The ongoing evolution of the PSMF breadish


(PJ) #1

Long time ago, Maria Emmerich created a ‘breadish’ recipe out of egg whites. I confess I didn’t like it.

More recently, several youtube channels, including Indigo Nili, Ketogenic Woman, Loving it on Keto, and others, have been experimenting with other ingredients to modify this into something more people might find edible, albeit it is not missing fat entirely in these new variants.

Adding 1+ Tbsp of starch to the batter to begin, for example (resulting carbs are maybe 1 per slice, vs. 0.1 without it). Adding a Tbsp of egg yolk powder (some do whole egg powder), or butter powder, near the end of mixing. Adding gelatin powder, or a couple Tbsp of yogurt. The goal is to end up with something not so dry, and with a vastly more bread-like texture, as opposed to the “memory foam” mattress texture as some call the original recipe.

The original recipe also does not hold a shape, cooks up bizarrely and a bit mutant, and has to be left in oven with it off for 30 min after, to keep it from deflating fully like a fallen souffle. Also since it’s made by whipping egg whites, sometimes this does not work out for people, the tiniest imperfection in that can affect whipping up. The newer version of the recipe (from Maria herself) uses entirely egg white POWDER (a protein powder) (which as an aside I once found so vile, I’m pleased to know it works for something else besides drinking it), which even with the other ingredients (NOT the fats, saved for stirring in at the end) whips up pretty well in a stand mixer. The stand mixer, or beaters and extensive patience, are required. The breadish however just bakes and comes out of oven and onto rack after a few minutes – no more leaving it in oven etc.

I did my first draft of this the other night. The recipe I used was:
1.5 cups water (put into bowl first)
1.5 cups (120g) egg white powder
1/4 cup allulose (this affects browning)
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp cream of tartar
Additive: 2 Tbsp Arrowroot starch
Whip for 5 minutes until stiff
Add in any other additives here
Additive: 1 Tbsp Egg yolk powder
Additive: 3 Tbsp Butter powder

I used a silicone mini-loaf pan +
a silicone “mesh” 3-sub-roll-style pan (spray these inside first)

Bake at 325F, I did this for 30 minutes. The full size single loaf bake time is 40 minutes.


  1. Mine were not nearly as browned as Indigo’s et al.
  2. I agree the “mesh silicone” results in a great texture outside, like it much better than regular silicone. Does have to be sprayed inside or it ever so slightly sticks though. And obviously not for fully liquid batters.
  3. The “light” weight of it is bizarre though not harmful.
  4. The texture of it, as well as the softness inside, was very good.

  1. To me this tasted vaguely like a saltine cracker without the salt.
  2. It was said to be better after refrigeration so I put it in a ziploc overnight. The top stuck to the bag (should have wrapped in a paper towel I guess). The crust went from thin stiff-crunch to soft like typical store sliced bread. That was fine. The taste changed slightly and I liked it slightly less well. This is trivia however because taste can be easily modified, from garlic powder to herbs to caraway seed.
  3. The dryness, however, was not acceptable to me. The only things I’ve ever tasted with that effect were from coconut flour. There is debate in the channels experimenting with this recipe where some say those ingredients solve that, and some say it doesn’t, and theories that maybe humidity, elevation, or other factors may be making it come out different for different people.
  4. I have an old sunbeam stand mixer which… I dunno, the spinning bowl just centrifuged the ingredients to the outside of the bowl rather than them getting very whipped, and at one point a bad decision on my part led to the ingredients all over my kitchen and self LOL :rofl: and they never did whip up fully, not even quite to soft peaks, though they were much inflated and thick. In the end, I basically thick-poured the batter into the containers.
  5. As you see though it held its shape very well, did not get too wild on top, sliced perfectly, had great texture, browned well enough.

I didn’t want to eat it like regular bread due to the dryness, so I melted some butter in a frying pan and dipped both side of the bread in it, to soak it so it wouldn’t be dry, and then grilled it on both sides. This was actually quite good. My dog liked it also. :slight_smile:

However I thought everything about it came out great except that one dryness factor.

In my next experiment, I intend to:

  1. Do half-size batch to save ingredients until I get it right
  2. Add plain gelatin powder and sour cream at the end to it
  3. Bake it with a bowl of water in the oven to increase humidity

I will let you know how it works out. Would like to hear about other people’s results with this bread.

This is the latest recipe ‘go to’ variant from Indigo on youtube. Note she has other videos before and since, experimenting with a variety of ingredients, both as replacements (such as for allulose) and as additives.



You makes me want to experiment with my sponge cake… I am not willing to use egg powders from eggs not from a good source so I use my usual fresh eggs but your detailed description gave me some idea how to make my mostly egg stuff better… Sometimes I even use only half as many yolks than whites, it brings it even closer to this thing but that usually causes loss of flavor - not a bad thing if one just needs some neutral “bread” but I only use them for rich stews and I don’t want to lower the yolks even more (I am the kind who adds extra yolks to everything. but sometimes we need something different, even me. there is such a thing as too much yolk or egg, it’s just very hard to achieve if one is me).
I am sensitive to dryness myself, coconut flour, yep, that’s for accents in my cooking, more makes that cotton texture I dislike. My food needs fat and taste anyway, even bread. Good bread always has a good taste even alone if you ask me.
I can’t get allulose but if it just browns the thing, it’s not important for me anyway. And I always forget one people use instead of cream of tartar, the other exotic/impossible item for me. Starches are similar, right? (I know not totally, I have experiences but if we use a little, they are close enough to each other I suppose.) I would rather try fiber, using starch with my carnivore default woe feels wrong even on off days, I need some good reason for that! :smiley: My whipped eggs need some dry matter, not specifically starch, it seemed to me during all my sponge cake experiments. Though starch is still special I know. But carby and usually not tasty… Of course, there are sooo many options to add something dry but tasty, fat is welcomed there (some are even carnivore. why to ruin something that is mostly eggs? :smiley: okay, it’s for folks who wanna do carnivore like me, I am not against some carby items if that floats someone’s boat, I would be a huge hypocrite then)…

So many experiments are waiting for me after I finish my fast. Thanks, I missed food a bit despite not needing it yet and reading about something eggy helps with the itch :wink: I already baked a cake but assembled another dough but that just wasn’t enough food joy for me.

(Butter powder… It’s amazing how outlandish items people came up with… I should read about it, I can’t even imagine what that may be and it’s the second time I read about it. Or the third?

I’ve read about it. So it’s a lower-fat thingie - compared to butter - with lots of extra milk protein… Interesting.)

(PJ) #3

Yeah, so – you absolutely CAN just use real eggs. It doesn’t ‘form’ as well in the pan shapes, rises much more above (wild without form), is prone to falling more, but it’s probably healthier and definitely cheaper.

Allulose is optional, yes it’s the browning element, there may be other things that do that, and it may not be a deal breaker for some anyway.

The egg yolk powder can be actual egg yolks, likely bit diff outcome (might fall more), might not be the end of the world though.

Cream of Tartar is an acid, I saw a commenter say they used 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar and 1/4 tsp of baking powder and it was fine.

Arrowroot starch is just a starch. I am guessing that tapioca, potato, corn, or any other kind of starch would have the same results and this is not needed it simply gives it a little bit more sturdiness so is preferred but likely any type will work.

Butter powder was only used to add a fat source for moisture though it is nice for taste, but again I am guessing any fat source might work, one vlogger used some plain greek yogurt at the end for that goal.

I don’t know if it toasts in a toaster or air fryer. I am not yet ok with the recipe due to the drying factor (dry ING – it doesn’t feel dry itself, just has that effect when you eat it). But I will say that if you melt butter in a pan (plenty) and grill it in that, it toasts up fabulously – light and soft and crunchy, really impressive. I want to get the moisture right, after which this would make the most amazing garlic bread or toasted sandwiches ever.


I feel like I’ve made every bread-ish recipe (using that generically) and never liked a single one. I’ve found some that make pretty awesome dinner rolls though (the KetoKing ones) if you have 647 bread in your area it’s a 95% match for the real thing. It’s Sandwiches (it’s a word!) toasts, grills, everything!


I don’t call it wild but I think I can understand if you do :smiley: It’s rustic :smiley: I use a mold for 12 big muffins, my sponge cakes wonderfully rise than deflate but sometimes they stay pretty. Added “flour” (like almond) always makes them firmer but I usually just make them my carnivore “bread” (but they works as tiny cakes if someone is desperate).

I prefer to avoid added fat for a reason, I use yolks for some fat but for a basic bread substitute not much fat is fine, the other item should provide that. I often use some fatty spread on mine or I mentioned that I eat my whitest ones with rich stews.

I never tried to toast my things, interesting idea… It surely wouldn’t be anything like a normal toast but maybe it will make it interesting…? Butter sounds good :smiley: Added fat avoidance or not, sometimes even I like my bread (substitute) with some butter :smiley: The main role of my as proper as possible keto bread is to make buttered bread… And even my super eggy things (the normal version is 100% eggs) are quite nice with butter and a slice of dry sausage. Like a proper sandwich just tastier and better.

Garlic bread… It tugs on my memory several years ago when I was a newbie ketoer… Those were fried things in a pan, one was a surprisingly borderline edible thing with coconut flour (it still was sweet and coconut flavored so not so great) and the other was egg mixed with who knows what. Garlic bread isn’t that hard for the egg maniac like me as garlic makes it pretty acceptable even without flour. We still need something but I had my oily seed flours in the past. Still have some. Whipped eggs are nice even when one just makes things in a pan. The more eggs I use compared to everything else, the more important to whip my eggs or else I end up with some omelet. Only my thin pancakes can pull it off without whipping and only with a tiny dairy. I always wanted to try to add sour cream (or some other dairy but sour cream is the cheapest and easiest for me) to my eggy sponge cakes but somehow never did. So my extrapolation says adding yogurt may be a good direction if we don’t want our bread thing to be extremely eggy.
But the best is some drier quark but people say it’s not simply rare in some countries like the US but almost unheard of. We have it everywhere and it’s very useful when I want to add some not wet thing to my eggs that makes the result firmer and tastier. Without weighing it down! As oily seeds may ruin the fluffiness, it depends on the amount and probably the oily seed too.
Cottage cheese is some wet quark but that may work too. Unless someone wants smoothness, not like the tiny dairy crumbles are troublesome, at least not for me.

(Cheryl Meyers) #6

I have made it twice, and the first batch was so hard to swallow that I put the last few slices in the freezer for awhile to save for stuffing. Then I took it out a couple of weeks ago and let it thaw. Left it about a week. It never changed, no mold, no shrinkage, nothing. Just like styrofoam! :smile:
I have bought cream of tartar and nutritional yeast as Ketogenic Woman has recommended using those and plan to try it again sometime. I think adding a real egg yolk or two might help too. Can’t get allulose or egg yolk / whole egg powders yet so will see what real eggs do.

(PJ) #7

Yeah the basic recipe makes mutant-shaped memory-foam. It’s the addition experiments, that make the texture far better and the form more sane, that to me make it worth bothering with (I immensely disliked the original). If I can get the moisture point right, and be able to make sandwiches and hot pockets and stuff actually worth eating, it’ll be one of the best things for my menu ever. Especially now that after 20+ years, I am finally working outside the home again, so stuff I can take for lunch (like a sandwich) would be vastly easier.


You could use the yolk of the eggs instead of allulose. That should give a nice browning to those. Next time I have a lot of extra eggs, I will have to try this. Always looking for bread subs.

(Bob M) #9

I’d love to have something for my kids or wife to eat, and particularly to take to school.


I collected a lot of whites, I will play with some hybrid between my sponge cakes and this thing in the near future! I don’t need bread subsitutes most of the time (and I have them anyway) but t’s good to have something different when I can’t eat much meat. It throws a wrench into my carnivore-ish woe especially when I am not into simple egg dishes either.
And a little, simple experimenting with food is my hobby and I miss it if I don’t do it for a while :wink:

I don’t stick to carnivore so much until January so I can play with non-carni items as well but I try to avoid them first, there are so many options on carnivore alone…

The whole recipe is what, 14 egg whites? I do a half portion then.
I looked up the sodium in whites and yolks, I didn’t know the whites has much more! I definitely omit the salt then, I do that for my eggy sponge cakes too. I eat them with other stuff anyway but eggs already have sodium and I seem to like things less salty than usual (it depends, though. I always liked very salted peanuts as they are so sweet they need it to become a salty snack).

(PJ) #11

I might add:
1 - My first try came out dry, but drenching the slices in butter and grilling them was quite good, and compensated.
2 - If you don’t like them, they’d still dry and crush into breadcrumbs for use in recipes in other ways. I see people using it like that. So a failed experiment still has options.

I haven’t had time to try again, but hopefully this weekend.

(PJ) #12

Sorry it took me so long to get to next iteration!

This is version 1.2. I describe what I changed from prior, all nutritional stats, and directions in the image below.

I do NOT suggest making this version. It needs more work. I’m just recording it here as a baseline and so I can find it in the future.

So we mix up the eggwhites and some non-fat stuff:

Choose the kind of pan, sheet or mold you prefer, this is the ‘deep burger bun’ mesh-silicone: (got at amazon)

Do a better job than I did at putting your batter quickly into the pan – I HAD TO PEE SO BAD DURING THIS and it was falling at the speed of light from mixing the fats into it at the end so I basically half-poured/rubber-spatula-spooned it into the mold “speed-o’-light” took a pic stuffed it into the oven and RAN to the bathroom

This is baked at 325F for exactly 30 minutes in my cheap oven:

Out of the molds, note the nifty texture on them:

The texture of the inside of the bread:

and here is all the official stats:

Resulting taste:

  1. Without caraway: would have been fine, despite lack of spices.
  2. With caraway: seems fine. You gotta like caraway obviously.

Resulting texture:

  1. Quite nice for eggwhite bread. Soft.

Resulting moisture:

  1. Better than prior recipe.
  2. Still more drying than I am ok with.
  3. Cut into 3 thin layers, a nice bit of coldish butter on it was fine. That would not have been ok with the prior v1.1, which even with melted butter soaked into it, was not ideal. So it is significantly less ‘drying’ – but I feel needs to be even less dry. However eating this, cut into 3 layers each, with anything on it that is wet or moist, will be ok.

Misc. Notes:

  • These are so light in weight that it’s always a weird effect. Doesn’t hurt anything, just surprises me every time.
  • The outside top is super-thin but stiff, but after a night in fridge this is soft more like typical store-bought sliced bread. Most people probably me too, prefer it that way.
  • It does not taste overdone despite the dark color.
  • 3 Tbsp of allulose shows plenty of browning; orig v1.1 used 1/4 cup.
  • The molds did somewhat melt then rise, so the orig shape was not much issue.
  • Wish I’d remembered to put a bowl of water in the oven. Was a bit distracted right at that moment…

Future plans:

  • Next version will have MORE sour cream, butter powder, and egg yolk powder… and bowl of water in oven… I am really trying to get this more moist
  • Next version I hope to have some pre-made ‘pucks’ of melted stuff (like pepperoni and cheese, taco meat and cheese, shred chicken and spices and cheese) that will fit into the middle of that egg white in a given mold, to see if a hot-pocket-style bun is workable for me

Last notes:

Got the stand mixer down better. Starting it with beaters at far side of bowl, then spin it myself a bit a few times and it goes on its own and does keep beating it.

Not sure how caraway works with dogs, but Skip happily ate about 1/4 of a bun in pieces with butter on it. Then again Skip will eat nearly anything with butter on it.


(PJ) #13

Mixed up shred chicken, mayo and country dijon mustard. I sliced one bun in half and put that on both halves and ate it and it was delicious. Still bizarrely ‘light in weight’ – the nature of it – but aside from that it was pretty decent!

To repeat what I said way above: I would not make this recipe if you are an onlooker. I am still working on better perfecting (reducing) the dry-ing effect. But eating the experiments is going fine lol.


This looks normal to me (a messier bunch but still normal) :smiley: My muffin mold is lighter so it’s not that visibly off but yep, the dough goes places! :smiley:

PRETTY! How they get that deep color? My egg white things never get pretty…
Maybe the allulose? I am not familiar with that at all but yep, probably that. [EDIT: I found where you wrote that it’s the allulose indeed.]
I definitely wouldn’t ever put it into it though :smiley: I can make better cakes, with yolk :smiley:

Looks fun! :smiley:

By the way I tried to make homemade egg powder. It wasn’t dry enough so more like egg crumbs but they made my sponge cakes firmer as expected…

I like caraway. I am not super into it, almost never use it nowadays but it’s nice… Not a bad idea!

And I got a proper stand mixer for Christmas (somehow I never found one I wanted in the stores, I was searching for one since some time) and it whips egg whites better (and with less work for me) than my kitchen machine not specifically for that though it has a tool for that but it’s slow and cleaning it is tiresome. So I am more willing to experiment with such things :slight_smile:
Though I miss too many items so it won’t be like yours. Oh well. It would have been nice to be freed from part of the experimenting, I am not that patient nowadays, carnivore made me lazy. I just toss some meat into the oven and I have most of my food for days…
But baking is still a tiny hobby for me :wink:

I have ideas for the spice, I have experience with that, at least, I have a baked whipped egg whites dish (with a little cheese and nutmeg) and I had some too gluten-tasting keto breads at some point where spices helped (bbq mix, my sausage spice mix with lots of paprika)…
Butter sounds nice, I like butter and bread always makes me wanting butter on it… I just usually can’t afford extra fat on top of my already too fatty other food… But this thing is low-fat so it needs it and allows it, wonderful.

That’s fun :slight_smile: Weird but fun.

Why anyone buy that thing I never could comprehend… But the store-bought loaves are all soft airy things too, ew. My bread, on the other hand… You could kill someone with it, I am not into it but my SO prefers that so fine :smiley: I like substantial, firm but not too dense breads. With a crunchy crust if possible. Even my sponge cakes has some “crust”. A very light one, nothing like real bread crust, it crumbles like crazy when it’s really crunchy but still! :smiley:

I never did that with my sponge cakes, white or not… Does it help? Makes it more moist…? Makes sense but I never tried.

(Butter powder, still such an insane thing to me :D)

It’s like my cats with egg. They eat anything with egg on/in it - except if it’s Caroline and worm medicine. Tofu usually eats it up. So Caroline gets the tasty, fancy, more expensive chewing worm medicine the vet often runs out of…
This thing is mostly egg white, of course dogs and cats should like it… Maybe not choosy cats. Ours aren’t that. (But I never will understand why Little Boy thought that plain boiled white rice - not even fat were used - from the pot is edible for an obligate carnivore like him…)

(Jane Reed) #15

I followed Indigo Nili’s recipe testing. Found it super interesting, but can’t get behind the mind numbing cost of egg white powder and a couple of the other ingredients she has settled on. I might try a scaled down version one day made with fresh whites and with homemade dehydrated egg white and egg yolk.

Curiously, while she seems to honestly critique her various versions, she has never called any of them dry.


Oh please consider sharing your experiences when you do! I definitely want to use fresh whites but mine will be so very different from every other style, it will be basically a new from scratch… And I am partial to my normal, yolky sponge cakes so I hardly get motivation to experiment with a less good one but I am still curious… I dehydrated some eggs once but they still weren’t dry enough… But they made my stuff firmer, sure, dry things have that effect.

It’s surely individual. I call many things dry. Like fried pork liver mixed with a ton of lard. It was super dry to me. Lean meat is always dry too. So it’s probably some personal thing…

(PJ) #17

Original recipe is regular egg whites. Anything that is cheaper and easier to get is good usually.

The eggwhite powder whips up with less issues than some have with that, appears to be a little more stable if fats are added at the end (slower to deflate), and has a very different result in the baking.

The original baking required a half hour in oven turned off or it fell like a souffle, and the shape it would bake into was like crazy mutant. Shifting to the egg white powder (first some, then all of it), resulted in something that you just baked normally, and that generally looked like a loaf of bread. You might say it brought it under control finally.

That would be interesting. Certainly cheaper!

People in comments have. She has commented on this in the videos, that at least one person referred to it as “that chokey feeling” when you are trying to swallow.

I mean, it is not dry. It is dry-ING. There is a difference.

It’s possible that someone who has never had a full coconut flour item might not know that difference because words are for shared experiences and there’s not much else in our shared world that seems to do that.

It does not feel dry to the hand or, initially, to the mouth. But in the process of eating it, it absorbs a higher degree of saliva than normal foods, so it’s a weird effect, and technically it’s not that it’s too dry for your mouth but that your mouth is too dry for the food. It’s not hard to begin the eating effort but by the time you get to swallowing it, it’s… that chokey feeling.

(I choked and I mean nearly to death on coconut flour items a couple times. It’s easy to seriously underestimate this effect I always did. Using coconut flour in things does not bother me but the old 100% stuff, made these lovely fluffy rolls that could kill you!)

It’s a sheer quantifiable thing about saliva vs product. So any moisture added to the product (e.g. it sitting in an airtight container in the fridge, or you adding butter to it) can reduce it a bit. And any reduction of the product quantity in your mouth (e.g. thinner slices of bread or roll) will reduce the degree of effect.

It has rather boggled my mind that this effect is not mentioned more prominently though because to me this recipe is a work in progress but nowhere near being ready for final until that element is solved or at least reduced to extremely mild.

The sour cream in my last variant seemed to slightly reduce it more so my next batch will have a boatload of sour cream just to see what happens. Will hugely drop batter volume of course since adding fats to the eggwhites makes the bulk deflate, and this’ll be a ton of fats.


WOW, I never ever even thought about what I feel when I say something is dry! What a detailed explanation about your experiences!

I surely will do something with sour cream in my sponge cakes (I probably never will reduce the number of yolks this much. I just want a firmer, funnier sponge cake bread without adding lots of some-kind-of flour)… When I buy some sour cream, I will experiment!

So egg white powder makes a big difference… Sigh. I could buy some but I cling to my eggs from good sources, I prefer using them. But it can’t be that hard to make it myself. I am just lazy to put effort into it without knowing if it really will do any good or normal whites are fine…

Whenever I make a mostly egg white thing, it’s merely too tasteless, I don’t often has texture problems with it (except they can’t be firm if they mostly contain whipped egg whites. just some half-deflated fluffs. I like such things, my half-deflated full egg sponge cake muffins are nice - but I am striving to do it better and if a whiter version could be good, that would be awesome).

I never played with fats in my sponge cakes… I used some in the earlier days in my cheesy egg white things but they had cheese already (not much)… That thing is the opposite of dry, it’s wet, I don’t like it but my SO does.
I want some firmer fluff. With taste.

(PJ) #19

So Indigo is adding ‘strengtheners’ if you notice:

The starch – she is using arrowroot, but someone could use tapioca, corn, or any other kind of pure starch – is a stiffener.

The fiber – she is using acacia (gum arabic) either alone or in an olive oil mix, I have an MCT Oil Powder with that – is a bulk-solid in a way.

I described my results like a butch angel food cake – not as soft, and still with the problem dry-ING factor.

I just saw this video from chef blogger Alycia at “Keto Upgrade” (youtube) – full recipe link web here: the video of the recipe is here. She uses a boatload of allulose to in part make it real soft, but it does look like she might have (improved? reduced?) the drying factor in this sweet version, which has some other ingredients as well:

Her recipe specifically:

Keto Angel Food Cake
24 g Egg White Protein powder (3 Tbs. or 3 fresh eggs whites with no water (120g))
118 g Water (1/2 Cup)
80 g Allulose (1/2 Cup)
1/2 tsp. Cream of Tarter
1/4 tsp. Salt
1 tsp. Vanilla Extract
1/2 tsp. Vanilla Stevia (can use regular stevia or omit all together)
7 g Coconut Flour (1 Tbs.)
29 g Unflavored Whey Protein Isolate (1 Scoop)
1/2 tsp. Xanthan Gum
see the above link for detail.

I noticed this is very close to a 5:1 water:eggwhitepowder ratio (24:118g), which is a much greater water ratio than Indigo is using (which is close to 3:1 at 100:295g on at least one of the recent videos). My plan on paper for next experiment had a somewhat higher ratio than the 1:3 but now I’m wondering if I should make it even higher. The sweet things above are definitely soft. The protein powder, coconut, and vastly larger %/ratio of allulose also likely change things up though. She has slightly more protein powder than eggwhite powder in this!


Yes, I noticed and I used a little starch or fiber in my older experiments myself… though I really want to skip starches, they are just too carby… And I can’t buy allulose but I would hate it with a passion anyway, sweeteners are like that to me except xylitol and erythritol (unless the latter is too much), I accepted that :smiley:
And I don’t want a sweet cake. I have great cake recipes. I can make the greatest fluffy little cake in 2 minutes just fine (it only uses yolks. cakes typically requires way more yolks than whites if you ask me. “breads” are different, more whites often work better there).
Even for a cake I would use WAY less sweetener as far as I can tell reading the recipe… And it clearly affects the texture… And I have no whey protein either and it’s good as I overdo protein anyway… I just want fluffy things with my leftover egg whites :slight_smile:

I go shopping on Saturday, I can make some proper experiments afterwards :slight_smile: I don’t even necessarily need to break my poor carnivore Januar too much (I did it already anyway, out of necessity) as I have a willing victim if it’s about eating cake… So the first ones may be sweet. He has problems with my eggy “breads”. He doesn’t even have a SINGLE egg in his bread, scary… But he eats up most desserts unless they are dripping with fat… The sweetener will change things a tad but the amount will be little so hopefully it still helps me in my normal, “bready” experiments.