The trouble with avocados

(Susan) #1

I absolutely love avacados. The fact is, they are a bit pricey which wouldn’t bother me (often eat bacon and it’s become expen$ive lately) except for my ineptness in choosing good ones. I either buy them when they are way too green and/or too ripe or let them get too ripe after trying to peel one when it’s too hard if you know what I mean. Any tips or suggestions? Is there a class I can take, lol? Hate being limited to an occasional Green Goddess salad at Panera when I could be enjoying them more often at home. Thanks!


Do you have an Aldi or something like a Costco near you? I find avocados there very cheaply. I bought 6 for 5.49 at our local Costco equivalent (BJ's Wholesale) and Aldi usually has them for .99 each or less.

As for selecting them, I look for firm ones and feel for any bruises/soft spots. If they all feel firm all the way around, they’re mine.

(Ben) #3

(Ben) #4

I buy 4 packs of “Ripen at Home”
I put them by the window for two or three days. When I think one is ready to eat I’ll try it. If I’m right and it is ready, I put the other three in the fridge.


I buy from Aldi and ripen on the windowsill, but try and get a couple slightly soft so I can eat them right away

(Jeremy Storie) #6

Stock up if you find them on sale. Once they are ripe stick them in the freezer.

(Jason Leonard) #7

FYI: I’ve recently learned that there’s no problem storing avocados in the fridge. If I buy (one or more) for ripening, and the day comes that I planned on using it but my plans change, I toss it in the fridge and it still seems to be fine days later without ever going bad as it would on the counter.

(Susan) #8

Yes, ALDI was where I purchased the last two thank goodne$$. But they were very hard - more than firm - maybe I should have let them ripen a day or so out of the refrigerator?

(Susan) #9

Love this! Makes me wonder how restaurants get it right, or do they have a lot of trial & error too?


They have people who select the produce for them. Avocado doesn’t ripen on the tree, it has to be picked. Hubby is getting me a Avocado tree for Christmas and I will nurse it like a baby lol


Here is my trouble with avocados. I love them so much but:


Granted there are also 13 g of fiber, but I am not doing net carbs. So if I eat a whole avocado, hey it happens, that is almost my whole day’s worth of carbs, assuming I am trying to stay under 20 g.

(Clare) #12

If you get woody ones - cook them. They’re great in omelettes or added to soup instead of croutons. I like making a spicy broth with bone broth and adding chunks of avocado at the end.

There no remedy for the brown ones. ;-(

Hopwever, if you get a glut of ripe ones, you can mash them and freeze in portions to use for guac.

(Clare) #13

this is every bag of the sexy green bastards that I buy.

(Susan) #14

ooh, good point. Just posted in “tests” and that’s one area I want to get a little stricter in…maybe I’m better off with just the occasional Panera avacado. They are so good, guess that explains why!


They are also so good for you so I think you should keep eating them. Now that I have learned you can freeze them, I am going to try to limit to half at a time. If I stick with having only 2 meals a day on days I am not fasting, should be ok.


Yes, putting unripe avocados in the refrigerator slows down the ripening process. I let mine ripen on the kitchen counter.

(Sophie) #17

I get the green ones and let them ripen on the counter too. But this is my thing…I’m constantly making myself crazy giving them a feel to see if one is ready or not and then I have to remember when I purchased them and count the days forward! Uuuugggghhhh! So what I started doing is putting my “ready by” day on the damn things with a sharpie! Since I know that it takes 5 days to ripen, if I bought them on Sat, I write Thurs on there. It works every time, and it also helps when I see the day and it’s past, I need to eat them or get them in the fridge! Life should be easy.

(Amy pettis) #18

I use this methodology. It has yet to fail me.

(Dave Wells) #19

@Amos76 is exactly right! Also, it saddens me to hear what some of you are paying for avocados! They are generally .59 to .69 year round here in Texas!

(Mike Glasbrener) #20

I generally buy Costco 6 pack for $5.50-$7.50. They are usually very green and have to sit out for 3-10 days before they are ripe. I toss them in the fridge when they start to get ripe. I eat 1 a day when not fasting. Sometimes I buy Whole Foods avocados. However, they usually $1.50-$2.50 ea. They’re ready to eat straight from the store though.