The Guardian declares no evidence for keto

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Don’t worry about other people thinking you are deluded. Don’t give other people that kind of power over you. You cannot control what other people think so tune them out. I have had to do this so frequently for so many things and it feels hard at first but it gets easier.

My son decided he wanted to act at 8, because I am a big proponent of letting children explore their own interest, I was supportive. It turns out he was/is really good. Consequently, over time he started working professionally (he’s not a name, but he has some credits which is good considering we live in TX and not NYC or LA). Of course, tons of people assumed I was driving it and I was some kind of ‘stage mother’ and was pushing him and living through him. Nothing could be further from the truth. He’s highly gifted in math, so my dream for him was to be the next Bill Gates. Ha! Not happening, he prefers the arts. At any rate, it used to really bother me the assumptions other people made about it. What I learned over the years is people are going to think what they think about me and there is very little I can do about. It is neither my responsibility nor within my capacity to change their minds. It’s perfectly okay to say “Thanks for your concern, but I am okay.” That’s having healthy boundaries with others and it really will give you peace of mind.


Most significant sentence in the piece: “the keto diet does not really align with nutritional guidelines issued by government experts.”


Someone once said, “The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

Unfortunately, the government is not always helpful, especially in this case since the nutritional guidelines are wrong.


Considering how Ronald Reagan stood by doing nothing and was completely complicit in the spread of the AIDs epidemic, not lifting a finger to help, I’m not about to listen to his advice. The more telling phrase to come out of that administration was to “look pretty and do as little as possible,” which pretty much describes the government’s attitude to actually dealing with obesity in any reasonable manner.

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But the government has been dealing with obesity. Eat lots of grains and very little fat, that’ll fix it. Oh and move more too.

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I love it when vegans say a keto diet is “so restricive” when we severely limit carbs (not eliminate) and they COMPLETELY ELIMINATE all dairy and animal protein!


I don’t care what they eat but they obviously feel very threatened by what we eat!!!

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Vegans make my meat more affordable so I am okay with that.

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Until they try to stop you buying it completely…


Except they haven’t. They’ve stuck their heels in 1960s and refused to move (along with many other attitudes from that era) and have remained committed to victim-blaming the citizens with their “eat less, move more” mantra, and have put no meaningful commitment to learning alternative explanations, even tho it’s part of their dang job. I mean, we know why (lobbying interests from Big Pharma and the Sugar Association, etc), but instead of actually dealing with those things, they just keep on looking pretty and doing as little as possible while an epidemic explodes around them.

(If you're an elite-level athlete, then by all means uses Phinney's numbers.) #53

Well, yes, that’s the point being made.

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I know. But still. There are better ways to articulate your frustration with someone else’s opinion than violent imagery.

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The image of a flimsy bacon being used to choke someone was more ridiculous than it was violent, IMHO, much like the impractical yet joking “50 lashes with a wet noodle”. I can assure you, I wrote that without any malicious feeling and actually had a mischievous smile on my face when I wrote it.

However, if you found it offensive, then so be it. I will apologize, again.

(If you're an elite-level athlete, then by all means uses Phinney's numbers.) #56


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Did you hear about the vegans storming a steak restaurant & blocking a meat aisle in Waitrose, both in Brighton last month?

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Well that settles it. They are not very efficient with their time either.

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Yes, because regulated healthcare professionals have been so great about helping people lose weight, what with their 2 hour nutrition class and all. :roll_eyes:

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Not about the restaurant… was it the Coal Shed by any chance? Off there for my birthday meal on Sunday!

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Tom Watson, 51, Labour party member of Parliament, lost 86 pounds by eating keto.

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Think he’s up to 100 pounds off now…

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Not sure Mark. Have a great birthday & enjoy your steak.