The Great Big Public Keto Before And After Thread!

(carl) #444

Wow! Well done, John!

(Karen) #445

It’s the ability to move! Congratulations and well done. Proud of you!


(Doug) #446

Dude. :sunglasses:

(Kirk) #447

Incdedable John. Congratulations.

(Bob ) #448

Incredible story, John. All the congratulations and props to you!

(A ham loving ham! - VA6KD) #449

Your first and second paragraphs man resonate with me so very strongly. The eternal yo-yo dieting and a childhood that only another “fat kid” can understand. My parents sought “professional” advice for me when I was around 9 or 10. I remember being told I could no longer have my morning weetbix with milk and sugar, but now just with warm water…have you ever tasted wet cardboard? Your story gave me happy tears. :slight_smile:

(Darren Conway) #450

Oh man, John!
That’s amazing progress. Way to go! :+1:


Oh, Sweet Valhalla, that’s just … ugh. Poor kid. :frowning:

(Wendy) #452

This is so inspiring! I wish more people could understand this and break free from diabetes! So happy for you!

(Pat) #453

This story, although it will continue, already has a happy ending. Congratulations, well done!

(Justin Roberts) #454

Pictures do not lie! 50 lbs gone!


Great work!!! And it looks like way more than 50 tbh.

(Also your kids are adorable :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)

(Karen) #456


(Darren Conway) #457

Great looking family, Justin.

I’m very happy for you! :+1:

(Heather~KWOL for life!) #458

How inspiring! Thank you for sharing! Can’t wait to do a before and after! Thank you for sharing, everyone!

(Eric) #459

I have to tell you something. And I don’t say this to everybody. You look marvelous!

Billy Crystal.

Great job


What a beautiful family you have!! And nice work on the weight loss, you look great!

(Karen) #462

Huh? Confused. Explain please

(Trisha) #463

I think this is a troll post. Cola, pasta and eating as many carbs as possible. Also this person just joined.

(Wendy) #464