The Great Big Public Keto Before And After Thread!


Looking great!!!


Congrats Chris. :+1:

(Adam ) #803

Thanks Madeleine. :+1:t3:

(carl) #804

This thread has been very successful, thank you.

We’d like to expand this resource by asking you to post links to keto success stories on other blogs, platforms, websites, etc. We will never be able to list them all, but LET’S TRY!


(Bob M) #805

Very nice. I’ve heard that P90 is a good workout.

(Jessica) #806

My story:

In December 2016, I weighed in at nearly 400 pounds. Then one day, I woke up in a hospital confused and with a broken shoulder. I’d just had my first grand mal seizure.

From that moment on, I knew I had to change my life. Through trial and error, I learned to recognize and break my patterns of emotional eating; I learned to make love, happiness, and health my focal points; and I also began a ketogenic diet.

With that diet, and with my attention to emotional healthiness, I have lost over 200 pounds. I am literally half the person I was before, but I’m a thousand times happier and healthier.

My hope now is to share my journey and to help others who are on their own. I know how hard it is to change your life, but I also know it’s easier when you’re not alone.

On my newly created blog,,I will share stories about my struggles with epilepsy and weight-loss, my strategies for living happy and healthy, and probably more than a few anecdotes about being a proud wife, rescue-cat-and-dog mom, and millennial (we kick ass, and I hope to convince you it’s true if you don’t believe it!).

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Welcome to the Ketogenic forums and our community. Congratulations on your successes thus far.

Keep Calm and Keto On!


Congratulations Jess! What a radiant and fabulous metamorphosis :butterfly:



Congrats and well done! :slight_smile:

(Susan) #810

Amazing results for all of you that have posted. In another year or so, when I have met my goals, I will post some before’s and after’s too… I am hoping it will be about a year anyway.

Well done, everyone, major congrats to all, and just WOW, you are all Keto champions!


Congratulations, you look AMAZING !!!


Amazing – and you look so strong!


You asked for links to other articles and blogs with keto success stories. Here’s one from Medium:

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That is impressive!

('Jackie P') #815

OMG Jessica I can’t believe it, you are absolutely gorgeous!:dancer:

(less is more, more or less) #816

I haven’t posted my testimony here since I have long had it at my blog. Thanks to @carl’s open invitation to share from blogs, I’m sharing my testimony on this august page.


(Susan) #817

Fabulous, guys… you are an inspiration and an encouragement to us all!

(Adam ) #818

P90x3 is the one for me as they are high intensity 30min workouts.

(traci simpson) #819

I love the P90X yoga!

(Dave Osterday) #820

2 year Ketoversary! 7-17-17 to 7-17-19
SW: 409
CW: 249
GW: 240
26% body fat currently
Size 52 to 36/38 pant, 4xlt shirt to XL