The pulled pork thread


One of the cheapest and most marbled pieces of meat out there, the pork shoulder, also known as a pork butt, is a fantastic protein choice on keto.

To channel my inner Bubba, you can smoke, bake, instapot, air fry, put it in an omelette, put it in a salad, put it on a plate with some keto coleslaw, spice it for numerous different ethnic food styles, slice it into “ribs,” put it in soups, put it in stews.

What are your favorite ways to utilize a big ol’ fatty butt? Me personally, I smoke it and use a little bit of the G Hughes bbq sauces.

(Edith) #2

I used to think pork butt was too fatty. Now I drool thinking about how fatty it is. :yum:

I love cooking one and then I put the pork into half pound bags and freeze them. Then I can just pull one out for a quick meal.

(Winston Baccus) #3

Pork butt is a staple for us. Just like Virginia, I smoke a couple on my Big Green Egg and then freeze batches. Makes making it through the week with good fatty protein available really easy.

I smoke mine overnight for about about 15 hours with hickory.

I just can’t get into the G Hughes sauce though. Too artificially sweet. I was just eating it with some extra rub until I rediscovered LO Bishop’s 3-in-1 from my hometown:

I need to try to figure out the recipe. Shouldn’t be too tough given the limited ingredients. It adds great vinegar tanginess to the BBQ and is 100% Keto friendly.


I think I’m gonna try to make a “pizza” for lunch after my run. Fathead, pork, a little sauce, and some cheddar.

@wbaccus I’ll have to try that out after I use this bottle. I usually add a bit more rub to the sauce to help doctor it up.

(Central Florida Bob ) #5

I’ve made pulled pork pizza before, just like that. Fathead dough, pulled pork, but with some pizza sauce and mozzarella.

I’ve smoked mine and have experimented with sous vide cue. Both smoked after sous vide or both before and after. One of nature’s most perfect foods.

(David Jackson) #6

I buy them on sale and have the butcher cut them into steaks. I can’t get enough of them.

(Steve) #7

Nice job!
I like to smoke on the Primo, BGE and my stick burner. I have had great juicy success with sous vide and then finish on the smoker or grill for great crispy bark.

This is my latest favorite way:
Bone and butterfly a pork butt, marinate for a couple of days. Clamp it into the rotisserie rack and spin it over applewood and charcoal.

(Jeb Bower) #8

Wrong…the only “best” way to properly do it is on a smoker. I coat it in a homemade Cincinnati Style Chili dry rub I came up with and throw it in the smoker. Wife got me a BBQ set that included meat claws. Best thing ever for shredding pulled pork.

Our local specialty grocery has a pretty good selection of sugar free sauce. The Guy’s Smoky Garlic BBQ sauce is by far my favorite. I think it’s even better than the regular sauce I used to have before keto.


Do you have any recipes for baking or instapot? Just sold my smoker because it didn’t get enough use.


I’m sure you can find an instapot recipe for country style ribs. That is a thick finger cut from a pork butt. For a crockpot you can throw it in with your favorite seasonings in the morning and let it go all day until dinner.

Oven baking, you can oven bake the country style ribs covered in a baking dish for 3 hours at 275-300 and then uncovered for half an hour.

For a pork butt, fat cap up and let it roast at anywhere from 275-325 until the internal temperature is around 203. If you get a boneless it’ll cook faster than a bone-in. A good way to see if a pork butt is done is to wiggle the bone out, if it comes out clean it’s ready.

For the oven baking method, pull it out and let it rest for half an hour. People will put foil over it and a few layers of towels or foil it and put it in a cooler.

(David Jackson) #11

I smoke 99% of the pork shoulders that I purchase. After pulling, and of course “sampling” I freeze for later use.

Some uses include:

Frying up a handful in some bacon fat and seasoning with cumin and garlic. Stuffing that into an omelette.

Pulled pork tacos, burritos or tamales.

No-bean chili

Tapas-style portion with sunny quail egg

(Boston_guy) #12

I’m thinking Chaffle bread for pulled-pork sandwiches is going to be a winning combination.

Aaron Franklin talking pork –

(Bob M) #13

For my money, this is the best pulled pork recipe:

Sous vide for a while (24 hours), cool down, put in fridge for up to 7 days, then smoke for 1.5 hours. I made this again this past weekend, and it was fantastic.

I just follow the recipe and don’t worry about the carbs, so I cannot advise as to how to lessen them.

(Central Florida Bob ) #14

I used that recipe for my “double smoked sous vide cue” pork butt. Since I did a couple of hours before the sous vide and then more smoking after it, I cut it to 18 hours at 165 instead of 24. Came out great, though.

I haven’t tried your method of leaving in the fridge between sous vide and smoker, though. That might come in handy.


I’ve got a butt thawing for the smoker on Saturday. Game day, gonna have pulled pork on chaffles and some of Carl’s Ketoky cole slaw.

(Bob M) #16

Supposedly, meat accepts smoke more if it (the meat) is cold.

I like this recipe because you can do the sous vide cooking in advance, and then there’s only a 1.5 hour smoking time. I used to smoke overnight, or for a long time, but then you need to determine the proper amount of smoke, heat, etc. I got inconsistent results. This recipe makes very moist pulled pork. In fact, the stuff I reheated today was great, still moist.


That’s what I’ve heard about cold meat accepting more smoke than room temperature.

Are you referring to the cotton ball and white tile experiment somebody did?

I have one ready to go tomorrow morning. Probably going to put it on around 5am at 250.


(Daisy) #19

I just put mine in the instant pot for 2 hours with salt and liquid smoke. It’s perfect

(Windmill Tilter) #20

I smoke my butts on a regular weber kettle grill. I just do the offset method for indirect heat and a few hunks of cherry. I smoke it for 6-8hrs at 250-300 degrees. I don’t fuss about the temp too much; it always comes out great. At $1.00 per lb you can’t beat it.

The best results I’ve ever had though was when I bought 3lbs of bacon ends and pieces at walmart, baked it on a pan in the oven, chopped it into bits, and mixed it in with pulled pork, including all the bacon fat. It was truly out of this world. My kids can’t get enough of it!