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I like the ingredients list, very clean and simple, I would definitely buy them for a special occasion or for others when I’m lazy and don’t feel like baking :slight_smile:
In my country, 99% of “keto,” “lchf,” “no sugar” items have maltitol and/or horrible ingredients…

(Iwona Bogdanska) #82

One praline is only 2 g net carbs, erythrytol and stevia extract as polyols the rest of carbs.


I count all processed foods as total carbs, so I agree with Susan"s thinking :slight_smile:

(Colin) #84

This has nothing to do with beef dripping (tallow). Kindly move this to the recipes section, please.

(Colin) #85

My nearest butcher only stocks dripping in winter (why?), but that didn’t taste very nice and came in a white plastic tub from another supplier 100 miles away. As a matter of fact, I have recently found another local butcher who make their own, and I was pleasantly surprised by the taste.

(Polly) #86

@Colin_of_Kent I am able to buy “cod fat” from my local butcher which is a beef fat rather than the fish suggested by the name. It renders down well to a delicious dripping and produces crispy bits in the process.


It’s the way they try so hard to hide the fact that they use rapeseed oil that bothers me the most. They have been questioned about this online severally and they have kept mum on the matter. Why not declare it in the ingredients? What of someone has an allergy to rapeseed oil? Why the secrecy? Perhaps it’s not such a healthy, let alone “Posh” oil then? Trash.

(Andrea) #88

I apologise for my misleading message. I have spoken to the owner of awfully posh and he confirmed they are only fried in pork fat. He says they’re looking to change the wrapper to make it clear and point out their “keto” credentials.


(bulkbiker) #89

I buy mine from e-bay. black country snacks… they claim to be 100% cooked in lard for the unflavoured ones… a kilo for £10.95 and free delivery…


Oh ok. At least they confirmed it to you. I read a comment earlier from an Amazon customer, I think, who said they replied to her saying they fried it in rapeseed oil first and then lard. Some earlier interviews of the owner that I found online said they use the flash frying method, which I think is usually done in some sort of vegetable oil.

Perhaps they used to use vegetable oil and then stopped but availability of the information to confirm either way is absent.


Thanks Mark. I may just try those. I’m definitely good with lard, certainly over vegetable oils.

(Alex) #92

Found avocado chunks in the frozen section of sainsburys, 3 quid i think. bit higher in net carbs than i’d normally go for but pop them in the microwave for 2 mins, mash and then go for another minute for instant guac and no more wasted avocados!

(Rebecca 🌸 Frankenfluffy) #93

I’ve never been able to find frozen avocado (interesting you found the above brand in Sainsbury’s, which we don’t have locally) but I buy fresh ones when they’re on use-by-date special offer, take them home, slice them and immediately open-freeze the slices, putting them in a poly bag next day, and back in the freezer. They stay bright green and are delicious!

(Nalde ) #94

I am new here…

I like keto… Been 10 days.
Also I am in ketosis now, I can see here a lot creams and meat but within 10 days first time I am craving a pudding…

Anything keto I can buy or quick make? (I am rubbish in kitchen)

(Rebecca 🌸 Frankenfluffy) #95

Hi @nalde and welcome!

I generally go for sugar-free jelly made with Hartley’s sachets of granules - they also do ready-made pots of the stuff but I don’t find the texture very nice. Granules + boiling water = easy enough. They’re a hit of sweetness and nail the ‘pudding’ category, assuming you’re okay with artificial sweeteners.

I have it as jelly, sometimes with cream, or as an ingredient of ‘Frankenfluff’, which is jelly, yoghurt and cream cheese whizzed with an electric whisk.

Combos of cream and cocoa are good. Whipped cream or mascarpone with a hint of sweetener is nice. Lemon mousse made with cream and cream cheese.

Have a look here for lots more ideas - What Did You Keto Today? The Trilogy!

(Jamie Brown) #96

Old thread will revive with this tin of mackerel from Tescos:

(Jamie Brown) #97

Aldi fresh British double cream #1


Can’t upload picture as get this error “Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is not authorized (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, csv, pdf).”
Images are .jpg so definitely authorized.

(Jamie Brown) #98

Sainsbury’s British fresh double cream