The nice thing about falling off the keto horse: The horse is always there waiting for you

(The baconfat chocolate guy) #1

Story time.

I got down to what was my lowest weight as an adult after years of fighting it, using a combination of weight training cardio and a ketogenic diet. A renewed push to this healthy body was brought on by a breakup and some pretty nasty depression and I was doing my best to distract myself though self deprivation and gym time.

Naturally, it all came crashing down and I gained 30 pounds in a month. It took me over a year to lose those 30 pounds the first time and it all came back in a number of weeks as I buried myself under oreos, ice cream, wine, and cheeseburgers. I was miserable, physically sick from 10,000 calories a day, and none of my clothes fit. I thought I had thrown away my health after working for years to get it back.

Then someone said something to me, someone who understood addiction. When you fall off the horse, the horse doesn’t run away. The horse is there waiting for you whenever you’re ready. You might have a slip up meal and feel bad, you might go on a month long binge. You may try to wean yourself back onto a healthy “balanced” diet and find yourself back at your starting weight.

It’s ok.

Learn from your mistakes and move forward. The solution that worked before will work again, and you can continue older and wiser toward health and happiness. The horse is there waiting for you when you fall off.

(Erin Macfarland ) #2

Much love and sympathy. The most important part is to not judge yourself about any of it. You’re surrounded by support no matter what, and you don’t have to do things “right” to deserve compassion.

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M[quote=“stupidrobots, post:1, topic:3804”]
The horse is there waiting for you when you fall off.

And it makes it really easy when the horse tastes like bacon

(Christina) #4

Oh my I literally snorted at that! Thanks for the laugh :joy:


This is good shit! I hope you’re feeling better. Breakups are the worst!

(The baconfat chocolate guy) #6

This was a while ago, but thank you. I met a wonderful woman since and married her!