The more obscure and weird benefits of Keto

(Minh Nguyen) #44

I’m 40yo, male.

Besides those that have been mentioned, here are my additions:

  1. Ugly butt pimples: completely gone. Whaaatt? I’ve had them since puberty. Surely ladies will appreciate this effect way more than myself.
  2. Keratosis Pilaris (chicken skin, common on the arms, legs, sometimes face for the unfortunate): much less visible though noticeable, pores no longer bumpy. Had it since puberty too, used to hate KP but learned to accept it throughout adulthood. No cream or exfoliation prescriptions could do the job.

Love all the benefits keto brings, yet to see any negative effects past fat adaptation, which I think I’m there, relatively, after 4 months of constant adjustments. Though I think sub-branch ketovore offers others, e.g.: Testosterone level and T’s associated benefits. I can certainly feel my libido gone up after substantially cutting back plant based food in recent weeks, and I used to eat enormous amount of vegetables, nuts and seeds.