The more obscure and weird benefits of Keto

(Vic) #1

From Weightloss to blood pressure to joint pain, they all get better on Keto, that is common.

Myself have experienced some more weird benefits from Keto dat are unexpected and weird.

I don’t doubt that doing keto also has some placebo effect on us. That also counts, if it got better after you start keto…

Here is a weird one of mine.

I have an old injury on my left hand, part of it tingly and numb due to a decompression accidend after diving. After 25 years of no change it seems like the numbness is nearly gone. Still tingling but overall it got better after starting Keto. Weird and welcome

What are your obscure, strange, weird benefits?

(Bob M) #2

Have had one hip that aches. The closer I get to avoiding plants, the better this is. Though not all plants affect it; I haven’t figured out which ones do.

(Joey) #3

Yeah, too many improvements to remember. That’s why I began to write them down…

  • Smooth joint movements throughout, including upon waking up and first steps out of bed.

  • Easier to rise from sitting on floor. Overall flexibility is markedly improved.

  • Incessant “trigger finger” lock-up has disappeared after years of problems/diagnosis by specialist.

  • Eyesight seems to have improved; more easily navigate dim light without glasses.

  • Hunger greatly reduced; eat because it’s time, not out of hunger pangs.

  • Can read for extended periods without fatigue. Best concentration on problems/puzzles since college days (many decades ago).

  • Low level back muscle soreness gone.

  • Decades long runny nose greatly reduced, almost gone.

  • Nighttime reflux (which would wake me up running to bathroom) has disappeared, despite enjoying high fat, fermented and high spicy dinners.

If any of this is a placebo effect, I’ll gladly take it - and more. :vulcan_salute:

(ps - didn’t bother mentioning 25 lb weight loss and 4" waist loss. Who cares.)

(Vic) #4

Thats a weird one Joey :sunglasses: wonder what the specialist now that you solved it yourself?


Two strange skin lesions (not skin tags) are dissolving. One has been there for over 20 years. It’s like a hardened deposit of something under the skin. Other one appeared in my 40s and my dermatologist called it an unpigmented nevis. I was skeptical. Anyway, both are ever so slowly disappearing. Almost gone after about a year.

(Joey) #6

Never felt the need to return. The hand surgeon had said “It’s inflammation. No permanent cure… I can cut you open, or shoot you up, but inflammation will likely return. It usually does. Maybe just deal with it?”

Apparently keto dealt with it. :man_shrugging:

(Manda) #7

I have EDS and unfortunately no improvement in joint pain. I find I’m able to move more easily though. Not always feeling like I’m walking through soup anymore.

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #8

My big benefit (apart from resolving my diabetes, that is) is the amount of energy I now have. After years of chronic fatigue, I now have the level of stamina I remember having before I contracted the virus that caused the fatigue.

(Jane) #9

My husband’s skin tags are almost all gone and he had quite a few.

Some of my “age spots” have faded.

For both of us joint pain is much less.

Loose skin I’ve had for years has tightened up once I started doing EF.

Hair got darker with fewer silver strands. Unfortunately not as thick as it used to be.

Improved dental health

(Vic) #10

Another one of mine is Travelers Diarea.

I travel a lot and a change of continent usually means diarea for a few days.

Always thinking it was normal. The idea was, you get exposed to new bacteria in the local water, this changes your gut bacteria. Blabla.

Sinds I’ve gone carnivore 3 years ago, not ones diarea in the first days of travel.

Now I suspect possible higher stomach acidity has somthing to do with it.

(KCKO, KCFO) #11

Skin tags don’t grow on me anymore.
Less aches and pains in my hands. (Keto finally got me off of wheat).
When I look down, I can see my toes, not a protruding belly anymore.
Mosquitoes no longer prefer my blood.
Can maintain my weight loss.
More energy when I do work out.

(Vic) #12

I like that one :star_struck:

(Ian) #13

Apart from the usual weight lose, blood normalization and diabetes remission, the biggest surprises were highly diminished tooth plaque and an almost complete absence of gas.

(Todd Allen) #14

I enjoy the sun and tan on keto.


weirdo ones

I had this stupid black big honking mole on my shoulder. Only could see it when I wear my bathing suit. So many years I was ‘gonna go to the dermo and get it cut off’ and the damn thing fell off about 6? mos ago. Got out of the shower, toweled over it and bam, the whole thing ‘shed’ right off the skin in one lump. Like a big fat oval dime it was and I was like DAMN —CARNIVORE is healing my skin and letting this happen! I was shocked. Gone and no regrow on it. Just a very faded darker tan spot where it was…you know I love it :slight_smile: bathing suits, I live in them in summer and having that ‘dark black monster big bug sized beast’ off my shoulder area is just a darn weirdo fab perk of zero carb for me :slight_smile: Vanity thing but I am happier it decided to vacate my skin LOL

I love shocking people. A benefit. I go out and order food and I say I want this changed, no bread, no seasonings and none of that and put the sides with that on little plates to give to my hubby, I don’t want them on my plate! and the LOOKS I GET are priceless. I actually enjoy that shock some exhibit when I do my daily way of life :slight_smile: Puts a bit of fun out there seeing who drops open their mouth on how I eat LOL

not weirdo but one I love. anxiety level down alot. I was heading to that panic attack state, all gone with carnivore. I get a little ‘off’ in a situation I can talk me out of it in a flash. Big love on that one!

@Carnivoor, same with the ‘mushy butt’ on travel or any eating situations now. My poop is divine LOL I am so regular it is amazing. Mushy butt was from carbs and ‘other water’ like you said and more and now…nope. I can control my guts easily on zc.

ok, chatting keto but I am zc so my benefits were all ‘coming to me when I did an extreme low carb and walked into carnivore’ but alot of things to heal I started on a keto type plan and improved them more thru time on another plan.

I love chatting benefits, and weirdo ones are cool HA


So true! Same with me. I used to dread the sun for fear of burning and knowing I would immediately start sweating. But now I love to be outdoors walking, doing garden chores, hiking… I feel young again. Actually, I feel better than I did when I was young because since my early 20’s I was puffy and unhealthy until I changed to Keto.

(Vic) #17

You starved the poor thing of sugar, it died. :relieved:

I LOVE plants, cant kill them and eat the poor things, only meat for me :grin:



yup a ‘real gardener’ would never kill what they raised to consume :slight_smile: :clown_face::speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil::see_no_evil:

a raised hog or a raised cabbage, we all kill :wink::imp: BUT WHICH gives real life benefits vs. what doesn’t and if one doesn’t know just that, then one is a little off in full truth of what real life is all about. Mother Nature said eat or be eaten and I agree with just that HA

darn right I starved that stupid mole thing with no sugar intake!!! and I hope to gain more benefits in life older I get doing just that!

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #19

I read a science fiction story decades ago—possibly by Arthur C. Clarke, but it doesn’t appear in his collected short stories—in which people are ashamed that their ancestors used to take the lives of plants for food, so now they have repudiated their ancestors’ barbaric ways and assemble their foodstuffs from minerals and other chemicals.


very cool, never heard that one :slight_smile:

what is worse is farming plants and harvesting. ya kill so many life forms yet them are deemed insignifant on the ‘life scale’…like kill mice and more to eat spinach. Hey it is real LOL

Plants ‘squeak’ and ‘more death chat’ as they are harvested but of course humans can’t go there either

we think too darn much

we left mother nature as it was intended but life now is life now :slight_smile: