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I guess it’s only mandatory to list saturated fats. On a smaller form factor tub maybe there isn’t space for a full breakdown? There is only one ingredient, so I’m not worried about added nasties :slight_smile:

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Everything that contains fat has an element of all three though surely?
Its not possible to just have sat fat without mono and poly alongside for the ride. At least that was what I have found…

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It’s because they don’t have to. Yet they chose to tell you that there’s no fibre in it. odd.

Mandatory information
When providing nutrition information, you are required to declare:

energy value
amounts of fat, saturates, carbohydrate, sugars, protein and salt
The content of the mandatory nutrition declaration can be supplemented with an indication of the amounts of one or more of the following:

certain vitamins or minerals present in significant amounts as outlined in Regulation 1169/2011 - Part A of Annex XIII

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If you want to know exactly then google McCance and Widdowson and you can download the entire UK food database which has just about everything you want to know about food.
So it tells me that Double Cream (including Jersey) has
Sat Fat 33.39 g per 100g
Mono Fat 13.81g per 100g
Poly Fat 1.85g per 100g

Watch though it’s a deep rabbit hole to descend into!

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The point is that they tout themselves as being above all the rest but are just as bad. waitrose is just the coop in areas with better house prices.

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I would disagree there. Their food quality is on the whole better and their essentials range prices pretty comparable to both Sainsbury and Tesco (and often cheaper) and of course a large number of their staff are partners so share in the profits of the company.

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yes it does say Hardcore Label Licka on my tag :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

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All supermarkets make their money on the shelf life time line, the smaller the supermarket the longer the stock must stay on the shelf to make the same amount of money.

As for the fact that the “workers” own the company. This has been proven to lead to a sense of entitlement, not pride in their jobs, more over it’s just a way to protect the directors from the pension found fallout when it all goes tits up.

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Thanks for the input guys :+1: but time to cut the gasbaging of which I’m am the worst offender. :nerd_face: This thread is meant for produce found not chat about the supermarket I like best. produce prices and who is selling coconut oil at the best price.


Waitrose support their growers. They are paid a bit more, and farmers are bought/have come to the UK to see their bananas in Waitrose shops and to speak to the produce managers.

Waitrose sends/have sent shipping containers of water and food to their banana farmers in St Lucia after a hurricane.

Tesco is another kettle of fish. When Tesco started buying Fairtrade bananas from Dominica (Commonwealth of, not Republic) they promised high payments and a never ending market for the bananas. But the Fairtrade quota was small and capped, and so was the payment per box. Tesco paid Dominican farmers less for Fairtrade bananas (which have higher production costs) than Sainsburys paid St Lucian farmers for regular bananas. NB the farmers on both islands are very similar.

But I agree with your comments about Waitrose and nutritional information. Their website shows nutritional information by ‘portion size’. Nutritional information per 100g is available but only after searching and clicking.

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Not sure that’s correct… their website shows nutrition by 100g and sometimes by portion but always per 100g. Unlike M&S that has no nutritional information on their website whatsoever…

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Hi Mark can you give us a photo of the back of the pack itself


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Hi runswithdogs

Can you post a photo of the back of the pack, only there’s 4.6 grams of unaccounted ingredients

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Nope, I dont have any at the moment. You can email them though, the owners really helpful.


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Didn’t realise corned beef was so low! I just figured like processed meats it would be full of fillers. !! great to know !

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I remember in my slimming world days… I’ve tried every diet under the sun :confused:. We used to make a wonderful quiche using corned beef as the base. Lovely and very filling.

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Awfully Posh crackling - Just so you’re aware, these are double fried, once in rapeseed oil and once in pork fat. I love them but wish they’d find a way of making them without the rapeseed oil! :frowning:

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Has anyone written out a decent and recent Costco shopping list? I watched the keto in the uk video - very useful but am sure I will forget a tonne of stuff