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Bit of a trek from the south coast… Maybe next time I go for a CAC scan at Rivers Hospital though…


It’s local, butcher and not factory made. It’s OK. I’m quite careful and don’t gollup it in one go!!

But the best Black Pudding ever is on the west coast, the Caribbean, coast of St Lucia.
About 10km north of Vieux Fort in a lay-by there’s a Black Pudding operation.
The puddings are made with fresh blood and boiled in big cans.
There’s no carb, and they are flavoured with ‘seasoning pepper’ (a small capsicum, with virtually no heat and lots of flavour), salt, pepper, parsley and other green herbs.
Total deliciousness.

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One herb, two spice, Righteousness

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Try your local butchers maybe!

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Oh I have but… no such luck unfortunately…


Need to order Online but awsome fluffy crispy… (not hard enough to bust dh’s toothe like the snafflepig ones did)

Our Fried Chicharrones are deliciously crunchy and can be served as either a snack or an appetiser. Indulge in this traditional Latin American delight

Produced in Spain for authentic flavours, these pork rusks offer a difference from traditional British Pork Rusks, very moorish without being overly indulgent, serve as a snack or side dish with authentic Mexican food

Ingredients Pork Rinds, Pork Fat, Salt, Antioxidant (E306, E304i)

Nutritional Information per 100g
Energy 2030 kJ / 484 kcal
Fat 22.7 g
of which saturates 7.7g
Carbohydrates 0g
of which sugars 0g
Protein 70g
Salt 3.7g

This is where I also get most of my spices and dried chilies… highly recomend!


Are those like proper scratchings with nice moist fat? I’ve had various types of rinds before and some are just really dry and brittle


Also, I’ve started buying meat from an online service - - impressed so far they seem to tick all the right boxes. Price wise they are equivalent or slightly more expensive than buying the best stuff from Waitrose but at least you know the provenance, slaughter date, how the animals were fed etc which you don’t get in a supermarket.

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What always disappoints me in these boxes is there are usually quite a few bits I don’t want. Also these guys have no overheads… they don’t have shops or many staff so why are they always as expensive (or slightly more than the already pricey supermarkets). Meat from Waitrose is bloody expensive… I use my local butcher who sources locally and is about 1/2 to 1/4 of the price of Waitrose and I can choose exactly what I want. The queues out of the door on fridays and saturdays show they can do it so why can’t an online butcher?


Id say the texture is a bit more like Cheetos? (To be fair, i havent actully had cheetoes for about 20 years so not sure how accurate that is)
they dont have the hard bits common with pork rinds that can cause problems (I cracked the entire corner off a molar on a pork rind once and my teeth are pretty strong) dh can’t eat pork rinds at all as very easy for him to break a tooth but these are more crispy without being hard. Flavour is mild, there better used as a carrier for other stuff (salsa, pate, dip, nacho substitute etc)


I think these services are more flexible than they used to be, with these guys you can either choose a box of their making or just pick the things that you want. As far as overheads are concerned you might be right in that they don’t have that many, they have some - website, consolidation of foods from different farms, chiller packaging and delivery, sourcing and admin…not much compared to a supermarket I guess but then they don’t have the purchasing power and ability to squeeze suppliers either.

I do have a local butcher but haven’t really noticed it being any cheaper than the supermarket, more expensive in a lot of cases. It seems like good quality but I doubt it’s all organic/grass fed etc


57p for 500g. Doesn’t come in slices as such, but good for chopping up and adding to scrambled eggs.
Obviously not a premium product but good for the value conscious.


650ml for £2.50 from ASDA. £3.85 per litre which is much cheaper than the 1L pot which is £7. !!??


Proper Greek yogurt, higher in fat and lower in carbs than Greek style yogurts I’ve had. £1.50p for 500g.

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Interesting posts. Labeling and differences in language. I am in Oregon USA. Just saying.

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Not for long if we get TTIP.

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It’s just around the corner from a nice little whole food shop called Full of Beans.



Love this stuff. £1.59

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From Sainsbruy’s £1.95 and Tulip Corned Beef £2.00

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I would be interested to know why waitrose don’t list the polys in their Jersey Double Cream
We will tell you what’s in it, just so long as you don’t ask.

Nutrition info
Nutrient Typical Values Per 100g Energy kJ 1831 kcal 445

Total Fat 48g

saturated fat 34.7g

mono-unsaturated fat 12.2g

poly-unsaturated fat 1.1g

Carbohydrates 2.5g

as sugar 2.2g

Protein 2.1g

Salt 0.1g