The Guardian declares no evidence for keto

(John) #21

I have my own evidence. My experiment on long-term sustainability is in progress.

(Full Metal Keto) #22

How we eat is a personal choice for all of us. I personally don’t think the term “keto diet” is appropriate. It gives people the impression that it’s a weight loss fad diet that’s difficult to live with. When people use a weight loss scheme to shed pounds and go back to their old way of eating 99% of them end up just like they were pre-diet or worse. Been watching my dad do this his whole life.

I started out on Atkins, I had never heard of keto. After much internet reading I found out about keto and the amazing health correction benefits and my course altered. Weight loss was and still is a goal but it’s turned into much more for me. My health issues: Atherosclerosis resulting in a RBK amputation at 40, renal cancer, 10 years on dialysis, kidney transplant one year ago and now post transplant pre-diabetes due to steroids that I have to take for life. I’m doing everything I can to combat my body’s trajectory, I want to be the captain of my ship.

I never thought I could even deal with gluten free eating, my autistic son is on such a diet. But with keto I went way past all that and adopted a more “extreme” WOE than I ever believed possible. I figured that I had already eaten a lifetime worth of crap and it wasn’t working out so well so far. I used to be a baker and a Chinese cook for my whole working life. Giving up rice, noodles, breads was unthinkable. Do I miss them after 6 months? NOT ONE BIT! I haven’t felt this good in over 20 years at 59 now.

Keto should be referenced as a lifestyle choice, not a diet. Lifestyle change can be permanent and I have had much experience with this, as I have been forced to adapt to amputation, eyesight diminishing, tooth loss, hearing loss and spending most of my adult life being alone because healthy people don’t like being around life challenged people. It reminds them of their own fragility and you just can’t always keep up with them. These have been hard adjustments in my life, changing the way you eat is a snap compared to living with amputation. And I wish that I had been wiser in my 20-30’s before it all went to hell. But keep your head up and your powder dry and learn live on I say.

I have to wrap up with a joke that I took from the end of the article:

But the answer to long-term, sustainable good health is probably not wrapping bacon round everything.


(Full Metal Keto) #23

Bacon is the panacea we’ve all been looking for when it comes to our health!:sunglasses:Decieved by the medical doctors and nutrition experts for over 50 years now.

(Bunny) #24

Already noticing; she is already on the edge of being obese if you look at the pics on her site?

Still trying wrap my brain (bacon) around the PhD thing?

(Karen) #25

Yep are used to be able to eat anything and stay slim. If I put any weight on awls I have to do is cut out sugar and I lose the weight. I’m that sensitive to carbohydrates. Now however just starchy foods, start your vegetables, and fruit will do the same thing… make me fat

(Rosemary Easter) #26

So agree with you about the bacon. I eat bacon and 4 eggs every day (and other things) , lost lots of weight, feel pretty good, take no pills, I am 64.
Just watched youtube video featuring Josh Axe about Keto360 diet and he says eating like that is wrong!!! You evidently need to eat loads of veg and take supplements to do Keto properly, so there.

(Jennibc) #28

Interesting on the eating disorder risks. I have found this particularly easy to follow and don’t feel disordered at all. I have not been afraid of onions, garlic, etc. I eat them every day and swing between light nutritional and optimal ketosis (just got a blood monitor last month to see what was really going on, and it tracks pretty well with the urine strips I have been using since this summer). I’ve also found fruit a couple of times a week doesn’t push me out. But I have to measure the fruit and keep it in small amounts and it can’t be something like bananas or grapes which tend to be much higher in sugar than the cherries or berries I eat. The only issue I am having with the diet to be honest, is dehydration and I drink tons of water so then my electrolytes get thrown off and I get cramping. I am trying bone broth and electrolyte tablets and the cramping has calmed down a bit. But then again, I am not losing as quickly as other people do on this and I have accepted that I might not hit my goal until this summer and that’s okay. I have kind of joked that I am on a lazy keto diet in that sometimes my net carbs go above 20 but maybe that’s helpful? I don’t know. My husband and son do very well on a lower carbohydrate higher fat diet that isn’t keto, but they didn’t have 120 pounds to lose either.

(Jennibc) #29

Keep up the good fight! It is frustrating to be in our 50s and realize we played by the rules and ended up sick and diminished because of it! That 1992 food pyramid is what did me in. I always felt like I had a weight problem prior to that. Truthfully, looking back at old photos, I did not, I might have been subject to some body dysmorphia. But adopting the 5-11 servings of grain a day and 5-7 servings of fruit and vegetables a day caused 120 pound gain over the years. I am very lucky I never developed diabetes but I am sure if I had not corrected course I’d been battling alzheimers in my old age – who knows, I still might, the damage might be done but I am hoping not.

(Todd Allen) #30

Most definitely! You can’t wrap bacon around carbs to neutralize them. Stick to wrapping your bacon around fat and protein.

(Ben ) #31

I want it, I want it all and I want it now seems to be todays line of thinking… Some of us have to work for it, deserve it, and then appreciate it. Getting old is not for sissys.

(Full Metal Keto) #32

You got that right brother!

I love this, “Bacon wrapped fat!” And yes bacon wrapped water chestnuts probably not life giving :sunglasses:

(John) #33

Reading the entire article for what it actually said, it boils down to:

“No diets work, including this one I will go into some detail about, so you will never be able to lose weight. You should instead practice intuitive eating, which you can learn about in my new book coming out in 3 days.”


“It prompts the question: why is this incredibly challenging, rigid, expensive diet so popular?”

Because it works???

(Also, maybe Keto is not as challenging, rigid, or expensive as detractors purport it to be)

There are many of us doing Keto who HAD serious health issues and NO LONGER HAVE THEM.

(So much bacon, so little time) #36

Well, yes, but the fact remains that keto is unsustainable and it’s going to kill him. . . .

Just give it another thirty or forty years, and it will get him in the end, lol! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

(If you're an elite-level athlete, then by all means uses Phinney's numbers.) #38


Got it, got it.

(So much bacon, so little time) #39

Bacon-wrapped bacon for the win! Deep-fried bacon-wrapped bacon, to be precise! :bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon:

(If you're an elite-level athlete, then by all means uses Phinney's numbers.) #40

Drown them in lard!

(Rose ) #41

I’m really upset about the references to ‘choking some sense into her’. That’s not cool.

Also disappointed by the article. I like reading the Guardian. But there’s been lots of anti-meat articles from them recently and now they’re being very dismissive of keto too. It’s just going to fuel the fire of people thinking I’m deluded with this keto thing!

(Carl Keller) #42

I apologize if you found that offensive. I certainly meant that in a figurative sense, not literally.

(a45f5438eae0e37571fc) #43

The author of that article Is actually promoting a book so hardly balanced journalism