The sugar season

(jim schafer) #1

here in the USA… Sugar season starts around Halloween and goes right up thru New Years day…and it’s not just Sugar it’s all the excessive eating… I found the worst place was at the office with co-workers and vendors giving forth treats day after day. I was doing pretty good But I must admit i really fell of the wagon last week…i had just one but that’s all it took…next thing i knew i was back for 2nds and Thirds…really going out of control. In case i get the urge again i’m going to bring some fat bombs to work and keep them in the fridge. Old habits die hard… if you can see the problem that’s the first step…a semi sweet or savory fat bomb has got to be better than CARBS !!

(AnnaLeeThal) #2

I keep emergency 99% chocolate in my purse for this very reason.

(Scott Shillady) #3

I prefer emergency bacon :bacon::grin:

(T) #4

I usually have a quest bar around for this-- sometimes warmed in the microwave and topped with heavy whipping cream all whipped and fluffy :). I know not everyone agrees with using these bars , but for me they help especially when sweets appear at work :slight_smile:

(Liz) #5

I agree with the dark chocolate fix! I know here in the states they sell a brand “Lilly’s” at Whole Foods that has no sugar added and comes in a variety of flavors. Pop that sucker in the freezer and break off a small piece when that craving hits.

Also, not sure your an ice cream person, but Halo Top protein ice cream is a lovely treat for when that craving hits!

(Larry Lustig) #6

Love the phrase “sugar season”, it really does sum the situation up well. And reminds me of the Bugs & Daffy cartoon "Rabbit Season"which doesn’t end well for Daffy Duck.