up it is so thick after it is refrigerated.

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This thread is completely derailed, I’m starting to wonder if more than two people actually bothered to read this very interesting article. :slightly_frowning_face:


I grew up in Maine and now live in Seattle. Mussels and clams are about my favorite food. And I hate liver . I can’t imagine why anyone would think they taste the same. Everyones buds are different, but that’s a first for me. Maybe an very overcooked muscle has the texture of liver? Dunno. Try a bucket of steamed mussels with plenty of parsley butter for dipping. Yummm. I like muscles even better than planned. Partly because they’re easier to prep -you don’t have to get the sand out


I looked up some recipes and the pics just grossed me out. They look like wrinkly slugs. Hey, that just means more for the rest of y’all :grin:


I’ll be quiet. Sorry. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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It happens, but I’m on the edge of quitting following comments in my in box since only like two people even commented of anything from the ancestral diet and disease. And the absolute arrogance of people pushing a few decades old concept that idiots came up with which in my opinion should be considered an eating disorder, nothing even close to a healthy diet. And it pretty much holds true to the vegetarian being healthy as well. India which is a vegetarian majority population by far exhibits the world’s highest rate for CAD, 4x the world average and even higher for people age <40. Also soaring diabetes and obesity. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Of course.

She’s got most things right, but I question the statement that vegan diets date from 1952. In the thread on hi fiber diets (Show Me the Science category), someone posted a video of a talk by Zoe Harcombe at Low Carb Denver. She talks about vegans starting the fiber craze in the 1800s. (start around 4:30 mark in the video for some fun history).

If you want a good book, “Death by Food Pyramid” by Denise Minger is a good read. Denise did the most famous trashing of the China Study on the web, the one Dani Andrews links to at the very end of her post. Denise Minger went vegan as a high school girl and almost lost all her teeth.

I don’t think this is going to be shocking to people here, but there really is such a thing as Big Vegan, or Big Veg, that pushes the vegetarian agenda on us. People talk about Big Agra, Big Pharma and all - those folks have nothing on Big Veg.

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@CFLBob I think the point she made as I remember it was that the name of Vegan Diet came to being in 1952 and started the ball rolling for the modern mass vegan movement.

There have certainly been small groups who ate a vegan diet either out of necessity, or vegetarians because of egg and dairy allergies or because of a religious belief. But the concept of it being a superior and more healthy diet for humans who evolved our massive primate brains and led us to be the apex species on the planet eating meat is preposterous.

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@David_Stilley shit happens I think the train went off the tracks early on. But then I suppose posters found the wreckage more interesting than bothering to read the article.


You want, I can split the fishy parts out to food category??

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No @carolT , not necessary. I had just hoped some more people would have found it interesting, @amwassil hit it on the head.
I don’t mind a little derailment, it happens all the time on the forum and I even participated in it at the beginning. I just made the comment to try to bring back a return of the original topic. :cowboy_hat_face:

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I found it interesting!

It would be nice if they’d format his book for Kindle: