The pulled pork thread

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Nick, I do the charcoal snake method. Do you think you could post a picture of your indirect method? I have the charcoal baskets but don’t know how to set up the charcoal and wood for that indirect method.

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I use a stainless steel slow-and-sear (sans water) with the snake/fuse method. That gives me an 8 hour burn pretty reliably which is plenty of time at 250-300 degrees.

The slow and sear is a bit pricey, but it’ll last two lifetimes and it makes maintaining 225 totally effortless for those occasions where low and slow is the objective. With the water tray, it’ll hold 225 +/- 5 degrees all day long, which is nice for more finicky cuts like ribs, brisket. For pork butt though, 250-300 degrees gives good results and takes half the time.

The snake method works just as well for pork butt where temp control is less important, and it doesn’t require any extra equipment.