The more obscure and weird benefits of Keto

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This is so me. A cafe would hate having both of us at the same table.
I learned to order food from Meg Ryan in When Harry Meet Sally. I ask for exactly what I want.

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Reminds me of the Restaurant at the End of the Universe. The dinner animal informs them of the best parts and tells them the plants where not consulted about how they felt about being eaten. I do love Douglas Adams’ stories.


too cool, lol

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Goodby, So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Just thinking about those books makes me :joy::rofl::joy:

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #25

Be sure you know where your towel is!

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My towel? Wasn’t that David Sedaris in the nudist camp?

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Chapter 3 in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe tells you all about why you need your towel.

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This morning the cook baked some fresh bread. I use to love the smell of it, who doesn’t love the smell of a bakery at 5am on a morning walk ?

Apparently I do like the smell anymore, in fact I ran out, holding my breath, it felt like they were spraying bugspray in my nose, discusting.

Perhaps no longer liking the smell of bread is not a benefit, but shure is weird. The disgust is most likely pure psychosomatic.


I remember walking into a shopping centre that had a doughnut stand when I was doing keto a number of years ago. Most people were walking by going, “Mmmmm,” at the smell, whereas it made me feel a bit sick because it smelled so horribly sweet and oddly fake; I was relieved to step outside.

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Welcome to the forum Valentina.

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@Valentina, that is a huge one. i had an easier time of it just by going 40c/30p/30f. Wish I had done even lower carb back then. But I finally found keto/lchf and it has been all good for me since then.

Welcome to the forums, nice to meet you.


I went easily more thru mena then most cause I was in that very extreme low carb time and heading into carnivore. I got alot of crazy a tad but it even’d out faster than I would have thought if I was never very extreme low carb. I feel for those cause I hated what little I got then (near 60 now and over that BS!) but those on SAD etc…omg I can’t even imagine what goes down for those poor people. I am so thankful I didnt have to ‘go there’ truly!


Thought of another one. I banged the back of my head badly on a wooden headboard about five years ago. The tenderness on my skull never went away. Recently I realized that I haven’t been noticing it. Been trying to find it — applying pressure and what not — but it seems the tenderness is completely gone!


The hard, thick skin on the heals of my feet - gone!

The dark skin from my elbows toward my wrist (about 4 inches long) - gone! People used to think I had fallen and bruised my arms badly.

The scaly, fish scale skin at my elbows - gone.

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Hey, now that you mention this.

I had a little bit of rough scaly skin on my elbows.
Its gone, when did that happen? Never notest that.

Skin does heal and clear up on keto, thats for shure :smiley:


Yes, It is nice that my elbows cleared up! I used to have to wear long sleeve tops to hide the “bruises” on my arms so people would stop asking me if I was OK.

The ringing in my ears is gone.This is significant. It used to drive me crazy! I’m sure there are more benefits…

My finger nails are strong now, no longer super bendable or pealing.

I tan easily instead of burning quickly when out doors.

Oh, I actually LIKE being outdoors! I used to absolutely hate going outside any time of the year because I was so miserable in all weather. :smile:

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Someting weird:

My teeth (pre molars) are more v shaped and sharper.

This must be a delusion, but I kind a like the idea that it is true. :grimacing:

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I said bye bye to that stuff too.

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My heels were so thick with dead white, cracked skin I had to shave them with a special razor made for feet.

Now they are tough but pink.