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Online shop-Real Food Source
Organic ex-virgin cold pressed coconut oil 1liter £7.85
Organic cocoa butter drops 1kg £12.99
Ecuadorian cocoa mass 1kg £11.89
Peruvian unroasted cocoa butter 500g £9.99

They have lots of other goodies to.
The Ecuadorian cocoa powder is miles better that the reg store bought cocoa (sorry no picture)
And the creamed coconut flakes is awsome. Unfortionatly out of stock when I got this last order but £5.99 for a kg of yummmmmmm. (Great for curries!)
AC vinegar (unfiltered/unpasturized/unheated with mother) is quite good to. Different sizes avalible but the 1lt size is £5.99

(John Collyer) #62

Thanks for the information. It will be very useful in convincing sceptics that low carb is not expensive.

Also enormous thanks for alerting me to fish soup in Lidl, and Cotes du Rhone at such a low price!

I don’t have any labels to show you because we get all our fresh foods from small independent greengrocer, butcher and fishmonger, so no labels, no itemised receipts (and no packaging to recycle). Not as cheap as Lidl, but we spend less on food than we used to, because low carb and intermittent fasting mean we need much less food than we used to buy.

PS - sorry - I think my this reply of mine may have been linked to the wrong post. My fault.


Found at my local Tescos.
£3 kg marked down from £7.10 kg
Got 2 balls (aprox 4 kg or 8.8lbs) for under £12.


Iceland’s non-processed foods seem to have some useful items at reasonable prices.

(bulkbiker) #65

The price of the M&S mince has gone up to £3.80 per kilo but beware you need to buy the 500g pack… they also do a 750g pack of 20% fat mince which costs £6 per kilo… no idea why the discrepancy - the labelling is almost exactly the same…


Just found this in my local convenience shop. Tempted?

Come on, high in omega 3! It’s even been poured from an industrial barrel into a plastic bottle on our very own shores! Makes me proud.

And the secret magical ingredient?..


I’m particularly encouraged by the low foam levels I can expect

(Jacqueline Porter) #68

Found these in Sainsbury’s yesterday. Not bad with ice and a slice!


Morrison’s supermarket.
Twice a year, before Christmas and before Easter - so go now.
Farmed whole salmon at £5 per kilo
They will scale and fillet the fish for you.
I take mine whole and cut them up myself.
And I ask for any heads and bones other people don’t want to take home - this is about 200/250 g of flesh per fish - weighed after cooking so it can be removed from the bones and head. NB remember to remove the gills before cooking.

(Jacqueline Porter) #70

£2.90 Sainsbury’s. Just a little more keto friendly than kefir!

(bulkbiker) #71

What’s it supposed to be for?

(Jacqueline Porter) #72

Gut health! I know some would say I shouldn’t need it but I always feel better for it!:blush:

(bulkbiker) #73

Looks like a con to me… wasn’t there a “trust me i’m a doctor” prog that showed these things were simply rubbish and had no effect on the gut whatsoever?

(Jacqueline Porter) #74

Yes, I thought they were more the actimels etc! I thought kefir and this one was better! The Biomel Co certainly make great claims, and it is the only thing they do!
Maybe its psychological, but I feel better for it!
Certainly sorted me out after a course of antibiotics!
Is this the greatly esteemed Dr Michael Mosley we are talking about😀!
Seriously, I know the yogurt drinks were discredited but…here’s hoping :clinking_glasses:

(bulkbiker) #75

Even he might get it right once or twice… but you’re right I have little time for him… it was in one of the early programs where he didn’t yet have a book to promote so I think it might have been better “science”. You may however be right that it was the Actimel and Yakult stuff… although is that dissimilar to kefir? I dunno…

(Jacqueline Porter) #76

I like these! Handy for work😊

(Colin) #77

Does anyone here know of a good online source of beef dripping? I was buying Morrisons’ ‘The Best’, as it was, er, the best I could find locally, but they’ve ceased stocking it. They still do the Britannia brand, at only 75p a block, but it’s pure white which indicates to me it’s from grain-fed cattle…


Colin - have you tried your local butcher. I’ve had some from mine before and was definitely not the same colour as the Britannia that I use.