The trouble with avocados

(Khara) #21

Woooo. An :avocado: tree! I wish. Not in the right climate unfortunately. :confused: Have fun with that!


I ripen avocados by putting them in the fruit bowl with an apple


PS They ripen in around 24hrs that way. Ripen slower on the windowsill

(Suzi Smotrycz-Guilford) #24

Avacodos freeze really well if you ever have an over abundance!

(Arlene) #25

Susan, If you buy hard green avocados, you won’t have to worry about bruising. Beyond that, let them ripen on your counter JUST UNTIL they are slightly soft when you squeeze them. Put them in your refrigerator for storage at this point and eat them whenever you want. They will keep quite a while in the fridge without ripening further.


How I love avocadoooooooos!

For those of us who follow the net-carbs approach, the high fiber in avocados makes them a wonderful keto food.

I’ve had the good fortune to be able to eat fresh ripe fallen avocados under huge old 100+ year old trees back when I lived at two different locations in old Californian neighborhoods. Best tasting avocados on earth really.

In Ireland, Scotland, England - as well as the Nordic countries - avocados are quite the pricey gourmet import, whereas in the U.S. one can usually grab a bag of them at Costco or Trader Joes, what a LUXURY.

Ripening tip: When I need to buy rock hard avocados cos that’s the only kind at the store, I use the paper bag method - stick one or two in a brown paper lunch bag or shopping bag and wrap it up for 24-48 hours on the counter. The bag traps some of the gasses which makes it ripen faster.

Half avo storage tip: Save the half that has the pit in it, it keeps it fresh! Just put it in a covered dish or wax paper bag and you’re good for a few days.

Oxidative alert: Don’t eat overripe brown/gray sections, they have free radicals and it’s not healthy to eat those bits.

Dessert announcement: Did you know you can blend avocado with cocoa and a sweetener and maybe a little vanilla - and it makes amazing chocolate pudding??? Yep! If you feel lazy, you can just mash all that in a bowl and it does the job well enough.

Chilli protection: I love to have fresh avocado slices on my plate when enjoying fresh green chilli from the garden or high-spiced indian cuisine… if the chilli gets too hot, a bite or two of avocado can really save the day :wink:

(Vicki Stroud) #27

just toss them regular in the freezer? I never knew that but, now that I know…I will buy more when they are on sale this week I think they are running $1.49 each


May I ask the reason? Have you noticed that fibre has an influence on your state of ketosis or well-being?

(Keto in Katy) #29

Avocados are like: wait wait wait wait wait wait EAT ME NOW too late

(Suzi Smotrycz-Guilford) #30

You can season them with spices and lime juice before you freeze and either half them or mash! Great way to save then when you have too many

(Vicki Stroud) #31

That is awesome thanks for the tip, and nice to see someone with bigger dogs than mine!


My main reason for choosing not to do net carbs was the advice of Dr. Adam Nally, formerly of the Keto Talk podcast - that is where I first heard him say that fiber is eventually turned to sugar in the body, as is sugar alcohol (with the exception of erythritol).

I am reconsidering this right now. I have not been eating keto the past month or so (doing a functional medicine program that requires eating a lot more vegetables), but when I go back to it I may try doing net carbs for whole foods only (and maybe for fiber only, not sugar alcohols except erythritol). I was finding fiber is a large factor in what I eat as a vegetarian, including in a number of protein sources. Counting total carbs becomes very restrictive, and possibly to the detriment of good nutrition, especially gut health.

(betsy.rome) #33

Rant mode on – last bag of 5 avocados imported from Chile I bought from Aldi here in CT USA were gorgeous but tasted like crap. Picture perfect but tasted, I dunno, like soap, spat it out. Gonna try to get a refund without a receipt tomorrow, wish me luck.


I buy wholly guacamole mini cups for this reason. And portion control.

(Suzi Smotrycz-Guilford) #35

my Newfie Nyah is 150 lbs soaking wet!! I forget how big she is sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:


problem with this is now so many people are taking the nubs off in grocery. so the color is off due to air drying the area under nob


This is what I buy. Used to get the 4 pack at Trader Joes for years but had years of them not being ready when I was. Gave up and I find the minis are the perfect size. The warehouse clubs have them cheap

(Crystal C) #38

what do you do on fasting days and does this help with weight loss? I am learning what I can and cant have at this point so I end up fasting most the day eat once at night dinner and it turkey ad cheese.


I try to fast at least 36 hours and avoid getting into the one-meal-a-day routine, because Megan Ramos says the one-meal-a-day is best for maintenance, and might cause a stall instead of weight loss. On eating days I have two meals a day (ideally but not always within an 8-hour window, [though sometimes I sneak a coffee with cream in the morning] and keeping the meals short - less than 90 minutes - so I don’t end up snacking between meals). At first I ate some veggie broth with some butter and then a few mushrooms during the “fast” but I found the fast worked much better and my hunger went away sooner if I didn’t eat. I do water, pink salt, an energy drink tablet (vitamins, a little caffeine) and sometimes diet Dr. Pepper. :slight_smile:

Hope I answered your question. (If not let me know.)

(Vicki Stroud) #40

Did you eat them plain?