The Great Big Public Keto Before And After Thread!

(Jennifer) #65

Oh come now. I’m 42 and still think that compliments are a good thing. My husband would take it as a compliment as well so you’re good. :slight_smile:

And yes, this entire thread gives me hope that the medical establishment will finally take notice and acknowledge that keto is beneficial for your health and we can begin to shun outdated nutrition paradigms and finally put Ancel Key’s faulty study to bed. Viva la revolución!

(Karl) #66


Now you have me intrigued.

AND creeped out. :slight_smile:

(icky) #67

You look lovely Dawn! : )

And pain-free dancing is a fantastic goal!!!
This has put a huge smile on my face - best weightloss goal ever! :heart_eyes:

(Arlene) #68

How in the world did you lose so much weight in so little time.? It’s remarkable.

(Dawn) #69

no! No! NO! I don’t want to deal with any leeches unless I am trapped in a polluted river somewhere in the Amazon after surviving a plane crash…and even then NO!


@farmgirl Arlene, I’ve never had much trouble losing…but rather in MAINTAINING. I get real…um…focused to a fault, probably. That and I just doggedly stuck to my plan. I am well suited to the KETOgenic lifestyle, because it isn’t sweets that call my name from the abyss. I do NOT hear the Siren Song of Fudge, Candies, and other (poisonous) Sugary Treats. I’m not immune mind you, just…meh… and I’m grateful for that.

What I suffer from is that FULLNESS is PLEASURABLE, at least temporarily. So I over indulge, that’s all.

On Dec 29th, 2016 I weighed 322 pounds. (Ten years ago, 333. YIKES!!!)

Jan lost… 20.7 (2017)
Feb lost… 14.4
Mar lost… 13.4
Apr lost…13.9
May lost…14.5
Jun lost… 10.4
July lost… 12.1
Aug lost… 13.6
Sep lost… 10.6
Oct lost… 10.2
Nov lost… 8.5 Hit my goal weight (185) on Nov 15th.

This morning, April 25, 2018 I weighed in at 180.4 and feel waaaaaaay better than I deserve to feel at 64, having been obese my entire life.

Not bragging, because I only want to pass around the inspiration and encouragement I’ve received doing this WOE.

Aaaaaaand…only being 5 months at goal still makes me feel like my impending doom is just around the corner.

See, I’ve lost weight before. Once I lost 85 pounds in 6 months and kept it all off except about 100 pounds of it. (pause here…to let that soak in, wink wink)

(Anthony Linhardt) #71

Starting weight 221 - Current Weight 175. I was doing keto back in late 90’s - early 2000 while I was working out every day. Love eating meat, fat, and everything that was in the keto specs. Was gaining some decent muscle and losing some fat. Keto back then was not really a thing in the mainstream and there was not even close to the amount of research, communities, recipes, etc then it is now. Back then I relied on Lyle McDonald’s Ketogenic Book. Was decent but sometimes it was kind over my head on some things.

Since that time I stopped keto and gained weight up to 221 lbs. Then I started on weight watchers, it’s a good program but wasn’t for me. Then I decided several years back to start keto again. Even Though I knew how to do keto, this is when I realized the wealth of new information out there on keto. Especially the recipes, products, and keto communities. Including Intermittent Fasting. Every day I learn something about keto whether it’s something scientific or just a simple new recipe.

I have maintained about 175 for the past several years and seems to be the best fit for me weight wise. Keto to me now is second nature. I could not tell you when the last time I ate a donut, cake, pie, potato of any kind, or anything else that is non-keto. I can go out to eat anywhere and find me something to eat that is keto friendly.

So in a sense, it is my lifestyle now and I do not have to think about it much anymore. It is on automation. Making keto a lifestyle on automation is the key. At least that is what I think. You will lose your sense that I have to have this or that {bad thing} to eat or drink, your urges, etc. But time and strict keto is the way to accomplish that automation. Or at least that is my opinion.

So everyone out there struggling, keep at it and the time and effort doing keto will eventually kick in and become your lifestyle too. Don’t give up and continue to learn more about keto every day.

So Keep Calm, and Keto On!

(Dawn) #72

You look FABULOUS!! And you look much smaller then 183, you must be very tall. I want to be 183 - it would change my life to be that size. LOL!!! Congratulations.


Yes, Dawn. It WILL (not would) change your life. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Victoria Mc Coy) #74

Great progress, Dawn! You look awesome!

(Dan Brown) #75


I was diagnosed a Type 2 diabetic in 1986. In 2002 I started a Very Low Carb diet (Atkins Induction: 20g/day) to lose weight. I didn’t realize at the time that it would immediately put my diabetes in clinical remission, or that I would be able to give up almost all of my oral diabetes meds. I also didn’t understand that, as I lost weight and continued to eat Very Low Carb, my blood lipids would dramatically improve (doubling my HDL and cutting my triglycerides by 2/3rds) and that my blood pressure would drop from 130/90 to 110/70 on the same meds. Over the years I changed from Atkins to the Bernstein Diet (30g/day, designed for diabetics) and, altogether lost 185 pounds. I later regained some and lost some, but 16 years after beginning I am today still down 150 pounds. As long as I eat Very Low Carb, I am not hungry and I have lots of energy. I no longer have any of the indications of Metabolic Syndrome. My goal, as long as I have excess body fat, is to remain continuously in a ketogenic state, both for blood glucose regulation and continued weight loss. I expect that this regimen will continue to provide the benefits of reduced systemic inflammation, improved blood lipids and lower blood pressure as well. My A1c last December was 5.0%.

(Dawn) #76

So is this what happens when Santa goes Keto? j/k, you look awesome! Thanks for inspiring us.

(Central Florida Bob ) #77

Dude, of course you look great, your health improvement is fantastic and all, but I’m really jealous of that bonefish!
Looks like light tackle, so it must have been a blast!


Wow ! What a powerful testimony for all who suffer from epilepsy… This is with the try. Congratulations , you look fantastic !

(Francesca Strader) #79

Down 145lbs! From 290lbs to 145lbs(yes, I’m literally half the woman that I used to be, lol) and from a size 22/24 to a size 7/8! I am also off of medications for severe anxiety and depression! Keto changed my life!

(Ellen) #80

Fantastic! So inspiring Francesca.

(Karen) #81

Well done, and quite the sportsman!


(Karen) #82

Oh my, and aren’t you cute in that two piece!

(Kelsey O ) #83

I started my weight loss journey at 220lb in February 2016, but I started my health journey in November 2017 at 181lb when I started Keto.

I lost 40lb by working out twice a day and following a clean eating plan. It was successful in making me lose the weight, but I burned out after a year when I plateaued and couldn’t find the time to meal prep and workout as much as I was. I ended up taking a break and maintained my weight for 6 months.

I was immediately interested in Keto after seeing results and learning about the types of foods I could eat. I had a friend doing Keto at the time that passed along all his research and findings which got me excited and motivated about trying it.

Since Starting Keto in Nov 2017, I have lost 18lb, but I am more excited that my body composition has changed, my energy is up and I have taken control of my health and stopped focusing solely on the scale on weight. I have an incredible support system from my hubby who keeps me motivated and focused. We do the research and try new things to see what works for us which has made this whole thing an incredibly experience.

I make a conscious effort not to preach to people but with Keto, they see my progress, what I eat and usually initiate a conversation about it or ask questions. My sister, sister in law, best friend and her husband have ALL started Keto in 2018 and love it.

People always ask me if I’ll do this forever… right now I feel like I could because I am happy, healthy, and enjoy the food I am eating. I still have work to do but Keto really is a lifestyle that has changed the way I view my health!

(gayle) #84

Carl~ LOVE YOUR T-SHIRT " toes are better than french fries"
It’s been a year and 60 pounds for me. I broke my ankle August 17, but I slowly kept at it. So happy for your success!