The holidays - will you extend your food choices?

(Susan) #60

I don’t plan on going off program on the holidays because I am a Sugar addict, so I can never have it again, it is that simple for me.

For Christmas day I will have eggs and bacon for lunch (like my family will have too, I just won’t have the toast, cheese, etc with it, just the eggs, fried in butter, with bacon =). I will be roasting a turkey, and making mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, a cranberry dish my kids love and a few vegetable dishes and I will have some of the turkey, some form of vegetables that I make plain for me probably just a tad, and maybe a small Keto desert for me (maybe… I tried to make Keto icecream for my birthday and it didn’t turn out so I dumped it all and was mad at myself for the money lost, so it is debatable if I will attempt anything that way for Christmas). I will maybe have a drink or two for both Christmas and for New Year’s Eve but I will stick to a few ounces of vodka in a sparking no calorie/no artificial sweetener water so reduce the carbs/calories that way.


Sounds good! I always imagined it would be so easy with more than minimal meat (I typically eat zero at home), it’s so much more tempting than almost any cake but only if it’s really good, my morals and tastebuds are in agreement that cheap meat isn’t nice.
My keto ice cream is mosly whipped egg yolks and it’s great, just requires lots of egg yolks (and some flavors, sweetener and I add some whipped egg whites as well). It’s even better with heavy cream (I realized my eggnog is basically ice cream, a very good and always creamy one) but I almost never has any heavy cream and I still like the result but well, it is mostly good quality, tasty egg yolk! :smiley: An ice cream must be rich, fatty, made from delicious ingredients… What can possibly go wrong there? :slight_smile: I can’t do fruit ice cream (fruits are mostly water and that’s no good) but it doesn’t matter much on keto anyway.

(Daisy) #62

Last year was a straight disaster. I made tons of keto goodies and ate THEM ALL. Lost my fat adaptation and struggled this entire year with my weight. New to carnivore, finally heading towards my goals and I will not be going off plan this time!!!

(Susan) #63

This is the recipe I made that I ended up throwing out as it wouldn’t solidify at all for me:

I do not use artificial sweeteners (I stopped them all in June) and was making an except to use some for this, but since it didn’t work, I just dumped it.


oh boy time for this carnivore to bow out of the thread :slight_smile:
no use for keto recipes for me HAHA


Fangs, LOL.

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #66

For Thanksgiving and likely the same for Christmas it is going to be Prime Rib Roast. We asked out guests if that was okay and they said sure. One said, anything but hot dogs :rofl:

A proper diet is health. Why would I go away from health?


Be sure to set another plate at the table…this sounds so delish I am coming for some :slight_smile:

I love your attitude. I am one to put my plan first over food. I so get that.

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #68


We are going to get a 6 or 7 bone roast at Thanksgiving. #keto for the win.


oh boy. that actually excites me. A big old standing prime rib roast is just the cat’s meow :slight_smile:

I ain’t kidding that big delish hunks of meat like this actually make me happy! Doing up the holidays right!!

(Marianne) #70

Hi Susan,

I have made this a couple of times for my husband and had a couple teaspoons myself to try. It tasted too much like coconut for me. I don’t mind coconut, but not when my intent is to make vanilla ice cream.


No, not extending… but I’m a grouchy old curmudgeon and set in my ways.

Well, I may have some preserved meats like pepperoni, salami, or prosciutto but I’m not stepping outside carnivore. The people who know me personally know that offering me a bite of cake isn’t going to entice me one bit and after I’ve politely declined once or twice I have no qualms about hurting someone’s feelings for pushing something on me that I know is pure poison to me.


I appreciate this discussion. I’m not sure what to make for Thanksgiving but it will be carnivore. Ribeye and lobster tail sounds good but so does a big roast. Then again, what about turkey? Anybody have a yummy carnivore recipe for that? Mine always included homemade dressing which is obviously out. Decisions, decisions…

(Susan) #73

Oh, okay, well I love Coconut icecream so that is okay with me, hehe. Thanks for the information =).


I see. Coconut milk. I dislike canned coconut milk and only sometimes have homemade one in my coffee or something. Coconut milk isn’t very good in itself… And it’s too thin for an ice cream, I would think, maybe coconut cream is fatty enough but I don’t have experience with that and there’s still the problem of taste…


Which takeaway curries did you have? I am mindful that with takeaways and restaurant food there’s no way of knowing how much sugar is in there but I would still like to ‘believe’ that I have chosen the safest (least sugar) options :crossed_fingers:


never was a fan of turkey. I just find it mostly tasteless. Our family gave up turkey many years ago for standing rib roast, filet mignon, lobster, even once a monster roasted chicken for holidays. Turkey just lost it around here. No one really liked it LOL

(Andrea) #77

I like going for the mixed grill or tandoori meat. It is likely to be the lowest sugar (I presume). Sometimes I’d have paneer curry as well. I avoid rice, breads etc and so presume that there’s not likely to be a huge amount of sugar/carbs in the rest (but it’ll be something…more than I’d usually eat). My Christmas hols are usually spent walking round cities in the cold. Does wonders for burning up those extra carbs!! :slight_smile:

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #78

We have given up turkey for beef mostly on the holidays. Turkey is a lot of work for dry meat. Rib roasts, ribeye steaks, etc. Yummy!


yea you said it LOL
a lot of oven time for dry meat…I agree :slight_smile: no flavor meat also!

beef tops turkey any day in my book